11 July 2018: Again has Kenta made the night real nice!

Again has Kenta made the night real nice!
The nastiest split-finger in the game
Most likely goes to him. He struck out nine
Once more; ’tis helped him gain his earned acclaim.
But arms alone do not win games, and Matt
Was one of those who brought in runs to get
That victory! And also Logan’s bat
Helped out tonight! We also owe some debt
To Padres’ defense, who at times gave gifts
Unto our runners. What an awful pack
Of gloves down south! Seems built up by some thrifts.
And since snakes lost, we’re now a half-game back!
An All-Star starts tonight! His name is Ross
And rhyme with boss again? Nah. He’ll throw sauce!


10 June 2018: Trust placed in Ross, and ends achieved quite well!

Trust placed in Ross, and ends achieved quite well!
United with an offense at their best
Contrasting game two’s bats that burned in hell;
Home runs from Logan, Max, and Kiké blessed
That hexagonal scoreboard out in right!
Another dominating day for Strip
Whose quality is of the tallest height
And makes it quick for us to get a grip.
Above .500 once again. To keep
That status is what I would wish to do.
Keep jumping, hitting blocks, get leads real steep
Without stress. How we’re getting closer to
First place again! I hope that spot is next.
Some Texans come tomorrow. Go be hexed!

9 June 2018: So many chances missed means bad results.

So many chances missed means bad results,
But one mistake might have cost us the game.
An error from Sir Logan has insulted,
And then two runs scored but do not blame
Him by himself, for bats had badness too.
With runners in position, null-for-six
Is what we went. Not ideal for this crew
Especially when Wood can’t pull his tricks.
Is this the fashion in the court of Dave?
Or is it just the nature of the sport?
The latter I believe, but still I crave
To be above .500, so support
The Boss, Ross Stripling, as he throws today.
Confirm a win, I feel they’ll do in play.

19 May 2018 (game 2): A comeback? What is this thing that we’ve done?

A comeback? What is this thing that we’ve done?
It’s been so long since this team’s done that thing
Where in the ninth we trail, but then have won
By perseverance and a few good swings.
The blister struck again, so bullpen had
To record every out. Ultimately,
They rocked the boat though Hudson made me mad
And there was a home run for Max Muncy.
The ninth kicked off with Austin’s hit to right
And then a Forsythe single set the plate
For Kemp to double in and steal the night
Away. Then Kenley saved again! How great!
To sweep would be the dream, and Alex Wood
Will give a go to do it. Would be good!

15 May 2018: The disappointment snowballs more each day.

The disappointment snowballs more each day
And I fear that one day, it will be big
Enough to tower skylines like L.A.
With shadows that would spark fear on a brig.
Though I enjoyed the homers that came late
From Yasiel and Cody, I just wish
They could have been hit quicker. Would be great
To help unlucky Alex spear the fish.
I smiled at JT’s return, and Logan
Too! But even they could barely help
This team so cold and well below zero.
We could be bad. I fear of what I yelp.
A victory is needed. Can’t we win
With Buehler on the hill? Sad violin.

14 April 2018: The palm trees whither as we have not won.

The palm trees whither as we have not won
A game against these snakes for quite a while.
I usually think before I speak in tongues
Of disappointment. So, without a smile,
Words float sadly crying out in pain
As if it’s Logan’s shoulder flaring up.
Ole Rich had trouble being D-backs’ bane
As they got seven off of tearing up
The field and bleachers. Stress invades my veins
Watching this team, regardless of their form.
This stretch of stink creates in me more strains
As I pray that this won’t become the norm.
Today, we are all number forty-two.
Our ace will represent the best of blues.

28 October 2017 (World Series, Game 4): You like that?! Because I sure as hell do!

You like that?! Because I sure as hell do!
With almost flawless pitching job from Wood
And bullpen’s mastery, ‘Stros just hit two!
It was late when the offense understood
The time to rally was upon the back
Of Cody, who initiated launch
With double in the seventh; then attack
From Logan tied it up with his true staunch!
The ninth rolled ’round, their closer fell apart
And with two on, Sir Belli struck it well!
Then after a sac fly, Joc smacked a dart
Into the right field stands! It made me yell!
Tonight, the most amazing lefty fights
To bring this team to long-missed soaring heights!