27 September 2017: I swear to Lord this team is back in swing!

I swear to Lord this team is back in swing!
Though our sweep victim is not a good team,
Seeing the offense shine so much like bling
Puts me back into that two month-old dream.
In the first three, we touched home seven times!
Then after, three shots solo manifested
Thanks to Curtis, Corey, Puig’s long dimes.
No pressure on the bats, how uncontested!
On the mound for seven innings, Rich
Was an unstoppable force – just two hits
And not a run allowed. Then bullpen’s niche
Finished it off and tore the ‘Dres to bits!
One last day off before the final three
In Colorado. Ryu, don’t give spree!


26 September 2017: Three jacks to clinch more games this fall at home!

Three jacks to clinch more games this fall at home!
Those Friars stood no chance when faced with wrath
Of Yas, A-Gon, and Corey. Those balls roamed
Beyond the boundaries with powered path!
Wood wasn’t great, but managed to hold back
And then the bullpen just let one on base
In final three – surprising was their knack
Since recently, they’ve brought shame to my face.
Though not a noise at bat, young Cody’s arm
In center-field was showcased with a throw
That Myers could not beat; by his daft charm,
Assist quite hard and crime to call it slow!
Our last home game of season calls on Rich
To make sure the finale does not glitch.

3 September 2017: The Wood was burned; both bats and pitcher failed

The Wood was burned; both bats and pitcher failed
To bring light in our season’s roughest stretch.
Despite two shots from Chris and Cody, jailed
It seems our winning ways have been. A wretch
Of a team they’ve become in recent days.
But as Doc said, this dip will only shake
And not destroy. ‘Tis really hard to faze
This team; we just need something that will wake
The magic that has taken a siesta
With that comfy lead, though snakes are hot
And trying to disturb our fall fiesta.
Time to boil serpents in the pot!
Redeem yourself, oh Rich! You’re back at home
And shine you shall like stars’ effect on chrome!

2 September 2017, pt. 2: The day was rough; the night was cold and bleak

The day was rough; the night was cold and bleak.
Yu got roughed up and gave up many runs
While our bats, like wet noodles, seemed so weak
As we put up no fight and just two ones.
Too many batters reached in those first three
Proved to be quite the problem later on.
It has been hard to win without Corey
Whose elbow we hope heals by someday’s dawn.
Just one on base after the fifth, not good
That is. We did not even have a chance
To drive some in. We should check ‘neath the hood
And fix the issues before autumn’s dance!
A series with the Padres can’t be lost,
So I hope Wood can save us from that cost.

2 September 2017, pt. 1: An anti-wondrous way to start the day

An anti-wondrous way to start the day
Is tying the game up, then losing grip
Upon that draw – one swing, and it’s away.
So thank you Pedro for your pitch’s slip.
But props to Turner for his proud attempt
To never count us out. And Cody too,
Who tied the Dodgers rookie record, kempt
By Mike Piazza. Man, that guy was true.
The bullpen pitched all game, but failed to keep
A bad team down. It seems we’ve hit a bump
Upon the path to playoffs; need to leap
The obstacles and get out of the slump.
Now later in the day, Yu got game two.
Which version did we get? How did he do?

1 September 2017: Arise, you ace! A wonderful return

Arise, you ace! A wonderful return
Upon the hill – oh Kershaw, you amaze
As San Diego indeed felt the burn
That comes when you deliver them your blaze.
Despite an offense derelict, we still
Were able to get one – thanks Silver Fox
For that base hit to ensure not a nil,
Allowing us a whiskey on the rocks.
The premiere of Verdugo was last night,
And though he did not get his first base hit,
‘Tis tight to see the future in this fight.
The prospects always look good with new mitts.
A doubleheader? For us, that is rare!
Brock has game 1, then Yu, game 2 – how fair!

13 August 2017: Witness their strength, their valor, and their force!

Witness their strength, their valor, and their force!
Down first we were, but then there came a burst
Of bats that brought us back on winning course,
Forgetting runs they let back in the first.
The fourth frame gave a pillar filled with runs
Including a three-run shot from JT!
Yasmani also showed his dinger guns
To help bring fans the atmosphere of glee!
Maeda wasn’t awful, but not great.
The bullpen made sure no more runs would come.
Before the end, JT once more touched plate,
Then Kenley came to strike the Padres dumb!
Relax today, for they are off to ‘lax.
Then Wood will greet the White Sox with his acts!