16 August 2017: There’s always someone new to save the day!

There’s always someone new to save the day,
And Puig was last night’s hero in the end!
When down by two, we don’t just go away.
We fight like gladiators. Puig’s our friend
And hero! Though Yu’s birthday outing was
Not great, he still went six despite some pain
Inside his back. The bullpen then showed jaws
That let their bats pour on the Sox some rain.
The rally in the ninth: kicked off by Cody’s
Pinch-hit single; Logan brought him in.
Then Austin singled, giving Puig the keys
To walk it off and get another win!
Another day for this great team to rest
Before A-Gon comes back and Hill shows zest.

6 August 2017: Korean dominance and Dodger dongs

Korean dominance and Dodger dongs
Were all we served while sweeping those in Queens!
Ryu shined bright like glitter, throwing strong
And letting just one hit pass through his means.
The offense rocked right from the very start
Thanks to the bats of Logan and Sir Barnes.
Then later on, t’were dingers from the hearts
Of Turner, then a thunderous alarm
Shot from the strength of Cody! What a swing
The young lad has; we see this every day.
It’s little things we do that let us sing
Like soul train mockingbirds that never stray!
The team is off today before a fight
With snakes so far behind, they’re out of sight.

30 July 2017: Where does our comeback magic emanate?

Where does our comeback magic emanate?
For Farmer, in his first swing, won the game
To sweep the hated ones and take eight straight!
So put that stretched-out jersey in a frame!
Both starters, Bum and Ryu, showed up strong,
Then Fields gave up a home run that untied.
But after Chase’s hustle, Puig came ‘long!
The rest you know, but there were other plays
Like Kiké throwing Crawford out at home!
The boys induce a state of Odoacer
That makes every foe fall just like Rome!
The deadline is today, and how I hope
We’ll make a move that moves us up the rope!

26 July 2017: Another comeback! Thanks to Ginger Christ

Another comeback! Thanks to Ginger Christ,
We fought back from five down to nail the sweep!
Some shoddy early defense made hopes iced,
But in the end, we got a game to keep!
Our pitching was alright – the bullpen strong
Like diamonds underneath a gamma ray.
The dongs from Puig and Joc went far and very long,
And Chase was close to one – his hair so gray
But heart still burning! Wolverine’s sac fly
Was very strange, but it still tied the game!
Then JT came to say hello, goodbye!
And that’s five straight that we will gladly claim.
We have a day to rest before we take
On our worst enemies; Wood takes that wake.

19 July 2017: The showers poured, but our streak’s marching on!

The showers poured, but our streak’s marching on!
A shortened game and rain can’t cool our bats
So hot, the Arctic couldn’t even dawn
Their flames. No kidding, these are just the facts!
Oh Kiké had a night: two bombs to left
That left the Sox without a word to say,
Along with Chris and Corey’s far-gone hefts.
Our offense overall was sweet array.
Forget not Kenta whose five frames were sweet!
That’s all he needs to do to make us smile.
And with that, we achieved another sweep!
Eleven straight – we’re racking up the miles.
Back to their home, the Dodgers come to rule
With B-Mac taking charge to keep us cool!

16 July 2017: Another nine straight wins? Sounds good to me!

Another nine straight wins? Sounds good to me!
I love how this team just forgot to lose.
With hitters like JT that 2-for-3
So often, winning often’s barely news.
Control is back for Rich – it’s frightening
For other teams that have to face his wrath.
He struck out nine in five, just like lightning
Strikes unprotected serpents in the bath.
The end was tense, for Kenley’s count was high
And even with him on, the lead got cut
To one. But in the end, we let out sigh
For just as usual, the door was shut.
A day off in Chicago for the blue,
Then ‘morrow Kershaw takes his turn to brew.

9 July 2017: At last, a game complete from Clayton’s arm!

At last, a game complete from Clayton’s arm!
Though not a shutout, thirteen Royals took
A seat at Kershaw’s mercy – how unfair!
Each whiff he wound deserves a second look.
The king of gingers hit a pair of bombs
That lead the five-run charge to victory.
Included in that jolt is Austin’s alms
He gave to left-center in a hurry.
The All-Star break is here, and we’re the best!
Another sweep is written in the times.
We’re sending six sensations ‘way from West
O’er to Miami, where they all will shine.
Sit back, relax, and let the days soak in,
For there is no game for a while, so grin.