13 August 2017: Witness their strength, their valor, and their force!

Witness their strength, their valor, and their force!
Down first we were, but then there came a burst
Of bats that brought us back on winning course,
Forgetting runs they let back in the first.
The fourth frame gave a pillar filled with runs
Including a three-run shot from JT!
Yasmani also showed his dinger guns
To help bring fans the atmosphere of glee!
Maeda wasn’t awful, but not great.
The bullpen made sure no more runs would come.
Before the end, JT once more touched plate,
Then Kenley came to strike the Padres dumb!
Relax today, for they are off to ‘lax.
Then Wood will greet the White Sox with his acts!

8 August 2017: Sometimes the game ain’t meant for us to win

Sometimes the game ain’t meant for us to win.
Despite our many positives last night
And a good start from Kenta, we said fin
Without the lead and failed to solve the plight.
JT went yard two times and Puig leaped high
To rob a dong, but in the end it did
Not matter, for a grand slam stained our try
To make it five straight wins – restart the bid!
The bullpen stunk unusually indeed,
But it’s just one bad game (that’s what I hope).
Today’s a new day to recite the creed
To believe in the Dodger magic’s scope!
An old friend we must face in Mister Zack,
But we’ve got Wood to strike against their pack!

6 August 2017: Korean dominance and Dodger dongs

Korean dominance and Dodger dongs
Were all we served while sweeping those in Queens!
Ryu shined bright like glitter, throwing strong
And letting just one hit pass through his means.
The offense rocked right from the very start
Thanks to the bats of Logan and Sir Barnes.
Then later on, t’were dingers from the hearts
Of Turner, then a thunderous alarm
Shot from the strength of Cody! What a swing
The young lad has; we see this every day.
It’s little things we do that let us sing
Like soul train mockingbirds that never stray!
The team is off today before a fight
With snakes so far behind, they’re out of sight.

26 July 2017: Another comeback! Thanks to Ginger Christ

Another comeback! Thanks to Ginger Christ,
We fought back from five down to nail the sweep!
Some shoddy early defense made hopes iced,
But in the end, we got a game to keep!
Our pitching was alright – the bullpen strong
Like diamonds underneath a gamma ray.
The dongs from Puig and Joc went far and very long,
And Chase was close to one – his hair so gray
But heart still burning! Wolverine’s sac fly
Was very strange, but it still tied the game!
Then JT came to say hello, goodbye!
And that’s five straight that we will gladly claim.
We have a day to rest before we take
On our worst enemies; Wood takes that wake.

16 July 2017: Another nine straight wins? Sounds good to me!

Another nine straight wins? Sounds good to me!
I love how this team just forgot to lose.
With hitters like JT that 2-for-3
So often, winning often’s barely news.
Control is back for Rich – it’s frightening
For other teams that have to face his wrath.
He struck out nine in five, just like lightning
Strikes unprotected serpents in the bath.
The end was tense, for Kenley’s count was high
And even with him on, the lead got cut
To one. But in the end, we let out sigh
For just as usual, the door was shut.
A day off in Chicago for the blue,
Then ‘morrow Kershaw takes his turn to brew.

4 July 2017: The smell of snakes surrounds the spikes on cleats #VoteJT

The smell of snakes surrounds the spikes on cleats
As Clayton furthered proof he’s o’er the rest,
Forbidding hits like litter on the streets
And gritting hard to prove that he’s the best.
Our ginger savior had a night as well
On his campaign to get that final vote
To take Miami in the All Stars’ cell,
So to him this sonnet I will devote.
How does a man who hits so well get snubbed
Like diamonds in the market’s dairy sect?
Consistency that no one else has rubbed,
Yet he has not seen a tad of respect.
So while Wood throws tonight (he also should
Be in the game), please vote, for JT’s good!

1 July 2017: Each sector of team went ‘bove the call

Each sector of team went ‘bove the call
And thrashed the Padres each and every way.
Of Rich’s starts, this was the best of all:
In seven, K’d eleven swung astray.
The back-to-back was brought to you by Corey
And our favorite ginger in the world.
Again did Chris Taylor add slam to story
Sending Padres fans in balls so curled.
Oh Logan, can’t forget his four-for-five
Against the lefties (what he’s paid to do)!
We had no fear this game of staying ‘live
And came out with an even brighter view!
So Kenta starts tomorrow. Let us hope
That one mistake will not lead to a slope.