27 June 2017: Our thanks to Kenta’s swell return to form!

Our thanks to Kenta’s swell return to form!
Those seven scoreless innings did the trick
In shocking angels like a thunderstorm,
Reminding who is head of Cali’s clique.
The only numbers put upon the board
Came in the six’s bottom, courtesy
Of Cody’s scoring single, then we scored
Some more when Joc went yard! A cup of tea
The rest of the game was. Let’s not forget
A play that Kiké made while fielding short:
He dived, then from his knees, threw out the threat!
Delivered was the ball when in his court.
To Anaheim we go at Ryu’s reign;
I feel a victory upon the plane.

24 June 2017: Oh nine, so fine! We’re rolling like a stone

Oh nine, so fine! We’re rolling like a stone,
But uphill is our climb – no stopping us!
It’s such a treat to lay back in our throne
Without having to witness any fuss!
Six frames did Clayton go – no runs allowed,
Despite the sticky jams he got into.
His confidence made sure there was no cloud
To hover over such a coming through!
A knock from Joc assisted in the quest,
And so did Clayton’s bases loaded walk!
Grandal and Kiké’s singles also blessed
The score, and in the end we upped our stock!
A sweep lurks in the crystal ball today,
McCarthy’s on the hill – do good, I pray.

22 June 2017: Another sweep? How swell! And filled with bombs

Another sweep? How swell! And filled with bombs
The series was – this game no different,
With JT, Kiké, Joc all going long!
And Joc’s put us in front, how excellent!
Though Ryu did alright, Chris Hatcher failed
Right out the gate to keep our one-run lead.
No worries as the rest just cruised and sailed,
And Kenley came to grow the planted seed.
The Snakes have helped us keep our place in first,
Preventing Rocks from gaining any ground!
But next we face the latter – far from worst.
To be an intense series, this is bound.
Our second ace will kick it off: Sir Wood’s
In charge of making known we’re more than good.

17 June 2017: A rout supported by the park so small!

A rout supported by the park so small!
The dingers flew from many bats for us,
Sirs Cody, Puig, and Joc produced them all!
And not a sign of power-stopping rust!
Though Ryu struggled here and there, he ‘scaped
From jams with dash of luck and fighter’s will!
The Reds unveiled Pete’s statue, but we draped
That introduction with our thirst for thrill!
So many times, the Reds had chance to score,
But one-for-seventeen they were those times.
The bullpen helped to make their offense poor
By letting just three touch; silenced the chimes.
A chance to sweep is on the radar screen,
If Kenta can deliver the routine.

16 June 2017: Clutch performance from both bats and Wood!

Clutch performance from both bats and Wood!
The runs less than expected in this park,
But triumph we still did – on top we stood!
And here is how we lift our victor’s mark:
A Joc pop in the second gave us one.
The very next frame, Taylor doubled in
JT. Then in the eighth, our pitcher stunned
By driving in a run – deliver grin!
‘Twas almost shutout for our second ace,
Until he let a homer in the eighth.
When Kenley gave their speedster second base,
He threw nine pitches just to crush their faith!
Today, our Incheon warrior will try
To do his best to halt collective cry.

23 May 2017: An epic battle that we won at last

An epic battle that we won at last
In thirteen grueling frames of “who’ll strike first?”
And in the end, Sir Logan cleared the past
To double into right; the game dispersed.
King Clayton dominated in his nine,
Though one wild throw destroyed his shutout chance.
Ten strikeouts and three hits; he struck their spine
And put them in a non-offensive trance.
A pitcher’s duel it was, with Grandal’s shot
Being the only other run for us.
Our prayers go out to bobblehead man Joc
Who left after crashing with Puig the Bus.
We’ll face the birds we hate again tonight,
As Hill comes back to wage another fight.

12 May 2017: In hitters’ dreams, the King could not be tamed

In hitters’ dreams, the King could not be tamed
By dominating Denver’s team on high,
Suppressing them to two in seven frames
While bats awoke to send shots to the sky.
Ole Chase put on his killing face again,
Producing runs besides Corey and Joc.
Another step to revive Western reign
And turn back time like an Ansonia clock.
Though not a spectacle by Clayton’s rules,
He’ll “take that win every day of the week”
And so will we, us fans that can be fools
For fearing that these bouts make our ace weak.
So in the next match, Wood is called to pitch
And make another step to burn the witch.