27 October 2017 (World Series, Game 3): An undesired day for Yu and friends

An undesired day for Yu and friends.
Four runs allowed in inning two were hard
To watch as all the man could do through lens
Was see that score go up and leave him scarred.
That incident ill-mannered really taints
A series that’s been good in every way.
Respect for Yu to not retaliate
And hope that Yuli learns from his display.
Maeda saved some pitches from the pen
And has been dominant throughout the month,
But urgency surrounds our blue-clad men
Tonight who seek to show that they’re not junk.
Led by Sir Wood, they’ll be. I hope he brings
Us one game closer to obtaining rings!


21 September 2017: Now I remember how it feels to win!

Now I remember how it feels to win!
Surprising from the pen, but I will take
The opposite of loss! I wear a grin
Originating from a state of shake.
Now Kenta wasn’t sharp, but to my joy
The bullpen’s six were for the most part smooth.
To close it off, a four-out Kenley ploy
To save the game and reaffirm the truth.
The magic number’s one, today we can
Assure the West is ours thanks to Andre
And Cody for their seventh-inning span
Of scoring. To that, I shall sing ‘Hooray!’
On Tommy’s day of birth, the greatest gift
Would be Hill pitching us to clinch so swift!

11 September 2017: Demoralized I feel; this spiral stings

Demoralized I feel; this spiral stings
Each time we have a lead then let it go.
A late night due to rain and some lightning,
And in return us fans received poor show.
So sad that Kenta was not sharp at all.
If he had been good, we just may have won
Since our bats raked. But bullpen’s seemed to stall
And cease their helpfulness. What must be done
To get a win at last? We need a charm
Since not even a JT bomb can lock
A victory. Each lost game brings me harm.
I have no clue how I still want to talk.
Tonight must be the night since Kershaw deals
In San Francisco. Bring sadness to seals!

6 September 2017: This wretched month continues to destroy

This wretched month continues to destroy
My happiness that earlier I held
When we were cruising on a ride of joy.
But now there is panic that must be quelled.
The snakes have won thirteen games in a row
While we have now lost six straight. Oh, the pain
I feel when our starters give their best throw,
Only for the offense to make it vain.
Though Kenta did alright, the offense stank
Like sewers. Right now, I feel so much shame
For this team; they need to have a slate blank
And dominate like it’s a July game.
With Kershaw on the mound, I feel relief.
But if the bats don’t do their deed, much grief.

31 August 2017: It’s been the roughest week for us this year

It’s been the roughest week for us this year:
With five straight lost, and swept we were by snakes.
The first innings, again, were hard to cheer
Since starters could not give their bats the brakes.
Not helpful that Zona is on a streak
And that our bats decided not to play
Unlike the last two games where they weren’t weak,
But not even a rally yesterday.
Upon their flight back home, there’s not great joy.
But there is hope, for this day will be bliss.
Our ace has healed his back! We’ll see our boy
In blue – tonight’s a game you should not miss,
For Kershaw resurrects! The Padres’ fright
Is obvious – should they still try to fight?

25 August 2017: Maeken led our pitchers’ dominance

Maeken led our pitchers’ dominance
Which silenced Brewers’ bats to just one hit,
And that went far but was their only dance
As we put up three runs to drill the bit!
The first came from a bomb by Logie Bear:
His first in a long time! Then in the fifth,
Yaz broke the tie by the hitting the ball where
No fielder was. And then, when in the sixth,
The Wild Horse unleashed his power straight
To center field – an extra run to help
The bullpen feel secure in saving. Great
We are, at ninety-one – no need to whelp!
A man named Chicken Strip makes a spot start
Tonight, and hope I do he does his part.

20 August 2017: At first a pitching duel, but then it fell apart

At first a pitching duel, but then it fell
Apart for Kenta once he ‘lowed a hit.
The Detroit ace was strong. Our bats were quelled
After a Curtis solo shot that bit
JV’s potential no-hit bid. So cold
Their bats were in a try so valiant.
But fear I shan’t possess, as I’m consoled
And have no need to depart on a rant.
A game of grit means no team wins them all
As countless factors determine the match.
‘Tis just loss thirty-five – a blemish small
That with a hopeful future we can patch.
To Pittsburgh our men sail for a quartet
Of games! Kicked off by Wood, so hope no threat.