26 June 2017: Looks like eleven straight will not be won

Looks like eleven straight will not be won,
But every splendid run must come to pass.
Nolasco shocked and did not let a run
Somehow, for five hits was all from our bats.
The silver lining comes in Rich’s length,
Remaining on the mound for seven rounds!
Encouraging it is to see that strength
Despite the loss; the game was not all frowns.
The offense caused frustration right away
By loading up the bases, then not going
Through with putting the ball into play,
Preventing us from winning the day’s show.
Let’s start another streak and show our might
Supporting Kenta’s start on high tonight!

15 June 2017: Unpleasant days occur for every team

Unpleasant days occur for every team,
And yesterday saw one of ours unfold.
Sir Hill could not produce a strike-filled stream
And every other pitcher also rolled.
Despite a potent offense all-around,
The trouble was not at the batters’ hands
But in the center of the field: the mound,
And due to that, we were not happy fans.
The Tribe struck first real hard and never stopped,
Just running through our pen like bulls in Spain.
So in the end, our winning streak was chopped
Like onions on the counter, tears in vain.
Another series in Ohio lurks,
So down in Cincy will Wood do his work!

6 June 2017: Despite the dragon’s wrath through B-Mac’s arm

Despite the dragon’s wrath through B-Mac’s arm,
The gods blessed Scherzer with a baffling trait
To make teams just like us lose our bats’ charm
And fail to help their pitchers serve the plate.
Fourteen times did Mad Max sit us down
In seven frames; too good he was to beat.
Yasmani, Cody: both struck out three rounds,
Which left a taste in mouth not very sweet.
A word from Cody on the madman’s work:
“Disgusting” is the ace’s arsenal.
Agree I must, for he gave me an irk
That only comes from one phenomenal.
The series lost, but Kershaw comes today
To take on Strasburg in an aces’ fray.

5 June 2017: A dormant offense does not win a game

A dormant offense does not win a game;
It must be up and at ‘em from the start!
This game proved that we can’t just light the flame
Right as it’s ‘bout to end – the plan’s not smart!
Though Ryu went distance throwing seven
Innings, the offense could not equate
The Nats’ four runs; our Boys just could not leaven
The game’s tone, although the gap’s not great.
The pluses did exist in Taylor’s clutch
Two-bagger that changed our score from a zero.
In the ninth, young Cody did as much
But backwards K on Yaz prevented hero.
A fearless ace named Scherzer’s on the other side
Tonight, so B-Mac, with his wisdom, must provide!

4 June 2017: This time, the offense could not take it back

This time, the offense could not take it back
Since they were silenced by the Brewers’ arms:
Their starter, who went six, his name is Zach;
The bullpen kept us hitless with their harms.
Sir Kenta was not in a golden groove
Since in the first two frames, he gave up runs
That made it difficult for us to move
Up when were at bat; the team was stunned.
And even though our bullpen tried so hard
(Besides ole Romo), it was just a fail
Since batting counterparts could not go yard,
The efforts turned out to be very stale.
But home awaits for them, as they will fight
With players hailing from D.C. tonight.

1 June 2017: Frustrating day it was; bad calls and swings

Frustrating day it was; bad calls and swings
From other pitcher’s bat that scored two runs.
McCarthy not his best results in things
So undesirable it makes us done.
Our offense held by Wainwright’s caliver
For first six frames; no soul could touch the plate.
And even when their bullpen took rubber,
We still fell to a never-wanted fate.
The ninth was filled with bloopers from the blue,
Whose calls of balls and strikes produced complaint
From Sirs Gonzalez and Yasmani too,
Which caused their late ejections scarred with taint.
The trip up north to one more Central team
Will start with Clayton’s wrath upon the seams.

31 May 2017: All streaks must end, as time and sport have told

All streaks must end, as time and sport have told.
Not much offense in this match, so it was
A battle between pitchers young and old
Resulted in the winning ways’ sad pause.
Ryu was brilliant: six frames of strength
With only one run earned, and just one walk!
Despite his moving forward with his length,
The bullpen could not keep it tied in lock.
The only run for us—from a sac fly;
Martinez in the zone and hard to hit.
Alas, we’re still in first, but only by
A half game, so we must put on our grit.
McCarthy is the man who’ll close this trip
To St. Louis; our hope is that he’ll zip.