22 June 2017: Another sweep? How swell! And filled with bombs

Another sweep? How swell! And filled with bombs
The series was – this game no different,
With JT, Kiké, Joc all going long!
And Joc’s put us in front, how excellent!
Though Ryu did alright, Chris Hatcher failed
Right out the gate to keep our one-run lead.
No worries as the rest just cruised and sailed,
And Kenley came to grow the planted seed.
The Snakes have helped us keep our place in first,
Preventing Rocks from gaining any ground!
But next we face the latter – far from worst.
To be an intense series, this is bound.
Our second ace will kick it off: Sir Wood’s
In charge of making known we’re more than good.

19 June 2017: “Would you like two more bombs?” asked Bellinger

“Would you like two more bombs?” asked Bellinger.
Replied we did with “yes” and so he swung!
To right field did the shots get delivered,
So other sluggers might as well have hung
The white flag! Though our ace was not himself,
Sir Clayton did enough to hold our lead.
The bullpen back to its consistent help
Created for our closer no such need.
Sir Turner also sparked the skies with grace!
Some ribbies here and there to spice it up
Like peppers; lesser was not Taylor’s place
Whose two-for-five was sweet just like syrup.
So hot we are, so people place your bets
Tonight, since B-Mac looks to beat the Mets!

18 June 2017: ‘Twas almost blown, but Kiké saved the day

‘Twas almost blown, but Kiké saved the day
When lead was trimmed to one – he gave his all!
As Votto struck the ball much ways away,
He ran back, made the catch upon the wall!
The offense buff again, Especially
Sir Turner, who drove in three with a dong,
And Logan who rocked like it’s ’83!
They all helped sing the sweeper’s sweetest song!
Maeda did real well, but as for pen…
Reliability was not their word.
Too many runs took us fans out of zen,
But Kenley saved us with his closing curd!
At last, we’re home to take on New York’s team;
They’ll face our ace and that will make us scream!

16 June 2017: Clutch performance from both bats and Wood!

Clutch performance from both bats and Wood!
The runs less than expected in this park,
But triumph we still did – on top we stood!
And here is how we lift our victor’s mark:
A Joc pop in the second gave us one.
The very next frame, Taylor doubled in
JT. Then in the eighth, our pitcher stunned
By driving in a run – deliver grin!
‘Twas almost shutout for our second ace,
Until he let a homer in the eighth.
When Kenley gave their speedster second base,
He threw nine pitches just to crush their faith!
Today, our Incheon warrior will try
To do his best to halt collective cry.

9 June 2017: They ceased the jar, both bats and throwing arms!

They ceased the jar, both bats and throwing arms!
Right out the gates, with Rojoman’s return
As to the ball, he did relentless harm
In his first bout back from the list of hurt.
Sir Rich went five, despite three tolling walks,
Then Kenta followed with four frames to save
For the first time, packed up just like a box;
In this new role, Osaka’s man looked brave!
More hits from Frankie found the team two more
To help the effort that was all around
A sweet defeat, and what a tasty score!
All taking place just right above downtown.
Another injured man returns today:
His name is Wood, and pitch real well he may.

18 May 2017: A game with shocks and awes at every turn

A game with shocks and awes at every turn,
Especially the one that Justin took
As he passed third, the fans cried out in yearn
When he slowed down and gave a wincing look.
But positives existed in the game,
Like Ryu, who was able to compete
And hit a double too! Who lit the flame?
The answer’s Puig, whose dinger can’t be beat.
The bullpen dropped our jaws with zero hits
And ten strikeouts to sit the fishies down.
When Kenley came in, batters had to sit
On cutters that just can’t be turned around.
Immaculate, this game turned out to be,
The first of four is done; Wood’s next to see.

1 May 2017: An uncharacteristic Clayton threw

An uncharacteristic Clayton threw,
Allowing two home runs to his dismay.
His slider not on point; an error too.
All rare for such a mega alpha ray.
The last time that he lost an L.A. game
Was last April: surprise, it was, to see
The Giants’ offense light a magic flame
And beat us by a score of four to three.
Some positives: Sir Cody rocked again,
Went two-for-four, and touched the home plate twice.
But sadly, J.T.’s streak came to an end
At sixteen straight –  a number that’s still nice.
Sir Alex Wood did well last time he faced
The Giants; hope again he’ll wield his mace.