13 August 2017: Witness their strength, their valor, and their force!

Witness their strength, their valor, and their force!
Down first we were, but then there came a burst
Of bats that brought us back on winning course,
Forgetting runs they let back in the first.
The fourth frame gave a pillar filled with runs
Including a three-run shot from JT!
Yasmani also showed his dinger guns
To help bring fans the atmosphere of glee!
Maeda wasn’t awful, but not great.
The bullpen made sure no more runs would come.
Before the end, JT once more touched plate,
Then Kenley came to strike the Padres dumb!
Relax today, for they are off to ‘lax.
Then Wood will greet the White Sox with his acts!

8 August 2017: Sometimes the game ain’t meant for us to win

Sometimes the game ain’t meant for us to win.
Despite our many positives last night
And a good start from Kenta, we said fin
Without the lead and failed to solve the plight.
JT went yard two times and Puig leaped high
To rob a dong, but in the end it did
Not matter, for a grand slam stained our try
To make it five straight wins – restart the bid!
The bullpen stunk unusually indeed,
But it’s just one bad game (that’s what I hope).
Today’s a new day to recite the creed
To believe in the Dodger magic’s scope!
An old friend we must face in Mister Zack,
But we’ve got Wood to strike against their pack!

1 August 2017: Oh Kenta in your cloak – you owned the Braves!

Oh Kenta in your cloak – you owned the Braves!
A motivated man he was on mound,
As seen in his exquisite seven frames;
Just two hits and one walk – that’s all they found!
Our offense did enough in many ways.
We needed just three runs, and those came from
A Taylor double, Cody’s bomb buffet,
Then Puig’s baserunning adding to the sum!
Unfazed when Ravin gave up that late shot;
We put in new guy Watson, found success!
Then Kenley, just like a Superman plot,
Delivered us from evil; what a bless!
Nine straight, again, so who will go for ten?
Brock Stewart will! Here’s hoping that he can.

25 July 2017: Abnormal team they are, with seventy

Abnormal team they are, with seventy
Wins underneath their belt before August!
Assistance given gladly by Chris T:
In his eyes we believe, his bat we trust.
Impressive has his bat been since the break.
He should have been an All-Star, but alas!
The Twins goofed up when attempting to make
A double switch – took WAY too long to pass.
Oh, Kenta was alright at both the plate
And mound! Then Ravin came to pitch three rounds
To get a save that closed the silver gate.
This team is really far beyond the bounds!
Tonight, Brock makes his starting presence known
As we attempt to reinforce our throne.

19 July 2017: The showers poured, but our streak’s marching on!

The showers poured, but our streak’s marching on!
A shortened game and rain can’t cool our bats
So hot, the Arctic couldn’t even dawn
Their flames. No kidding, these are just the facts!
Oh Kiké had a night: two bombs to left
That left the Sox without a word to say,
Along with Chris and Corey’s far-gone hefts.
Our offense overall was sweet array.
Forget not Kenta whose five frames were sweet!
That’s all he needs to do to make us smile.
And with that, we achieved another sweep!
Eleven straight – we’re racking up the miles.
Back to their home, the Dodgers come to rule
With B-Mac taking charge to keep us cool!

7 July 2017: Two hot teams met, but we burned more last night

Two hot teams met, but we burned more last night.
Success at home continued – oh Ravine!
With Kenta’s start and bullpen’s quiet might,
We maintained the results of our machine!
A milestone for Chase: his thousandth run
Brought in, though no emotion from his face!
A solo shot from Puig is always fun!
L-F’s and Corey’s singles gave more space.
This team is so much fun – I cannot state
That fact enough! Each Dodger game feels safe
When every single player’s feeling great
And not a single team can bring a strafe!
McCarthy’s back today! He’ll face the heat
From L.A.’s famous summer meet-and-greet.

2 July 2017: The comeback squashed, and our start wasn’t strong

The comeback squashed, and our start wasn’t strong.
We got on base a lot, but score won’t show
Since we kept stranding as it went along
And could not neutralize Kenta’s so-so
Job on the mound, for five ‘Dres crossed the pent.
Each jam created could not be contained,
So less than four is what Maeda went.
And since the D-backs won, a game they gained.
Our bats were not too bad: a Yaz home run,
Two Corey doubles, and good day for Puig.
Too bad they couldn’t help the game be won;
That would’ve made it such a wondrous week.
Before the works are fired, one day off
To relax before Kershaw molotovs.