15 June 2017: Unpleasant days occur for every team

Unpleasant days occur for every team,
And yesterday saw one of ours unfold.
Sir Hill could not produce a strike-filled stream
And every other pitcher also rolled.
Despite a potent offense all-around,
The trouble was not at the batters’ hands
But in the center of the field: the mound,
And due to that, we were not happy fans.
The Tribe struck first real hard and never stopped,
Just running through our pen like bulls in Spain.
So in the end, our winning streak was chopped
Like onions on the counter, tears in vain.
Another series in Ohio lurks,
So down in Cincy will Wood do his work!


14 June 2017: Again, a home run in the eighth became

Again, a home run in the eighth became
The reason that we broke the late-found tie!
It was another pitcher-dominated game
Played underneath the Cleveland’s darkened sky.
As Kiké’s sword slashed Miller, we broke free
And later in that frame, their man at second
Never stepped on bag when try’n to flee
The ball to first; for that, a replay beckoned!
A double steal occurred in inning two!
But never mind, as bullpen almost fell
Until the ninth when, oh, Sir you-know-who
Produced a cutter straight from deepest hell!
The best part about waking up today
Ain’t Folgers, but an early game – hooray!

13 June 2017: In slugger Cody we have placed our trust!

In slugger Cody we have placed our trust!
Delivered us his power once again
By breaking tie in eighth with such a bust,
Then chugging up another like a train!
A below-average start by Kershaw’s rules
Was still enough to help us take the win!
The bullpen, minus Hatcher who just drools,
Was able to, when game was close, stay in!
And though two birds occurred by Puig’s strong hands,
We now have tied the Denvermen up top.
So we will keep on cheering from the stands
And hope to show that we’re cream of the crop.
Two pitchers strong will take the hills today,
McCarthy versus Kluber: what a play!