26 June 2017: Looks like eleven straight will not be won

Looks like eleven straight will not be won,
But every splendid run must come to pass.
Nolasco shocked and did not let a run
Somehow, for five hits was all from our bats.
The silver lining comes in Rich’s length,
Remaining on the mound for seven rounds!
Encouraging it is to see that strength
Despite the loss; the game was not all frowns.
The offense caused frustration right away
By loading up the bases, then not going
Through with putting the ball into play,
Preventing us from winning the day’s show.
Let’s start another streak and show our might
Supporting Kenta’s start on high tonight!

21 June 2017: Two bats of ours did mainly all the work

Two bats of ours did mainly all the work:
Sirs Puig and Yaz went deep to lead the charge!
The Cuban’s ball went far – the crowd bezerk;
Grandal, not once but twice, hit extra large!
Now even though Sir Rich did not succeed
In going more than five, the start was swell!
Got out of jams, he did as if a Swedish
Viking’s ghost posessed him to do well.
We’ve known that Puig can get on others’ nerves
And when you’re bleeding, that’s fun to watch!
Oh, back we are in first – so well deserved!
The feeling is as sweet as butterscotch!
A four-game sweep – why not? If Ryu rolls,
We’ll take another game with strong controls!

15 June 2017: Unpleasant days occur for every team

Unpleasant days occur for every team,
And yesterday saw one of ours unfold.
Sir Hill could not produce a strike-filled stream
And every other pitcher also rolled.
Despite a potent offense all-around,
The trouble was not at the batters’ hands
But in the center of the field: the mound,
And due to that, we were not happy fans.
The Tribe struck first real hard and never stopped,
Just running through our pen like bulls in Spain.
So in the end, our winning streak was chopped
Like onions on the counter, tears in vain.
Another series in Ohio lurks,
So down in Cincy will Wood do his work!

9 June 2017: They ceased the jar, both bats and throwing arms!

They ceased the jar, both bats and throwing arms!
Right out the gates, with Rojoman’s return
As to the ball, he did relentless harm
In his first bout back from the list of hurt.
Sir Rich went five, despite three tolling walks,
Then Kenta followed with four frames to save
For the first time, packed up just like a box;
In this new role, Osaka’s man looked brave!
More hits from Frankie found the team two more
To help the effort that was all around
A sweet defeat, and what a tasty score!
All taking place just right above downtown.
Another injured man returns today:
His name is Wood, and pitch real well he may.

3 June 2017: Do not lose hope until the final out!

Do not lose hope until the final out!
There’s nine frames for a reason, proved by Chris
Who, with the grandest slam, turned it around
And transformed our depression into bliss!
A rocky time for Rich—he just threw four
And let as many batters walk to first.
The bullpen also failed to silence score
As often-strong Josh Fields was at his worst.
But once the slam occurred, we turned to him:
The greatest closer in the leagues today.
Sir Kenley got the save since lead was slim
And in the highest place is where we stay!
A sweep is what I smell! But only if
Maeda sticks it out and makes them whiff.

29 May 2017: Three rockets shot us to our fifth straight win!

Three rockets shot us to our fifth straight win!
The pilots: Cody, Chase, and Logan’s first
Of this year! Shocked I am about adding
Up all those runs against Leake (not the worst).
Ole Rich was fine in his five silver frames,
With just one run that came from a sac fly.
The bullpen followed with some stunning claims
That banned the birds from scoring one more guy.
Their chance was lost when Cody fielded one
Misplayed by Corey; next up was the throw
That nabbed DeJong from taking home a run!
Their third base coach had brought upon this woe.
A chance to keep this high-momentum streak
Alive rests on if Kenta can bespeak.

24 May 2017: A struggle filled with walks for Richard Hill

A struggle filled with walks for Richard Hill,
As his command was sadly lost at sea.
So seven Cardinals got on base with chill
And after four, ‘twas time for Rich to flee.
Unfortunate that Leake was hard to tame,
Limiting us to one run across eight
And just four hits in the entire game:
These are the stats we wish we could mutate.
Though Cody knocked his twenty-fifth run in
In twenty-seven games, ‘twas not enough
To back the pen’s work to give chance for win—
Except for Sergio, who had it rough.
Tonight, Maeda looks to replicate
What he did ‘gainst the Pirates: dominate.