13 August 2017: Witness their strength, their valor, and their force!

Witness their strength, their valor, and their force!
Down first we were, but then there came a burst
Of bats that brought us back on winning course,
Forgetting runs they let back in the first.
The fourth frame gave a pillar filled with runs
Including a three-run shot from JT!
Yasmani also showed his dinger guns
To help bring fans the atmosphere of glee!
Maeda wasn’t awful, but not great.
The bullpen made sure no more runs would come.
Before the end, JT once more touched plate,
Then Kenley came to strike the Padres dumb!
Relax today, for they are off to ‘lax.
Then Wood will greet the White Sox with his acts!

12 August 2017: “I get knocked down, but I get up again”

“I get knocked down, but I get up again”
Are words a group from Leeds sung famously.
Last night, the Dodgers refused to be slain
And we excelled by the grace of Corey!
When down by three with bases filled, to right
He swung and made a chance for Puig
To charge the plate and bring light to our night!
Such strong-fixed victor’s ways have no fatigue.
Though Ryu did not dominate so much,
The bullpen begged the question, “Where’s your bats?”
A winning season clinched with magic touch,
Historically ’twas done – God bless blue hats.
To take the series, Kenta must be strong
And try to stay in blaze of sun for long.

11 August 2017: Oh Ross, what ruckus must you bring around?

Oh Ross, what ruckus must you bring around?
Content we were before their bats took back
The lead we fought to bring into our ground,
But two home runs allowed creates a crack.
Rich Hill – we see your steel, as tough as nails!
A fastball to the throat did not defeat
Your soul, for you got up with just bruised sails
And did your job before you took a seat!
Productive, Cody was with his three hits,
And Austin hit with clutch, but it was not
Enough since Ross did not possess sharp wits.
Still, in this series, victory is sought.
Ryu takes arms today – last time he pitched
Was stunning to behold…is he bewitched?

2 July 2017: The comeback squashed, and our start wasn’t strong

The comeback squashed, and our start wasn’t strong.
We got on base a lot, but score won’t show
Since we kept stranding as it went along
And could not neutralize Kenta’s so-so
Job on the mound, for five ‘Dres crossed the pent.
Each jam created could not be contained,
So less than four is what Maeda went.
And since the D-backs won, a game they gained.
Our bats were not too bad: a Yaz home run,
Two Corey doubles, and good day for Puig.
Too bad they couldn’t help the game be won;
That would’ve made it such a wondrous week.
Before the works are fired, one day off
To relax before Kershaw molotovs.

1 July 2017: Each sector of team went ‘bove the call

Each sector of team went ‘bove the call
And thrashed the Padres each and every way.
Of Rich’s starts, this was the best of all:
In seven, K’d eleven swung astray.
The back-to-back was brought to you by Corey
And our favorite ginger in the world.
Again did Chris Taylor add slam to story
Sending Padres fans in balls so curled.
Oh Logan, can’t forget his four-for-five
Against the lefties (what he’s paid to do)!
We had no fear this game of staying ‘live
And came out with an even brighter view!
So Kenta starts tomorrow. Let us hope
That one mistake will not lead to a slope.

30 June 2017: The tempers hot, but fire in our team

The tempers hot, but fire in our team
Lit up the Padres, as we usually do.
Astounding seven runs brought in by dreamy
Barnes on home runs that totaled to two.
And Wood guided his way to win nine straight
Decisions; ’tis a record for the club.
The offense besides Austin also great,
Like Logan who had four hits in the drub
And Justin hit it thrice (one of those donged).
The D-Backs lost, and so our West lead grows!
This season, as always, is quite prolonged,
But anything can happen as we know.
With baseball’s kiss, the next game goes to Hill
Who we hope replicates his last long fill.

6 May 2017: A splendid evening brought to you by Blue

A splendid evening brought to you by Blue,
Defeating San Diego once again!
Sir Cody hit one grand, and how it flew
Into the stands, as far as reaching Spain!
And Clayton rocked the night, despite four walks,
But those stemmed mostly from the horrid ump
Whose calls on balls and strikes created gawks.
Though nonetheless, nine Padres could not trump.
Before the Cody slam, our lead was three;
Our hold of bulls gave cushion for the end,
Creating summer’s day (compare to thee?)
That was a marvelous start to the weekend.
McCarthy comes today, though slightly sore.
No difference shall it make; he’ll shut the door.