5 August 2017: I thought the derby was back in July

I thought the derby was back in July,
But I guess it continued yesterday
In Queens since we hit five into the sky!
Indeed, it seems, the bats came out to play.
Sir Rich got real unlucky in the first
And our offense did not hit ’til the sixth,
Which is when the power began to burst
By adding many dingers to the mix!
The best-played fifty games in history
Of our great franchise – heavens! what a run.
The total of victories: forty three,
And maybe counting? Scenes if we can stun!
Another Sunday night to watch our team.
We’ll see if Ryu repeats what we dream!

14 July 2017: The magic from the first half’s still alive!

The magic from the first half’s still alive!
Down to the wire did the team persist
As Puig launched far a ball upon a drive!
It was his second bomb that day he kissed!
Our loss of lead earlier in the game,
Due to B-Mac’s rough day, did not prevent
An ending filled with sadness, doubt, and shame
Where all our hopes for triumph would be spent.
As Dave proclaimed when talking ’bout the win,
“Big players make big plays in big moments.”
That seems to be a theme for this season,
And everything is starting to make sense.
Can we keep up the mojo that we have?
It’s up to Alex Wood – today’s mound nav!

1 July 2017: Each sector of team went ‘bove the call

Each sector of team went ‘bove the call
And thrashed the Padres each and every way.
Of Rich’s starts, this was the best of all:
In seven, K’d eleven swung astray.
The back-to-back was brought to you by Corey
And our favorite ginger in the world.
Again did Chris Taylor add slam to story
Sending Padres fans in balls so curled.
Oh Logan, can’t forget his four-for-five
Against the lefties (what he’s paid to do)!
We had no fear this game of staying ‘live
And came out with an even brighter view!
So Kenta starts tomorrow. Let us hope
That one mistake will not lead to a slope.

29 June 2017: The man’s the best, what else is there to say?

The man’s the best, what else is there to say?
It’s just another Kershaw start to us
But to the league it signals no hooray
From batters who can’t seem to find a plus.
No trouble did our offense have last night
As Joc, Chase, Puig all found the outfield seats!
A Dodger record set for monthly home run height
Which caused a lot of H-R’s on the sheets!
The series ends up split, no worse than loss
And Kenley found a chance to get a save.
But we’ve continued to show who is boss
While riding such a swelling tidal wave!
The fathers of the south host the next three,
And Wood will hit the Padres off the tee.

22 June 2017: Another sweep? How swell! And filled with bombs

Another sweep? How swell! And filled with bombs
The series was – this game no different,
With JT, Kiké, Joc all going long!
And Joc’s put us in front, how excellent!
Though Ryu did alright, Chris Hatcher failed
Right out the gate to keep our one-run lead.
No worries as the rest just cruised and sailed,
And Kenley came to grow the planted seed.
The Snakes have helped us keep our place in first,
Preventing Rocks from gaining any ground!
But next we face the latter – far from worst.
To be an intense series, this is bound.
Our second ace will kick it off: Sir Wood’s
In charge of making known we’re more than good.

20 June 2017: A triple-dinger day for someone else

A triple-dinger day for someone else
Besides the Belly! (he still got one though)
Young Corey keeps on rolling, handing L’s
To other teams with sweet offensive flow!
This fire let McCarthy just relax
And throw six innings that lacked any runs.
The sons were bright tonight, and their attacks
Will be recalled and remembered by tons!
A plea to thee, regarding game of stars:
Sweet Seager still does not hold starter’s spot!
And Cody does not have a place with tsars,
So vote, you fools – much sadness if you not.
And pray tonight for sanity in Hill’s
Performance, hoping we prolong the kill.

28 May 2017: Upon the floor, I found the hair of bears

Upon the floor, I found the hair of bears
While sweeping! Though our ace did not do well,
Our offense, which used to hit lefties scarce,
Created, for Jon Lester, pitcher’s hell!
Four shots by Dodger Blue that breached the wall,
And three from Maddon’s crew to up the count.
But Puig’s one went the furthest of them all
And helped us in our journey to dismount
The Rockies from division’s highest point.
Another key this game was our bullpen,
Who did not let a hit – effort conjoint!
Then Kenley came to shut down in the end.
Missouri morning waits for them to show
Today as Rich is eager to unload.