22 June 2017: Another sweep? How swell! And filled with bombs

Another sweep? How swell! And filled with bombs
The series was – this game no different,
With JT, Kiké, Joc all going long!
And Joc’s put us in front, how excellent!
Though Ryu did alright, Chris Hatcher failed
Right out the gate to keep our one-run lead.
No worries as the rest just cruised and sailed,
And Kenley came to grow the planted seed.
The Snakes have helped us keep our place in first,
Preventing Rocks from gaining any ground!
But next we face the latter – far from worst.
To be an intense series, this is bound.
Our second ace will kick it off: Sir Wood’s
In charge of making known we’re more than good.

17 June 2017: A rout supported by the park so small!

A rout supported by the park so small!
The dingers flew from many bats for us,
Sirs Cody, Puig, and Joc produced them all!
And not a sign of power-stopping rust!
Though Ryu struggled here and there, he ‘scaped
From jams with dash of luck and fighter’s will!
The Reds unveiled Pete’s statue, but we draped
That introduction with our thirst for thrill!
So many times, the Reds had chance to score,
But one-for-seventeen they were those times.
The bullpen helped to make their offense poor
By letting just three touch; silenced the chimes.
A chance to sweep is on the radar screen,
If Kenta can deliver the routine.

12 June 2017: And yet again, Sir Seager saves the day!

And yet again, Sir Seager saves the day!
Advantage taken of the walks allowed
That loaded up the bases: oh hooray!
And how the slam took us from soft to loud!
Since Stripling and Ryu had rougher days,
‘Twas looking like a sweep would not occur.
But by the two home runs of Cody’s way
And other sweet events, we did conquer!
Then Kenley came to save the same real quick
Recording his two hundredth career save!
An all-around comeback that’s sure to stick
And put a smile upon the face of Dave!
Another day to rest before our ace
Will take the mound in Cleveland to debase.

5 June 2017: A dormant offense does not win a game

A dormant offense does not win a game;
It must be up and at ‘em from the start!
This game proved that we can’t just light the flame
Right as it’s ‘bout to end – the plan’s not smart!
Though Ryu went distance throwing seven
Innings, the offense could not equate
The Nats’ four runs; our Boys just could not leaven
The game’s tone, although the gap’s not great.
The pluses did exist in Taylor’s clutch
Two-bagger that changed our score from a zero.
In the ninth, young Cody did as much
But backwards K on Yaz prevented hero.
A fearless ace named Scherzer’s on the other side
Tonight, so B-Mac, with his wisdom, must provide!

31 May 2017: All streaks must end, as time and sport have told

All streaks must end, as time and sport have told.
Not much offense in this match, so it was
A battle between pitchers young and old
Resulted in the winning ways’ sad pause.
Ryu was brilliant: six frames of strength
With only one run earned, and just one walk!
Despite his moving forward with his length,
The bullpen could not keep it tied in lock.
The only run for us—from a sac fly;
Martinez in the zone and hard to hit.
Alas, we’re still in first, but only by
A half game, so we must put on our grit.
McCarthy is the man who’ll close this trip
To St. Louis; our hope is that he’ll zip.

25 May 2017: His pitches were not sharp, so Kenta helped offensively

His pitches were not sharp, so Kenta helped
Offensively to put our team ahead!
We started weak, but then made Wacha yelp
As we cruised on to put the Cards to bed.
After Maeda improved over time,
Ryu took over in the long relief
And four scoreless innings thrown on a dime;
The save for us to make win the motif.
Sir Chase of Pasadena hit his first
Fence-clearer of the year: the strength of age!
Sir Taylor and Sir Kiké showed their thirst
To stay as starters for more than one page!
From Wrigley, our next challenger has come.
Sir Wood will do his best to make them glum.

18 May 2017: A game with shocks and awes at every turn

A game with shocks and awes at every turn,
Especially the one that Justin took
As he passed third, the fans cried out in yearn
When he slowed down and gave a wincing look.
But positives existed in the game,
Like Ryu, who was able to compete
And hit a double too! Who lit the flame?
The answer’s Puig, whose dinger can’t be beat.
The bullpen dropped our jaws with zero hits
And ten strikeouts to sit the fishies down.
When Kenley came in, batters had to sit
On cutters that just can’t be turned around.
Immaculate, this game turned out to be,
The first of four is done; Wood’s next to see.