14 July 2018: A comeback almost came! But then it went.

A comeback almost came! But then it went.
We tied it up in inning number nine
By sweet Yasmani double! Then the tenth
Came and Kenley could not stop Calhoun’s spine
From sending one away into the stands.
Toles had a chance to be on third to score
But couldn’t read the ball. Mistakes this grand
Can change the game. But it was not a bore;
That is for sure. Though Wood was not elite,
He did his best to keep the game quite close.
Back out of first we are, but would be neat
To get back in the first place set of clothes.
‘Tis Kershaw on the hill beneath the sun
And win the Freeway Series? Task be done!


6 July 2018: All seemed quite well until the final out.

All seemed quite well until the final out
Which never was achieved. A mark of shame
Upon the schedule. Makes me want to shout
In sheer frustration. Divvy up the blame
From Kenley’s block that made him walk Shohei
To Grandal’s throw that soared past second base.
Directly though, ’twas Puig’s bad throwaway
That dropped used back into the second place.
Before this, Kenta killed it under six
And Kemp provided offense. I guess more
Was needed in the end to fight the tricks
Inherent in the sport since days of yore.
Sir Stripling saddles up to crush some wings
Tonight in Anaheim. Let’s pull some strings!

27 June 2018: Intensity’s a word that aptly fits!

Intensity’s a word that aptly fits
The contest of last night! Oh, what a mood
Emitted all around! So many hits
From both sides magnified the friendly feud!
Wood, for the most part, threw his stuff quite nice!
All that he needs to do is trust the bi-
Ceps of our men, who hit bombs about thrice!
Late in the game, the nerve turned into sigh
When Kenley saved the day and Cody made
A State Farm claim insuring better chance
Of victory over the Cubs! I stayed
Quite anxious though, but in the end I danced!
An afternoon affair with Clayton as
The keynote speaker. Hope you like his jazz!

22 June 2018: Great Swing of Cody, and oh gracious Wood!

Great Swing of Cody, and oh gracious Wood,
Thou hast engaged in actions of the kind
That leads to great success! I feel we should
Step off of Cody’s back and let him grind
With more gone-far home runs! Oh, how that shot
Last night endured through air like clouds in May!
Then Alexander threw two and forgot
Those previous bad outings. By the way,
Puig soared one into left to finish off
And pave the way for Kenley to extend
His month of dominance without a cough!
By cutter’s will, the others’ bats will bend.
Surprise! Return the ace unto the mound!
An off of pitchers great this day be found!

19 June 2018 (game 1): Maeda’s rough return saved at the end!

Maeda’s rough return saved at the end
By bullpen and a comeback in the ninth!
Some shady calls behind home plate shan’t send
Us home without a win. For by the might
Of Kyle Farmer’s double, we prevailed
Over a strike zone holier than thou!
Forget not how Joc suddenly impaled
The score immediately. Take a bow
You bats unbanal! Kenley, how your month
Has gone so swimmingly. I am quite proud
Of how this crew has moved against a front
So cold and made noise in the West quite loud.
Another game this day is to be played
And Rich returns to try make bears dismayed.

15 June 2018: Ross tosses like a warrior again!

Ross tosses like a warrior again!
Consistency has been his attribute
With many K’s and little walks, no pain
Exists whenever he’s the one to boot.
Not that much offense was required for
The victory. Attacks from bats of Matt
And Kiké, plus a run off an error
That brought in Yaz after Puig’s double spat
Upon the field like seagulls on the sand!
Last night, the bullpen seemed on top of all.
That April shot of Kenley has been banned
As he’s been saving games as if a wall!
Our first look at the maddest bum this year
And Alex Wood will try to bring some fear.

25 May 2018: The distance did Ross go! Quite nice to see.

The distance did Ross go! Quite nice to see
A combination of hot arms and bats
Unite to get a win that was easy
To handle. And it started off with Matt’s
Tall three-run shot! Good Lord, that man’s been hot
And the best hitter on the team this year!
When season started, he was barely thought
Of as an asset. Now he’s one to fear!
A Kiké bomb helped to extend that lead
And then Sirs Pedro, Tony set the plate
For Kenley to come in and then proceed
To feed upon the friars. Saved the date!
It seems we’ve found some grip to climb up to
A higher place! We’re only back a few!