13 May 2018: A shame upon the mountains. I am numb.

A shame upon the mountains. I am numb
To being swept by one of baseball’s worst
This year. Is our team anything but dumb?
Or are we just unfortunately cursed?
We are on our worst start in sixty years.
Not even Dave can say what’s going on.
But he refuses to yell in the ears
Of all our deadbeat players. Something’s wrong.
Now even though Grandal and Puig went yard,
That did not help in end. The rest of bats
Were limp and loose. It’s getting really hard
To watch this team. I’d rather clean dead rats.
I probably would not, but it still stings.
A day off is much needed to fix things.


10-12 May 2018: I will not write a sonnet for each game.

I will not write a sonnet for each game
We’ve played so far. I simply must refuse
For this has been three awful nights of shame
In which the world feels laden by the blues.
A loss at Harvey’s hand. An offense dead.
A bullpen bad when needed. Cody’s bunt
Upon a 3-0 count. The bats have bled
Profusely at the plate. Is this a stunt?
A joke of terror laid upon L.A.?
It’s like this team forgot how to be good
With just the blink of eye. To watch them play
And lack the fire, makes me feel I should
Not have high hopes. But maybe when JT
Returns, we’ll be a happy family?

17 June 2017: A rout supported by the park so small!

A rout supported by the park so small!
The dingers flew from many bats for us,
Sirs Cody, Puig, and Joc produced them all!
And not a sign of power-stopping rust!
Though Ryu struggled here and there, he ‘scaped
From jams with dash of luck and fighter’s will!
The Reds unveiled Pete’s statue, but we draped
That introduction with our thirst for thrill!
So many times, the Reds had chance to score,
But one-for-seventeen they were those times.
The bullpen helped to make their offense poor
By letting just three touch; silenced the chimes.
A chance to sweep is on the radar screen,
If Kenta can deliver the routine.

16 June 2017: Clutch performance from both bats and Wood!

Clutch performance from both bats and Wood!
The runs less than expected in this park,
But triumph we still did – on top we stood!
And here is how we lift our victor’s mark:
A Joc pop in the second gave us one.
The very next frame, Taylor doubled in
JT. Then in the eighth, our pitcher stunned
By driving in a run – deliver grin!
‘Twas almost shutout for our second ace,
Until he let a homer in the eighth.
When Kenley gave their speedster second base,
He threw nine pitches just to crush their faith!
Today, our Incheon warrior will try
To do his best to halt collective cry.

11 June 2017: And yet again, Sir Seager saves the day!

And yet again, Sir Seager saves the day!
Advantage taken of the walks allowed
That loaded up the bases: oh hooray!
And how the slam took us from soft to loud!
Since Stripling and Ryu had rougher days,
‘Twas looking like a sweep would not occur.
But by the two home runs of Cody’s way
And other sweet events, we did conquer!
Then Kenley came to save the same real quick
Recording his two hundredth career save!
An all-around comeback that’s sure to stick
And put a smile upon the face of Dave!
Another day to rest before our ace
Will take the mound in Cleveland to debase.

10 June 2017: The wonders of our shortstop shall be sung!

The wonders of our shortstop shall be sung!
Since for the first time, he has walked it off!
‘Twas almost caught, so for the Reds it stung
And as we won, at them we merely scoffed!
Sir Wood returned and did, for most part, well,
Despite a situation that he got
Into in inning six, which caused a tie of hell
That spiced up an already real hot plot.
The first frame saw much offense; Cody went
O’er fence in right to start the wondrous night.
The end saw Kenley keep the game content
Which led to victory to end the fight!
So sweep is in our grasp, if Ryu can
Pitch deep and keep at bay the Cincy man!

9 June 2017: They ceased the jar, both bats and throwing arms!

They ceased the jar, both bats and throwing arms!
Right out the gates, with Rojoman’s return
As to the ball, he did relentless harm
In his first bout back from the list of hurt.
Sir Rich went five, despite three tolling walks,
Then Kenta followed with four frames to save
For the first time, packed up just like a box;
In this new role, Osaka’s man looked brave!
More hits from Frankie found the team two more
To help the effort that was all around
A sweet defeat, and what a tasty score!
All taking place just right above downtown.
Another injured man returns today:
His name is Wood, and pitch real well he may.