14 October 2017 (NLCS, Game 1): Oh Puig is on a tear! He’s got the ropes

Oh Puig is on a tear! He’s got the ropes
In hand and has been hot throughout the rounds!
That wild horse is carrying our hopes
And dreams to places thought as sacred grounds!
Again though, Kershaw was not super sharp;
He had to exit stage just after five.
But fear we don’t, for bullpen soothes like harp
Of Orpheus; they keep the faith alive!
‘Twas controversy when they blocked the plate
And after replay, we were ‘warded run.
But matter it did not! Then Kenley ate
Chicago’s deep dish pizza, saved game one!
This afternoon, ol’ Rich will take the Hill
And try to put more bear meat on the grill!


9 October 2017 (NLDS, Game 3): Break out the brooms! This team is moving on

Break out the brooms! This team is moving on
As Yu outpitched our former friend, now snake.
The only stain for Darvish was a dong
And afterwards, bullpen made no mistake!
Young Cody shone both with the bat and glove
By grounding in a run then sending one
The other way! Then unlike graceful dove,
He fell into the dugout – caught the bun!
Insurance came from Barnes; his laser zoomed
Through Chase’s space! And then in inning nine
When Kenley entered, snakes knew they were doomed!
And “How Sweep It Is!” was the Times’ headline!
So now, we wait to face the Cubs or Nats.
For the meantime, fans keep wearing your hats!

30 September 2017: The most victorious in L.A.’s time!

The most victorious in L.A.’s time!
Additionally, we have clinched home field
Advantage all the way in autumn’s climb.
And at the end, the bracket has been sealed.
Uncanny Kershaw was not near his best,
So bullpen took the ropes for final five
And kept their bats from opening like chest
At Port Royal. Productive outs contrived
By Chris pushed us into the needed lead!
Another shot from Puig that spurred some cheers
Since Dodger fans go everywhere we tread!
A four-out Kenley save then soothed our gears.
The final game of season comes today
And matter it does not, so drink away!

21 September 2017: Now I remember how it feels to win!

Now I remember how it feels to win!
Surprising from the pen, but I will take
The opposite of loss! I wear a grin
Originating from a state of shake.
Now Kenta wasn’t sharp, but to my joy
The bullpen’s six were for the most part smooth.
To close it off, a four-out Kenley ploy
To save the game and reaffirm the truth.
The magic number’s one, today we can
Assure the West is ours thanks to Andre
And Cody for their seventh-inning span
Of scoring. To that, I shall sing ‘Hooray!’
On Tommy’s day of birth, the greatest gift
Would be Hill pitching us to clinch so swift!

12 September 2017: The darkness fades as Clayton led the charge (w/ bonus haiku)

The darkness fades as Clayton led the charge
Into the light of wished-for victory!
Success in breaking San Francisco’s barge
And snapping our long streak of misery.
To get us in the game, Chase made it splash!
Then Clayton raked a double – how bizarre!
The park could barely hold Puig’s monster smash
That ended up a two-run double. Stars
Were shining, but ’twas scary near the end
For Kenley. Through the struggle, he still saved
The game and satisfaction did descend
Upon our team that’s waited, suffered, craved.
Mechanics have been really rough for Yu,
But I have hope tonight he will come through.

A playoff spot clinched
Received autumn’s guarantee
Division is next

22 August 2017: The bullpen saves! For that, we give them praise

The bullpen saves! For that, we give them praise
In taking over when Brock could not get
An out during the third. Extinguished blaze
They did, and Kenley closed to save the threat.
Sir Taylor led the bats all night with three
Hits and runs batted in! A milestone
For Adrian: two thousand hits, with glee!
He did that with a double in his zone.
When Yasmani dropped the bat, we just knew
The ball was gone; indeed, the sphere was crushed
Like hopes and dreams that other teams hold to
Before we win and leave them feeling hushed.
The third of four in Pittsburgh is tonight
And with Hill on the mound, I feel alright.

10 August 2017: Around the team, our looks as sharp as spears

Around the team, our looks as sharp as spears
That pierce the air, just like the balls we hit
In every field. Production that brings tears
Of joy to fans keeps lifting the spirit!
Immediately, Kiké gave us lead
By clearing all the bases with a line
Drive double into left! It filled the need
To get out early and make the end fine.
Reptiles tried to rally, and got close
When Morrow let the lead decrease to two.
But we trust Kenley since he always shows
The door to those that try a clever coup!
Back home, they’ve landed to host the Padres,
So Hill will pitch to keep our winning ways!