3 July 2018: Crank power to the Max and send it far!

Crank power to the Max and send it far
Beyond the demons’ reaches! Muncy shines
So bright that eyes are blinded like a star
Directly in the vision without blinds!
He hit two bombs to raise his total to
A dozen plus an ocho. Can’t believe
This man and also how this team can do
So well today but sometimes make me grieve.
How Kershaw was consistent yet again!
To take it easy on his back it seems
Is an objective of this quest for pain
Removed completely with World Series dreams!
Hope that our fireworks today are loud
With Rich being a silencer so proud!


2 July 2018: My goodness, what a rout that I have seen!

My goodness, what a rout that I have seen!
There was no wrong as everything was right!
Kemp led the bashing of runs seventeen
With five hits to his name; oh what a night
For everyone in lineup. Twenty-one
Hits made it possible to sink the ship
That sailed in from the east. Absurd but fun
Shall be describing phrase. Oh, what a trip.
And though the arms did not need to be sharp,
Sirs Wood and Ferguson still fared quite well.
A win for former; save for latter. Scarp
Has formed upon the Pirates’ beach – such hell!
Their dread may just persist into the night
Since Kershaw’s on the poop deck post of height!

27 June 2018: Intensity’s a word that aptly fits!

Intensity’s a word that aptly fits
The contest of last night! Oh, what a mood
Emitted all around! So many hits
From both sides magnified the friendly feud!
Wood, for the most part, threw his stuff quite nice!
All that he needs to do is trust the bi-
Ceps of our men, who hit bombs about thrice!
Late in the game, the nerve turned into sigh
When Kenley saved the day and Cody made
A State Farm claim insuring better chance
Of victory over the Cubs! I stayed
Quite anxious though, but in the end I danced!
An afternoon affair with Clayton as
The keynote speaker. Hope you like his jazz!

24 June 2018: A fest of homers held by bluest bats!

A fest of homers held by bluest bats!
Two bombs each from sirs Cody and Kiké
With more from Joc and who could forget Max?
But ultimately, JT saved the day
In extra innings with his shot to left!
Remember when our power at the start
Of season was quite low? That notion’s cleft
As we now lead the league in homers! Heart
Of goodness, though, was not with Rich on hill
Because he struggled and assigned his blame
Upon mechanics. Worry not, for fill
The void did offense do to win the game!
Ten games at home, kicked off with four against
Those Cubs we faced last week. A set intense!

12 June 2018: The home run train keeps rollin’ in L.A.!

The home run train keeps rollin’ in L.A.!
A seasoned man we faced in ole Colón,
Yet we still took him deep like in a bay!
Explosions from Max, Joc, and Puig have blown
The balls to bits! How Pederson’s been hot
These past eight games with seven faraways!
It’s almost like that bad stretch was forgotten
And we’ve moved onto the better days.
Success in baseball’s predicated on
Ability to persevere through bumps
And flying through the flames: infernal swan.
As long as baseball’s played, there will be slumps.
Some props to Ferguson who did improve
From his first start, but still needs better groove.

10 June 2018: Trust placed in Ross, and ends achieved quite well!

Trust placed in Ross, and ends achieved quite well!
United with an offense at their best
Contrasting game two’s bats that burned in hell;
Home runs from Logan, Max, and Kiké blessed
That hexagonal scoreboard out in right!
Another dominating day for Strip
Whose quality is of the tallest height
And makes it quick for us to get a grip.
Above .500 once again. To keep
That status is what I would wish to do.
Keep jumping, hitting blocks, get leads real steep
Without stress. How we’re getting closer to
First place again! I hope that spot is next.
Some Texans come tomorrow. Go be hexed!

8 June 2018: The threshold broken – more games won than lost!

The threshold broken: more games won than lost!
‘Tis the first time since April. Thanks to Joc
And Yaz for dingers that have let us cross
The bridge to better days. But not all talk
Of last night is of happiness, for Buehler
Left the game quite early; sore in ribs
Is what the doctor says. Maybe a cooler’s
All he needs. Relax and eat some Dibs!
The bullpen did alright in their relief.
A cozy lead will make it easier!
Believe the confidence is out of grief
And into full effect! Much breezier!
‘Tis nice to be in arm’s reach of the top;
To gods I pray that we won’t have to drop!