24 June 2018: A fest of homers held by bluest bats!

A fest of homers held by bluest bats!
Two bombs each from sirs Cody and Kiké
With more from Joc and who could forget Max?
But ultimately, JT saved the day
In extra innings with his shot to left!
Remember when our power at the start
Of season was quite low? That notion’s cleft
As we now lead the league in homers! Heart
Of goodness, though, was not with Rich on hill
Because he struggled and assigned his blame
Upon mechanics. Worry not, for fill
The void did offense do to win the game!
Ten games at home, kicked off with four against
Those Cubs we faced last week. A set intense!


19 June 2018 (game 1): Maeda’s rough return saved at the end!

Maeda’s rough return saved at the end
By bullpen and a comeback in the ninth!
Some shady calls behind home plate shan’t send
Us home without a win. For by the might
Of Kyle Farmer’s double, we prevailed
Over a strike zone holier than thou!
Forget not how Joc suddenly impaled
The score immediately. Take a bow
You bats unbanal! Kenley, how your month
Has gone so swimmingly. I am quite proud
Of how this crew has moved against a front
So cold and made noise in the West quite loud.
Another game this day is to be played
And Rich returns to try make bears dismayed.

12 June 2018: The home run train keeps rollin’ in L.A.!

The home run train keeps rollin’ in L.A.!
A seasoned man we faced in ole Colón,
Yet we still took him deep like in a bay!
Explosions from Max, Joc, and Puig have blown
The balls to bits! How Pederson’s been hot
These past eight games with seven faraways!
It’s almost like that bad stretch was forgotten
And we’ve moved onto the better days.
Success in baseball’s predicated on
Ability to persevere through bumps
And flying through the flames: infernal swan.
As long as baseball’s played, there will be slumps.
Some props to Ferguson who did improve
From his first start, but still needs better groove.

8 June 2018: The threshold broken – more games won than lost!

The threshold broken: more games won than lost!
‘Tis the first time since April. Thanks to Joc
And Yaz for dingers that have let us cross
The bridge to better days. But not all talk
Of last night is of happiness, for Buehler
Left the game quite early; sore in ribs
Is what the doctor says. Maybe a cooler’s
All he needs. Relax and eat some Dibs!
The bullpen did alright in their relief.
A cozy lead will make it easier!
Believe the confidence is out of grief
And into full effect! Much breezier!
‘Tis nice to be in arm’s reach of the top;
To gods I pray that we won’t have to drop!

7 June 2018: A team on fire’s what we seem to be!

A team on fire’s what we seem to be
With fifteen wins in twenty; that’s the run
I’ve longed to see! The game start quirky
As Dennis couldn’t start; quickly, we spun
It into bullpen’s game. An offense strong
Is needed for endeavors just like this.
Empowered swings delivered brutal song:
A pair of Joc pops and one Cody’s kiss!
Throughout the game, we used nine arms to play.
A record in nine frames according to
The books! Quite interesting to move away
From constant complete games. ‘Tis bullpen’s brew!
Return to home we do as Walker takes
The hill against the equally hot Braves!

5 June 2018: Good time of day unto my gracious Ross!

Good time of day unto my gracious Ross
Who once again has dominated bats!
In his five frames, no run could be embossed
Upon the score. To complement the facts
Of pitching, credit due to all the team
That swung effectively. Joc launched one far
In inning two! Back then, it did not seem
But that was all we needed as the bar.
Ah, Angeles! The record looks quite swell!
The numbers even once again! And now
A chance to go above five hundred. Smell
The optimistic roses on the brow!
A new man making his debut tonight:
Sir Caleb Ferguson – Columbus might!

2 June 2018: The wondrous atmosphere of Coors permits…

The wondrous atmosphere of Coors permits
Such innings like the seventh yesterday!
‘Tis where each pitcher’s not immune to blitz
Of bats. Walker’s line was one of dismay.
But, Joc and Matt had plans that did contrast
The Rockies’ hopes. Lord Pederson went yard
Not once, but twice! And Matt also did blast
Off like a rocket! As a draw-four card
Two times is what I compare this game to.
The majesty of mountains could not add
Upon their four; our bullpen spun the screw!
No longer do I see this team as bad!
A sweep in sight! Oh Wood, give us this chance
To clean the city so we can advance!