1 October 2017: The marathon has ended with a win

The marathon has ended with a win,
But now October’s sprint awaits our tears
And grins and shouts and every emotion.
One hundred four wins: most in L.A.’s years!
Our bullpen was in charge for this last match;
Subtracting B-Mac’s follies, they did well.
That save by 1-2-3 from Josh has latched
Into my memories; I tag it swell!
So many helpful swings when in the top,
Especially from Seager’s three-for-three
And Joc’s two doubles; vintage was his chop!
Who starts on Friday? That’s no mystery!
It’s Clayton, for who else would start the run?
Oh bless these boys; this trophy must be won.


9 August 2017: We’ve tired a team for the eightieth time

We’ve tired a team for the eightieth time,
And from behind we came to pull it off!
The first strike from another Cody dime,
His thirty third – it makes our rivals scoff.
Wood looked alright, but by himself he could
Not win for us; ‘Twas up to Joc and Puig.
The first man dubbed to right to tie it good,
Then Yasiel gave hell and lead was swigged!
Our bullpen (Josh and Jansen) kept at bay
The Diamondbacks’ desires to retrieve
A lead they once possessed, but we said “nay”
And were content with what we did achieve!
It is start two for Yu in his blue gear.
To victory, we hope his arm can steer!

26 July 2017: Another comeback! Thanks to Ginger Christ

Another comeback! Thanks to Ginger Christ,
We fought back from five down to nail the sweep!
Some shoddy early defense made hopes iced,
But in the end, we got a game to keep!
Our pitching was alright – the bullpen strong
Like diamonds underneath a gamma ray.
The dongs from Puig and Joc went far and very long,
And Chase was close to one – his hair so gray
But heart still burning! Wolverine’s sac fly
Was very strange, but it still tied the game!
Then JT came to say hello, goodbye!
And that’s five straight that we will gladly claim.
We have a day to rest before we take
On our worst enemies; Wood takes that wake.

24 July 2017: When darkness falls, the light of Cody shines

When darkness falls, the light of Cody shines
Around the diamond, saving with his jack
That soared past center yond enemy lines
To give us needed lead! Now we are back
Into the winning groove! That is three straight.
Paredes, who’d been minor leaguer long,
Received his chance and got the win of late.
Then Kenley came and righted yester’s wrong.
Forgot not when Yaz and Joc hit their shots,
Then Puig took three bags; Chris then drove him in!
And without Clayton, we still ‘nect the dots,
So no big deal! It’s business as it’s been.
Maeda’s marked to make the night real nice.
If he goes six, the bats will dash with spice.

8 July 2017: We walk the walk, but talk about a game!

We walk the walk, but talk about a game!
The end was just the climax of it all.
When we drew four straight walks in the tenth frame,
We could not help but say “Well, that’s baseball!”
Sir Cody’s patience paid off with that walk,
And ‘lest we not forget his tying bomb
That took us off the loser’s chopping block,
Eventually restoring Dodger calm.
A rock from Joc was also hit real far,
Providing for the hottest team in town.
McCarthy came back strong; ’twas not bizarre.
And now we are the best, so please bow down.
There’s one more game before the Stars align.
It’s Kershaw day, and so the sun will shine!

29 June 2017: The man’s the best, what else is there to say?

The man’s the best, what else is there to say?
It’s just another Kershaw start to us
But to the league it signals no hooray
From batters who can’t seem to find a plus.
No trouble did our offense have last night
As Joc, Chase, Puig all found the outfield seats!
A Dodger record set for monthly home run height
Which caused a lot of H-R’s on the sheets!
The series ends up split, no worse than loss
And Kenley found a chance to get a save.
But we’ve continued to show who is boss
While riding such a swelling tidal wave!
The fathers of the south host the next three,
And Wood will hit the Padres off the tee.

27 June 2017: Our thanks to Kenta’s swell return to form!

Our thanks to Kenta’s swell return to form!
Those seven scoreless innings did the trick
In shocking angels like a thunderstorm,
Reminding who is head of Cali’s clique.
The only numbers put upon the board
Came in the six’s bottom, courtesy
Of Cody’s scoring single, then we scored
Some more when Joc went yard! A cup of tea
The rest of the game was. Let’s not forget
A play that Kiké made while fielding short:
He dived, then from his knees, threw out the threat!
Delivered was the ball when in his court.
To Anaheim we go at Ryu’s reign;
I feel a victory upon the plane.