31 October 2017 (World Series, Game 6): And now, each team is one win from the gold.

And now, each team is one win from the gold.
We figured out Verlander to prolong
This Series of a lifetime! Now we’ve rolled
Into November for the final song.
The first five frames were frightening. Hill just
Went less than five, but was not terrible.
Chase took a hit by pitch; part of his lust.
That kept alive the chance to save the world!
Chris tied it up with double! Corey sac’d
To take the lead! Then next frame, Joctober
Continued with an oppo bomb so whacked!
Then Kenley pitched 6 outs to say “over.”
Tonight’s the final stand. Le jeu ultime.
May baseball gods bless Yu to lead This Team.


7 October 2017 (NLDS, Game 2): Disturbed the snakes we have! Just need one more

Disturbed the snakes we have! Just need one more
To move onto the next phase of the plan!
Our dreams are close and knocking at the door,
And we have sizzlin’ reptiles on the pan.
Before, we struggled much ‘gainst Robbie Ray.
But now, it seems the nightmares are not haunting;
Shown in four runs that we sprayed
Against him! Now that task seems far from daunting.
Blue arms, for the most part, were prestige!
A mirrored effort from those in the back
Of last night’s lineup: Logan, Austin, Puig
Combined went eight for twelve! They had the knack!
This is a chance to sweep, sauté, and swim
Again in Zona’s pool. Yu, make them grim!

27 September 2017: I swear to Lord this team is back in swing!

I swear to Lord this team is back in swing!
Though our sweep victim is not a good team,
Seeing the offense shine so much like bling
Puts me back into that two month-old dream.
In the first three, we touched home seven times!
Then after, three shots solo manifested
Thanks to Curtis, Corey, Puig’s long dimes.
No pressure on the bats, how uncontested!
On the mound for seven innings, Rich
Was an unstoppable force – just two hits
And not a run allowed. Then bullpen’s niche
Finished it off and tore the ‘Dres to bits!
One last day off before the final three
In Colorado. Ryu, don’t give spree!

22 September 2017: The West, at last, is ours! That took too long

The West, at last, is ours! That took too long
To reach the magic number, but now all
Is well though we must keep the winning on
If we are to have home field through the fall.
A record set by Bellinger as he
Has hit the most home runs by an NL
Rookie with number thirty-nine. So free
I feel knowing that I am not in hell.
Rich Hill did excellent; he even raked!
And Tommy celebrated ninety years
Of living strong – a big cake we have baked
In honor of his heart; it brings me tears.
Ryu tonight must show what he can do
To pitch in the postseason – please come through!

16 September 2017: Five’s all we need to clinch the NL West!

Five’s all we need to clinch the NL West!
This roll we’re on is much more with my taste
In outcomes. Like the laity, we’re blest
To have the sharpness of Rich Hill – so based.
Just one hit came about his mighty arm
While on the other side, Sir Cody led
The expedition with his swing and charm.
He’s tied the NL rookie record. Said
By Dave, “This team is never dressed in doubt”
For out of darkest hour, we’ve shone bright
And loud just like a dire wolf’s howling shout
As they hunt prey under the starry night.
Another Sunday night start for Ryu;
He’s done exceptional in his past two!

10 September 2017: The nightmare hasn’t stopped. That’s ten straight lost.

The nightmare hasn’t stopped. That’s ten straight lost.
A four-game sweep puts salt into the wound.
Though Rich was not bad, offense looked exhausted
As if all our power has been drowned.
Mark Reynolds slammed to shove it in our face
How much we stink. Oh, Arenado too.
Upon this quest, we’ve been struck with the mace
And bloodied, needing route to ICU.
Frustration, like pollution, fills the air
Of Dodgers’ breath; they’re looking for a way
To decimate the slump that’s giving scare
And making would-be sunny skies so grey.
To San Francisco, we make one more trek
This season. Kenta – end this awful wreck.

4 September 2017: My heart is stained by this atrocity

My heart is stained by this atrocity
That makes me fear the worst case in the fall.
I pray to see this team become gritty
As soon as possible; else, I will bawl.
Though Rich was nice, the bullpen made me scream
With anger, ‘specially when Pedro crashed.
J.D. hit four home runs off us. Oh, steam
Emerging from my nostrils, ears; I gnashed
Each time the snakes put one upon the board.
And though I give props to their starter’s filth,
This offense recently has left me floored
As they have played like they possess a wilt.
Please turn around this cruel and harmful run.
Oh Ryu, please, before I set to stun.