4 July 2018: The seven seas be swept by many swings!

The seven seas be swept by many swings!
Such energy akin to fireworks
That burst throughout the air last night. With wings
Did baseballs fly by Chris & Grandal’s smirks!
Three RBIs from each proved just enough
For Rich to pitch a game I’d call quite nice.
He ran the bases like a cheetah! Rough
Would be an insult to his speedy spice.
Hope I have that his awkward slide will not
Return him to the list of men in pain.
Much closer to division lead we’ve gotten
But today we’ll just relax near reign.
A gallop on the freeways to the place
Where angels get to fly around in space.


24 June 2018: A fest of homers held by bluest bats!

A fest of homers held by bluest bats!
Two bombs each from sirs Cody and Kiké
With more from Joc and who could forget Max?
But ultimately, JT saved the day
In extra innings with his shot to left!
Remember when our power at the start
Of season was quite low? That notion’s cleft
As we now lead the league in homers! Heart
Of goodness, though, was not with Rich on hill
Because he struggled and assigned his blame
Upon mechanics. Worry not, for fill
The void did offense do to win the game!
Ten games at home, kicked off with four against
Those Cubs we faced last week. A set intense!

3 June 2018: Oh, what a sweep, my team; your bats have made…

Oh, what a sweep, my team; your bats have made
The most of being high! When Wood’s arm fell
To others’ swings, you picked him up and bade
Poor Colorado’s arms a great farewell!
A breakout man in Muncy keeps up shine
And goes yard twice! Although you may say “Coors”,
Consistently he’s smashed the ball quite fine!
Yasmani also helped with rally’s cures
To cap off inning nine’s securing lead!
‘Tis glorious to look back at the job
We’ve done. To celebrate by drinking mead
After a day of work, and of lead rob!
Unto the city made of steel, we go.
A day off and then hot Ross aims to throw.

20 May 2018: Unlikely when we came, but we have swept!

Unlikely when we came, but we have swept
A team quite hot! The best I’ve felt in weeks!
‘Twas different from past games, because adept
Was power in our bats. Three swings hit peaks
Thanks to Grandal, Enrique, Yasiel!
That last home run was crushed; a sight to see.
On throwing side of game, Sir Wood gave hell
To Washington and yes he finally
Achieved a win! Oh how he needed that
Given the lack of luck in every start
Before this one. The Nats’ bats – they went splat!
These comfy wins are healthy for the heart.
A flight across the country back to home
As Buehler tries to burn the Rox like Rome.

18 April 2018: How clean the city looks once it is swept!

How clean the city looks once it is swept!
Last night, all cylinders were firing strong.
Upon the mound, Maeda’s matches wept
And struck out ten times, filled with somber song.
A first home run for us by Muncy young!
And Corey seems to be back in his place.
He knocked four hits and drove in three of run.
Forget not the two RBIs from Chase!
When Kenta’s start concluded, bullpen shone
Like ponds enclosed in gardens of the light.
So have we fin’lly left the danger zone?
We’ll get a better answer ‘morrow night
When we take on the team that’s from D.C.
And Kershaw faces Scherzer: that’s must-see!

9 October 2017 (NLDS, Game 3): Break out the brooms! This team is moving on

Break out the brooms! This team is moving on
As Yu outpitched our former friend, now snake.
The only stain for Darvish was a dong
And afterwards, bullpen made no mistake!
Young Cody shone both with the bat and glove
By grounding in a run then sending one
The other way! Then unlike graceful dove,
He fell into the dugout – caught the bun!
Insurance came from Barnes; his laser zoomed
Through Chase’s space! And then in inning nine
When Kenley entered, snakes knew they were doomed!
And “How Sweep It Is!” was the Times’ headline!
So now, we wait to face the Cubs or Nats.
For the meantime, fans keep wearing your hats!

27 September 2017: I swear to Lord this team is back in swing!

I swear to Lord this team is back in swing!
Though our sweep victim is not a good team,
Seeing the offense shine so much like bling
Puts me back into that two month-old dream.
In the first three, we touched home seven times!
Then after, three shots solo manifested
Thanks to Curtis, Corey, Puig’s long dimes.
No pressure on the bats, how uncontested!
On the mound for seven innings, Rich
Was an unstoppable force – just two hits
And not a run allowed. Then bullpen’s niche
Finished it off and tore the ‘Dres to bits!
One last day off before the final three
In Colorado. Ryu, don’t give spree!