11 July 2018: Again has Kenta made the night real nice!

Again has Kenta made the night real nice!
The nastiest split-finger in the game
Most likely goes to him. He struck out nine
Once more; ’tis helped him gain his earned acclaim.
But arms alone do not win games, and Matt
Was one of those who brought in runs to get
That victory! And also Logan’s bat
Helped out tonight! We also owe some debt
To Padres’ defense, who at times gave gifts
Unto our runners. What an awful pack
Of gloves down south! Seems built up by some thrifts.
And since snakes lost, we’re now a half-game back!
An All-Star starts tonight! His name is Ross
And rhyme with boss again? Nah. He’ll throw sauce!


10 July 2018: Quite silenced by the rookie we have been.

Quite silenced by the rookie we have been
Besides a Muncy dinger. What a shame
It is to be shut down upon the shin
A second time by Lauer. Not much flame
And glamour came from Hill; four runs in one
Frame from the man was all it took
For Padres’ victory. Not very fun
To see another loss into the book.
Although, Rich went the distance! Nice indeed
To see longevity in that old man.
First place evades again. We really need
To step up to the top and help the fan.
With newborn soon in arms, Maeda makes
A start tonight to snap in half the rakes!

9 July 2018: At last, sweet Toles is back! ‘Tis hard to miss

At last, sweet Toles is back! ‘Tis hard to miss
When his impact’s immediately felt
With two hits that made up the sealing kiss
Of victory for Kershaw’s decent melt
Composed of ash and maple from the sticks
In San Diego’s hands. ‘Tis good to see
His slow return to righteous wrath and tricks
Unlike a single pitcher that can flee!
But back to Toles; my goodness, it’s been long
Since he could make us smile with his charm
And spark that makes each player do less wrong.
I hope he stays forever out of farm!
Recovered from his neck pain, Rich I hope
You’ve done just that. More DL? I can’t cope.

27 May 2018: Again, strong was the arm of Buehler young!

Again, strong was the arm of Buehler young!
The Padres just, at all, had not a chance
Across his seven frames. Oh what he’s done
Has been remarkable. He knows the dance!
In the rotation he seems to locked.
How helpful it was for the bats to be
In fullest flow! The Padres’ pen was rocked
By knights such as Sirs Chris, Max, and Cody!
Three series straight we’ve won! ‘Tis sweet to hear
A better narrative of this strange team
That has been up and down to start the year!
Division win now seems less of a dream.
This week kicks off with Brock throwing the rock
Unto the Phillies. Let us take a walk!

26 May 2018: Hope always must be followed by some gloom.

Hope always must be followed by some gloom.
At least that’s what the Dodgers seem to think.
While bats were beautiful and in full bloom,
Sir Wood seems like had a real bad drink
And let as many runs as he had to
Support his poor performance. ‘Tis quite sad
Since usually the bats don’t have a clue
When he is on the mound. I’m also mad
Upon the bullpen for another show
Of excrement that made it hard to turn
The game around. ‘Twas overall bad flow
That must be fixed or else it will just burn.
To win the series, Buehler takes the mound
And digs for vict’ry that’s yet to be found.

25 May 2018: The distance did Ross go! Quite nice to see.

The distance did Ross go! Quite nice to see
A combination of hot arms and bats
Unite to get a win that was easy
To handle. And it started off with Matt’s
Tall three-run shot! Good Lord, that man’s been hot
And the best hitter on the team this year!
When season started, he was barely thought
Of as an asset. Now he’s one to fear!
A Kiké bomb helped to extend that lead
And then Sirs Pedro, Tony set the plate
For Kenley to come in and then proceed
To feed upon the friars. Saved the date!
It seems we’ve found some grip to climb up to
A higher place! We’re only back a few!

6 May 2018: An inconsistent team we have right here.

An inconsistent team we have right here.
Combine the wimpy bats with waning arms
Inside the pen, and you can give me fear
About the future. Closer to alarms
I get each time we cannot muster up
A single speck of progress. Profit from
This trip we haven’t. More like a death cup
That’s poisoned all our skills. This series summed
Up what we’ve done so far, and this includes
Such disappointing starts from most of team
And injuries that we could not have viewed
As happening. There’s barely any gleam.
A day off is much needed. This will do
Before we play the snakes. Will Hill come through?