11 July 2018: Again has Kenta made the night real nice!

Again has Kenta made the night real nice!
The nastiest split-finger in the game
Most likely goes to him. He struck out nine
Once more; ’tis helped him gain his earned acclaim.
But arms alone do not win games, and Matt
Was one of those who brought in runs to get
That victory! And also Logan’s bat
Helped out tonight! We also owe some debt
To Padres’ defense, who at times gave gifts
Unto our runners. What an awful pack
Of gloves down south! Seems built up by some thrifts.
And since snakes lost, we’re now a half-game back!
An All-Star starts tonight! His name is Ross
And rhyme with boss again? Nah. He’ll throw sauce!


6 July 2018: All seemed quite well until the final out.

All seemed quite well until the final out
Which never was achieved. A mark of shame
Upon the schedule. Makes me want to shout
In sheer frustration. Divvy up the blame
From Kenley’s block that made him walk Shohei
To Grandal’s throw that soared past second base.
Directly though, ’twas Puig’s bad throwaway
That dropped used back into the second place.
Before this, Kenta killed it under six
And Kemp provided offense. I guess more
Was needed in the end to fight the tricks
Inherent in the sport since days of yore.
Sir Stripling saddles up to crush some wings
Tonight in Anaheim. Let’s pull some strings!

30 June 2018: An offense with no powers cannot fight.

An offense with no powers cannot fight
Back when the pitcher isn’t cold.
As Kenta dealt and had a damn good bite
Into the mountains, offense wasn’t gold,
Not even in the slightest ’til the six
When Kiké blasted off to get the first
Of crew’s three hits the whole game. Many kicks
Impacting with the windpipe. ‘Tis the worst
To see your team swing noodles wet and dumb.
Despite a month of fire, not a great
Last note to end on. Better times will come –
That’s what I do believe; no more bad freight!
‘Tis afternoon delight that I desire,
So may Ross rock the Rox and run the dryer!

25 June 2018: In all submission and humility!

In all submission and humility
Did Kenta put the Cubs in! Over seven
Frames were they kept scoreless! Far from spree
Was either team, but in the, ’twas heaven
Given to the crew in blue. Give thanks
To Kiké’s early shot, and then to Chris,
Whose late home run insured the future ranks
And let us send Chicago one cold kiss.
Some chances to extend the lead were squashed
By defense strong from Cubs. Hey, check the board,
For we’re now in a playoff spot! How washed
That stretch of stink is now! Keep that ignored.
Tonight a start for Ross, who wasn’t great
Last time. But now, he’s got a cleaner slate.

19 June 2018 (game 1): Maeda’s rough return saved at the end!

Maeda’s rough return saved at the end
By bullpen and a comeback in the ninth!
Some shady calls behind home plate shan’t send
Us home without a win. For by the might
Of Kyle Farmer’s double, we prevailed
Over a strike zone holier than thou!
Forget not how Joc suddenly impaled
The score immediately. Take a bow
You bats unbanal! Kenley, how your month
Has gone so swimmingly. I am quite proud
Of how this crew has moved against a front
So cold and made noise in the West quite loud.
Another game this day is to be played
And Rich returns to try make bears dismayed.

13 June 2018: Last night, I hear, a wild game was won.

Last night, I hear, a wild game was won.
How unconventional was the event!
What some would call a brawl ensued when wondrous
Kemp tried to truck catcher to prevent
His being out, but ’tis against the rules.
So shoving started, but no punches thrown.
To mound, Kenta returned and used his tools
Quite well! Nothing too special in the zone.
The match went into extras. Gentle grace
From Kiké tapping home plate won the scrum!
Another win to close in on first place,
But will Kemp be suspended? Would be dumb
To do so, but we’ll see. Another time
For relaxation; this news is sublime!

29 May 2018: To bring these injuries unto their end…

To bring these injuries unto their end
Is what I wish upon the pitching staff.
It seems no arm will get around the bend
As Kenta left with a strained hip. In half
Is my heart now. He probably has to go
Upon the DL. How well he has done!
The rest of the game had a choppy flow
Since we could not tame Arrieta’s gun.
Just one run from a JT single. Poor
The bats were. But that’s just another game
In this long season. There is plenty more
And that loss was expected. Not much shame!
A red hot Ross will toss the ball tonight
And to put in cheesesteak such a bite!