5 May 2018: The cycle of the bullpen: what a thrill.

The cycle of the bullpen: what a thrill.
One day, they finish off a hitless game
And then the next, they go against the will
Of victory. No reason for acclaim
Last night; not even Kenta could control.
The bats brought in ten hits, and runs were four.
Two 3-for-4 nights from Matt and Chris, stolen
By Josh Fields’ performance: dull and poor.
But not alone is he, since Hudson’s woes
Continued to increase his ERA.
Despite this game, I feel that Mexico’s
Been kind to us. But there’s still one to play.
It will be Ross who’ll get to toss the seams
And hopefully we’ll win, like in my dreams.


23 April 2018: The scripture speaks of Buehler as the heat.

The scripture speaks of Buehler as the heat
To add to our rotation through the years.
Last night, he shined and threw no balls of meat
In five frames lacking score. We had no tears
For fears since Kiké had an awesome day
Both in the tops and bottoms. Put us in
The lead with a home run, and two great plays
He made at short! Such marvel in his spin!
It was tied ’til the eighth, when Cody’s zing
Sac fly brought in Chris to control the lead.
To get the save, Sir Josh just did his thing
And kept our winning streak from being kneed!
The Marlins are quite fun for us to play
And Kenta hopes to do a job today!

25 October 2017 (World Series, Game 2): An epic battle back-and-forth, but sad

An epic battle back-and-forth, but sad
It is that in the end, we did not win.
So many balls sailed far; the bats were rad!
Insanity came at the ninth inning
When Kenley let a shot to tie the game.
Then in the bottom, Cody barely missed
A walk-off shot; the wind is what I blame!
Then Josh Fields sucked and two straight shots were dished.
But next, Puig crushed the candy, brought us close,
Then Kiké brought in Logan: tie revived!
B-Mac then let two score. Hope did not doze
When Charlie made it close! But end arrived.
Exhausted is my state, I need a rest.
Yu’s got game 3; I pray he does his best.

1 October 2017: The marathon has ended with a win

The marathon has ended with a win,
But now October’s sprint awaits our tears
And grins and shouts and every emotion.
One hundred four wins: most in L.A.’s years!
Our bullpen was in charge for this last match;
Subtracting B-Mac’s follies, they did well.
That save by 1-2-3 from Josh has latched
Into my memories; I tag it swell!
So many helpful swings when in the top,
Especially from Seager’s three-for-three
And Joc’s two doubles; vintage was his chop!
Who starts on Friday? That’s no mystery!
It’s Clayton, for who else would start the run?
Oh bless these boys; this trophy must be won.

9 August 2017: We’ve tired a team for the eightieth time

We’ve tired a team for the eightieth time,
And from behind we came to pull it off!
The first strike from another Cody dime,
His thirty third – it makes our rivals scoff.
Wood looked alright, but by himself he could
Not win for us; ‘Twas up to Joc and Puig.
The first man dubbed to right to tie it good,
Then Yasiel gave hell and lead was swigged!
Our bullpen (Josh and Jansen) kept at bay
The Diamondbacks’ desires to retrieve
A lead they once possessed, but we said “nay”
And were content with what we did achieve!
It is start two for Yu in his blue gear.
To victory, we hope his arm can steer!

3 June 2017: Do not lose hope until the final out!

Do not lose hope until the final out!
There’s nine frames for a reason, proved by Chris
Who, with the grandest slam, turned it around
And transformed our depression into bliss!
A rocky time for Rich—he just threw four
And let as many batters walk to first.
The bullpen also failed to silence score
As often-strong Josh Fields was at his worst.
But once the slam occurred, we turned to him:
The greatest closer in the leagues today.
Sir Kenley got the save since lead was slim
And in the highest place is where we stay!
A sweep is what I smell! But only if
Maeda sticks it out and makes them whiff.