14 July 2018: A comeback almost came! But then it went.

A comeback almost came! But then it went.
We tied it up in inning number nine
By sweet Yasmani double! Then the tenth
Came and Kenley could not stop Calhoun’s spine
From sending one away into the stands.
Toles had a chance to be on third to score
But couldn’t read the ball. Mistakes this grand
Can change the game. But it was not a bore;
That is for sure. Though Wood was not elite,
He did his best to keep the game quite close.
Back out of first we are, but would be neat
To get back in the first place set of clothes.
‘Tis Kershaw on the hill beneath the sun
And win the Freeway Series? Task be done!


10 July 2018: Quite silenced by the rookie we have been.

Quite silenced by the rookie we have been
Besides a Muncy dinger. What a shame
It is to be shut down upon the shin
A second time by Lauer. Not much flame
And glamour came from Hill; four runs in one
Frame from the man was all it took
For Padres’ victory. Not very fun
To see another loss into the book.
Although, Rich went the distance! Nice indeed
To see longevity in that old man.
First place evades again. We really need
To step up to the top and help the fan.
With newborn soon in arms, Maeda makes
A start tonight to snap in half the rakes!

8 July 2018: Three runs from Puig can’t stop Ohtani-san.

Three runs from Puig can’t stop Ohtani-san
Whose pinch hit bomb sent us home with a loss
And helpful it was not that Puig is gone
Most likely for a couple weeks. The boss
Has said he’ll get an MRI, so hope
‘Tis nothing more than minor; he’s been hot!
Wood wasn’t excellent, but I can cope.
Though Chargois, in the seventh, just could not
Keep match tied. Have you heard the word about
Machado? To us, could he really come?
I do not know if we need him, but doubt
Not in my mind he’d help. For now, just hum.
Our friends in San Diego host for four
And Kershaw’s starter one; go roast the boar!

6 July 2018: All seemed quite well until the final out.

All seemed quite well until the final out
Which never was achieved. A mark of shame
Upon the schedule. Makes me want to shout
In sheer frustration. Divvy up the blame
From Kenley’s block that made him walk Shohei
To Grandal’s throw that soared past second base.
Directly though, ’twas Puig’s bad throwaway
That dropped used back into the second place.
Before this, Kenta killed it under six
And Kemp provided offense. I guess more
Was needed in the end to fight the tricks
Inherent in the sport since days of yore.
Sir Stripling saddles up to crush some wings
Tonight in Anaheim. Let’s pull some strings!

30 June 2018: An offense with no powers cannot fight.

An offense with no powers cannot fight
Back when the pitcher isn’t cold.
As Kenta dealt and had a damn good bite
Into the mountains, offense wasn’t gold,
Not even in the slightest ’til the six
When Kiké blasted off to get the first
Of crew’s three hits the whole game. Many kicks
Impacting with the windpipe. ‘Tis the worst
To see your team swing noodles wet and dumb.
Despite a month of fire, not a great
Last note to end on. Better times will come –
That’s what I do believe; no more bad freight!
‘Tis afternoon delight that I desire,
So may Ross rock the Rox and run the dryer!

29 June 2018: Why, offense, canst thou not perform when Rich is rocking?

Why, offense, canst thou not perform when Rich
Is rocking on the hill? And bullpen, tell
Your troubles; why you cannot keep a pitch
Inside the park? Sometimes, a sense of hell
Envelops all my thinking of this team.
Those bright spots, like ten K’s from Rich, are faint
Upon occasion. Bats must match a dream
Where anything is possible. A saint
Or two is needed in the pen real soon
And maybe someone well enough to spark
This sometimes-dormant offense with a spoon
Electrified. Someone add bite to bark!
Maeda makes an effort to support
Our enigmatic bittersweet cohort.

28 June 2018: My agony beams stronger than the sun.

My agony beams stronger than the sun
Upon a summer noon. The game was fine
As Kershaw dealt and looked again like one
Of baseball’s greatest pitchers. Also shine
Again did Muncy with that shot to left,
But upon Buehler’s coming back, it all
Fell quickly to the ground. Chicago’s theft
Of my anticipation in the mauling
Heat. Why Dave had him in? I don’t know.
And why was Goedell awful? Beats my brain.
Cubs took advantage of their chances though,
And gave a quite good series, far from plain.
To shred all memories of yestergame,
I pray for this. May Rich Hill do the same.