11 June 2017: And yet again, Sir Seager saves the day!

And yet again, Sir Seager saves the day!
Advantage taken of the walks allowed
That loaded up the bases: oh hooray!
And how the slam took us from soft to loud!
Since Stripling and Ryu had rougher days,
‘Twas looking like a sweep would not occur.
But by the two home runs of Cody’s way
And other sweet events, we did conquer!
Then Kenley came to save the same real quick
Recording his two hundredth career save!
An all-around comeback that’s sure to stick
And put a smile upon the face of Dave!
Another day to rest before our ace
Will take the mound in Cleveland to debase.

3 June 2017: Do not lose hope until the final out!

Do not lose hope until the final out!
There’s nine frames for a reason, proved by Chris
Who, with the grandest slam, turned it around
And transformed our depression into bliss!
A rocky time for Rich—he just threw four
And let as many batters walk to first.
The bullpen also failed to silence score
As often-strong Josh Fields was at his worst.
But once the slam occurred, we turned to him:
The greatest closer in the leagues today.
Sir Kenley got the save since lead was slim
And in the highest place is where we stay!
A sweep is what I smell! But only if
Maeda sticks it out and makes them whiff.

8 May 2017: Another slam! This time from noble Chris

Another slam! This time from noble Chris,
Whose launch from home drove fans into a craze
By capping off a frame where runs count six,
Providing room for Wood to go ablaze
And strike out dozen minus one in five!
The offense kept the train a rollin’ all
The way to territory where we thrive
And get hits fifteen times (twice o’er the wall)!
The rhythms in our swings: they radiate
Of competition and an urge to win
So often that each team respects and hates
Our numbers when we take them for a spin.
Tonight, we’ll put our lad back to the test:
The Bucs vs. Young Urías of the West.

6 May 2017: A splendid evening brought to you by Blue

A splendid evening brought to you by Blue,
Defeating San Diego once again!
Sir Cody hit one grand, and how it flew
Into the stands, as far as reaching Spain!
And Clayton rocked the night, despite four walks,
But those stemmed mostly from the horrid ump
Whose calls on balls and strikes created gawks.
Though nonetheless, nine Padres could not trump.
Before the Cody slam, our lead was three;
Our hold of bulls gave cushion for the end,
Creating summer’s day (compare to thee?)
That was a marvelous start to the weekend.
McCarthy comes today, though slightly sore.
No difference shall it make; he’ll shut the door.