2 May 2018: At last a win, but why must pain infect?

At last a win, but why must pain infect
So many on our team? Now Ryu’s down
Until after the All-Star break. Quite wrecked
This team has been so far. I want to drown.
Amazingly, the bullpen was on point
And limited the hot snakes to just one.
From Báez down to Kenley, disappointment
Did not manifest. I guess that’s fun!
Our runs both scored by young Verdugo’s feet
And thanks to Cody’s single, Grandal’s fly.
To see the world for what it is: that’s neat,
And so is watching Dodgers win. I cry!
We have a chance to draw the four-game set
If Alex Wood can be the stronger threat.


27 April 2018: Pathetic in the end, despite a start.

Pathetic in the end, despite a start
Quite strong and what an effort from Ryu
In both the box and on the mound. Quite smart
He’s been this month. The best man in the crew.
Apparently, four runs are not enough.
The Giants killer Kyle did quite well
But him alone made scoring more quite rough
And we were then condemned to bullpen hell
As Tony’s arm went limp in seventh frame.
Then Baez slipped and balked to give one up,
So that’s another loss to Dodgers’ name.
We really need an energy drink sup.
A treat today, for we play not just one
But two games under San Francisco’s sun!

21 April 2018: Not many weaknesses were shown last night.

Not many weaknesses were shown last night
As homers and a stellar start from Ryu
Spearheaded such a quite successful fight.
The man from Incheon only gave up two
Hits over seven innings; what a first
Few games our number five, without remorse,
Has dealt to unsuspecting teams accursed.
Our offense, last night, took a powered course
And went yard three times! Joc turned twenty six
Besides a birthday bomb! A bobblehead
For Cody motivated him to fix!
Oh, Kenley’s back, I think, out of the red!
A Sunday night finale is in store
And Alex Wood will have the starlight chore.

16 April 2018: I live for these encounters by the beach!

I live for these encounters by the beach!
Around the horn, the boys were on their game.
How Ryu’s six innings brought such a screech
To San Diego’s swings! And then in frames
Of top, the sound of maple makes me swoon.
Two former Padres named Kemp and Grandal
Both took a pitch to dinner by the moon.
Such surge of runs helped arms to ease the haul.
Assisting victory was poor defense
From Padres in the form of errors three.
It helps when enemy cannot make sense
Of their surroundings. How it pleases me!
How’s three straight sounding? Hopefully, Sir Wood
Can bounce back from a bad last start (he should).

10 April 2018: Remember homers? They’ve been small for long…

Remember homers? They’ve been small for long,
But now they’re back! They kicked off last night’s game
With Christ and Corey back-to-back on dongs.
And a friend who’s returned to Dodger fame.
That’s right – Sir Kemp went yard as we all cheered
Nostalgically! But not much score was needed
As Ryu and his curveball were feared
By Oakland’s boat, and soon they were defeated.
After six frames, bullpen gates went wide
And though some hits were done, the shutout saved
By Tony, Ross, and Kenley! Like a dried
Up bay, over Athletics’ hopes we paved!
We just don’t know why we feel what we feel,
But we know that up next Sir Wood will deal!

2 April 2018: I fell asleep secure; I woke up stunned.

I fell asleep secure; I woke up stunned.
Oh, Kenley, tell me, please, what’s going on?
I thought a three-run lead would be abundant
For a save, but something’s very wrong.
Though Ryu’s start moved on a rocky road,
The offense made up for this mediocre
Job with nineteen hits. On easy mode
The bats competed. Sadly though, no word
Of praise for Jansen. Cutter hasn’t shined
But scared us fans; I hope he has not lost
That edge. But time will tell if he’s declined.
Most likely not, but if so: what a cost.
Revenge is in the air for baseball’s best.
A one-loss Kershaw must make snakes feels stressed.

29 September 2017: Unpleasant times in Denver high, such woe

Unpleasant times in Denver high, such woe.
The Colorado offense bashed us in
And with one more win, Wild Card they’ll go.
But we still need to play the violin
With grace, and Ryu’s help at Coors fell short
Along with other pitchers after him.
Our offense stymied; why could we not thwart
And counter with our sticks? Why must a grim
Mist travel with this team? We still have not
Secured home-field advantage all the way
Since Cleveland is one back. So someone ought
To get real hot and clear away the grey!
Messiah Kershaw’s last start comes tonight;
A tune-up for the bleaker autumn fight.