9 October 2017 (NLDS, Game 3): Break out the brooms! This team is moving on

Break out the brooms! This team is moving on
As Yu outpitched our former friend, now snake.
The only stain for Darvish was a dong
And afterwards, bullpen made no mistake!
Young Cody shone both with the bat and glove
By grounding in a run then sending one
The other way! Then unlike graceful dove,
He fell into the dugout – caught the bun!
Insurance came from Barnes; his laser zoomed
Through Chase’s space! And then in inning nine
When Kenley entered, snakes knew they were doomed!
And “How Sweep It Is!” was the Times’ headline!
So now, we wait to face the Cubs or Nats.
For the meantime, fans keep wearing your hats!


25 September 2017: A grand amount of victories we have!

A grand amount of victories we have!
One hundred on our belt, but we are not
Stopping right there. Last night, Darvish and staff
Put on a show; the Padres had no shot!
Four RBIs from Logan surely helped
As well as Barnes’ three-run bomb to extend
The lead. Oh how San Diego’s bats whelped
While color splashed our bats like rainbow’s bend!
Real close to clinching home advantage is
This team, just a few more wins gets it done.
The sunset of the season’s gonna kiss
Those beach-scheme seats when all is said and won.
Here’s one last home start penned for Alex Wood
And against San Diego, he’s been good.

19 September 2017: So hideous has Pedro been these days

So hideous has Pedro been these days,
And giving up four runs in two outs does
Not help the counterargument of “phase”
As it instead surrounds him with bad buzz.
Clearly, two runs were not to enough to beat,
So bats could have done better in that spot.
Though Darvish did okay and threw real neat,
It’s no excuse for offense not to plot!
A bases-clearing double from Hoskins
Was Pedro’s bane, just like so many hits
Against him, robbing us of many wins.
I hope he does not throw in ‘tober’s blitz.
Again, I know how tomorrow will end.
But pretend I have hope since Wood we send.

13 September 2017: It seems like San Francisco is the cure

It seems like San Francisco is the cure
To all the woes we’ve had the past few weeks.
A helpful night for Darvish – that’s for sure,
As he threw seven scoreless and five dekes!
But without Cody’s roar, we would not cheer.
Thanks to his splash and triple – three runs in
On his behalf. It really does appear
That something clicked again. It gives me grin
To see us burst from bleakness into smiles.
My worries wait until the quest for rings.
That trek will test with tantalizing trials,
And who knows? Maybe then, we’ll fly with wings.
No game today, for the flight to DC
Is long. I hope that Wood stands like a tree.

8 September 2017: It’s getting out of hand. This streak must stop.

It’s getting out of hand. This streak must stop.
We came close to defeating, but alas,
Four runs allowed in one inning will drop
Our long-held hopes again; they quickly pass
Into the land of non-existent joy.
Despite a Darvish record, he could not
Keep strong for long. It’s starting to annoy
Me that each night, a new group is a knot.
The offense showed some fight, but could not bite
Back when we went down. Positivity
Is little, but exists with promised light
At the end of the tunnel – Vin, save me.
Is this the night we finally don’t lose?
Can Alex Wood sing us out of the blues?

2 September 2017, pt. 2: The day was rough; the night was cold and bleak

The day was rough; the night was cold and bleak.
Yu got roughed up and gave up many runs
While our bats, like wet noodles, seemed so weak
As we put up no fight and just two ones.
Too many batters reached in those first three
Proved to be quite the problem later on.
It has been hard to win without Corey
Whose elbow we hope heals by someday’s dawn.
Just one on base after the fifth, not good
That is. We did not even have a chance
To drive some in. We should check ‘neath the hood
And fix the issues before autumn’s dance!
A series with the Padres can’t be lost,
So I hope Wood can save us from that cost.

27 August 2017: The Brewers got the best of us last day

The Brewers got the best of us last day
And in this series; first we’ve lost since June!
It’s hard when Yu’s pitches don’t go his way,
Shortening his return in afternoon.
We did not get a hit ’til Silver Fox
Pinch hit in inning six and singled into
Center field. Two runs we add to box
Were not enough to have a chance to win.
Good news though came today, our ace returns
On Friday when we face San Diego!
Oh Kershaw, though without you no concerns
Have risen, we have missed you – welcome, ho!
Relax we shall. Today there’s not a game.
Rich Hill returns tomorrow – great, his flame!