24 June 2018: A fest of homers held by bluest bats!

A fest of homers held by bluest bats!
Two bombs each from sirs Cody and Kiké
With more from Joc and who could forget Max?
But ultimately, JT saved the day
In extra innings with his shot to left!
Remember when our power at the start
Of season was quite low? That notion’s cleft
As we now lead the league in homers! Heart
Of goodness, though, was not with Rich on hill
Because he struggled and assigned his blame
Upon mechanics. Worry not, for fill
The void did offense do to win the game!
Ten games at home, kicked off with four against
Those Cubs we faced last week. A set intense!


23 June 2018: Be not offended, Mets, by how we bash!

Be not offended, Mets, by how we bash
Thy pitches in with bats of Odin’s might.
The argument that Kemp would burn and crash
Has surely faded like the ball in flight
That sent us way ahead – oh, what a slam!
Forget not how Max kicked off with one, too!
Return of Clayton wasn’t long, but damned
We are if happiness does not reach through
A mood. ‘Tis great to see his back not shout!
Eleven straight games won against the Mets
Is quite a stat, but it must be a drought
Most painful for Queens residents, me bets.
A Sunday morning seasoned with a game
Started by Sir Rich Hill; keep up the aim!

22 June 2018: Great Swing of Cody, and oh gracious Wood!

Great Swing of Cody, and oh gracious Wood,
Thou hast engaged in actions of the kind
That leads to great success! I feel we should
Step off of Cody’s back and let him grind
With more gone-far home runs! Oh, how that shot
Last night endured through air like clouds in May!
Then Alexander threw two and forgot
Those previous bad outings. By the way,
Puig soared one into left to finish off
And pave the way for Kenley to extend
His month of dominance without a cough!
By cutter’s will, the others’ bats will bend.
Surprise! Return the ace unto the mound!
An off of pitchers great this day be found!

6 August 2017: Korean dominance and Dodger dongs

Korean dominance and Dodger dongs
Were all we served while sweeping those in Queens!
Ryu shined bright like glitter, throwing strong
And letting just one hit pass through his means.
The offense rocked right from the very start
Thanks to the bats of Logan and Sir Barnes.
Then later on, t’were dingers from the hearts
Of Turner, then a thunderous alarm
Shot from the strength of Cody! What a swing
The young lad has; we see this every day.
It’s little things we do that let us sing
Like soul train mockingbirds that never stray!
The team is off today before a fight
With snakes so far behind, they’re out of sight.

5 August 2017: I thought the derby was back in July

I thought the derby was back in July,
But I guess it continued yesterday
In Queens since we hit five into the sky!
Indeed, it seems, the bats came out to play.
Sir Rich got real unlucky in the first
And our offense did not hit ’til the sixth,
Which is when the power began to burst
By adding many dingers to the mix!
The best-played fifty games in history
Of our great franchise – heavens! what a run.
The total of victories: forty three,
And maybe counting? Scenes if we can stun!
Another Sunday night to watch our team.
We’ll see if Ryu repeats what we dream!

21 June 2017: Two bats of ours did mainly all the work

Two bats of ours did mainly all the work:
Sirs Puig and Yaz went deep to lead the charge!
The Cuban’s ball went far – the crowd bezerk;
Grandal, not once but twice, hit extra large!
Now even though Sir Rich did not succeed
In going more than five, the start was swell!
Got out of jams, he did as if a Swedish
Viking’s ghost posessed him to do well.
We’ve known that Puig can get on others’ nerves
And when you’re bleeding, that’s fun to watch!
Oh, back we are in first – so well deserved!
The feeling is as sweet as butterscotch!
A four-game sweep – why not? If Ryu rolls,
We’ll take another game with strong controls!

20 June 2017: A triple-dinger day for someone else

A triple-dinger day for someone else
Besides the Belly! (he still got one though)
Young Corey keeps on rolling, handing L’s
To other teams with sweet offensive flow!
This fire let McCarthy just relax
And throw six innings that lacked any runs.
The sons were bright tonight, and their attacks
Will be recalled and remembered by tons!
A plea to thee, regarding game of stars:
Sweet Seager still does not hold starter’s spot!
And Cody does not have a place with tsars,
So vote, you fools – much sadness if you not.
And pray tonight for sanity in Hill’s
Performance, hoping we prolong the kill.