29 September 2017: Unpleasant times in Denver high, such woe

Unpleasant times in Denver high, such woe.
The Colorado offense bashed us in
And with one more win, Wild Card they’ll go.
But we still need to play the violin
With grace, and Ryu’s help at Coors fell short
Along with other pitchers after him.
Our offense stymied; why could we not thwart
And counter with our sticks? Why must a grim
Mist travel with this team? We still have not
Secured home-field advantage all the way
Since Cleveland is one back. So someone ought
To get real hot and clear away the grey!
Messiah Kershaw’s last start comes tonight;
A tune-up for the bleaker autumn fight.


23 September 2017: The day before was better; bats were bare

The day before was better; bats were bare
Last night as we faced MadBum. Almost all
The way were shut down, until Barnes squared
And sent it into stands, over the wall.
That solo shot was not enough to tie,
And Ryu only got out seven guys.
Then later on, McCarthy came to try
And did alright, returning like one wise.
Feelings of discouragement at the end
When Puig decided to steal second base.
Doc was not pleased and made it known. Depend
We can’t on those bad choices in this race.
Our last game ‘gainst the Giants is this afternoon,
And Kershaw’s in to start, oh what a boon!

17 September 2017: Unfortunately, we did not use brooms

Unfortunately, we did not use brooms
To say goodbye to nation’s capital.
The bullpen’s fallout has emitted fumes
That beckon me to cover up in wool.
At Stripling’s fault, Zimmerman knocked it out
And tamed our rediscovered wild ways.
Ryu was not bad, but could not get out
Of the fourth inning – just one of those days.
Our only offense came from Logan’s hit
That brought in Puig. The bullpen worries me,
For this team we must face again with grit
Or else, no rings for us; that won’t bring glee.
To Philadelphia, the team will go
And starting off with Kershaw can’t be woe.

5 September 2017: So close we were to snapping out of streak!

So close we were to snapping out of streak!
But in the end, ole Baez blew again.
How many times must we witness this weak
Man go up there and give us all some strain.
But yet again, our bats could not produce
Enough to help out Ryu; he was great
In six fine frames. But what caused us to lose
Was grit held by the snakes – we need that trait.
Ten of our last eleven have been lost,
So back to Earth we finally have been brought.
This demonizing spirit must be tossed
Tonight; that would be the most ideal plot.
Our starters have been fine in this series,
So I trust Kenta will not serve them cheese.

30 August 2017: The rallies late just cannot get it done

The rallies late just cannot get it done
When in the first, we give the snakes a lead
To work with for the rest. But it’s not won
Until the end; we almost did the deed!
But Ryu struggled hard. I feel for him
And Cody too; his return was not great.
It’s not enough to show we use the gym
When it’s too late, As Puig did at the plate
By driving in two runs! He has done well
This series despite the team’s shortcomings.
I hope today we give the D-backs hell
And show that we are the league’s only kings.
Maeda’s on Hawaiian roll – can he
Beat our old friend, the man named Zack Greinke?

24 August 2017: With ninety wins, they seem invincible!

With ninety wins, they seem invincible!
Enough offense was found to help Ryu
As he threw six frames with his arsenal
To tell the Pirates that their streak is through.
A river-shot from Grandy helped us out,
As well as Kiké’s late insuring hit.
Then in the eighth, a back to back of clout
Which made sure that the series won’t be split.
No other team has eighty – how insane!
The record’s off the chart; we need more space
To document the stats that show our reign
In this terrific season full of grace!
At last, we come back home, but just for three.
So Kenta kicks it off – Maeken’s free!

19 August 2017: The Junior Circuit can’t chant “Beat L.A.”

The Junior Circuit can’t chant “Beat L.A.”
When we have now won thirteen straight against
American League teams! They’ve found no way
To take us down. Our combo of offense
And defense paves a smooth way to success.
Our arms held Tigers back from making noise,
With thanks to Ryu and our bullpen’s best.
This aided in the quest of our blue boys!
It was a pitcher’s duel until a pop
Up from the newest Grandyman was lost,
Then A-Gon brought him in to go on top
And show us how one error can have cost.
To sweep Detroit, we’ll have to face JV.
But Kenta, who’s been hot, should bring us glee!