9 May 2018: A bright spot finally! Though it was odd.

A bright spot finally! Though it was odd
With how we won. Two runs came in upon
A wild pitch for each. To help the squad,
Young Farmer hit a sac fly. Then, it dawned
On Chris that he was hit; that brought it one!
To insure victory, Chase sent in two
Through means of double! Still my stress weighed ton
Until the 1-2-3 that Kenley threw.
Again, Wood was not bad but got no win
To change the zero in parentheses.
And Puig’s return with three hits made me grin!
I wish this team would play more games like these.
A series split, and now onto the Reds
Who visit us. I hope we’ll have clear heads.


8 May 2018: Well there was life, but it was just a tease.

Well there was life, but it was just a tease.
By coming back from three down, I could see
The shades of last year’s team beyond the trees.
How Kiké brought me positivity!
And then how it was crushed in inning twelve
When Daniel sent his snakes back in the lead.
So back into the misery I dwell
Like it’s a winter and it’s warmth I need.
Rich has not been superb. He even knows
That starting games like this will not sit well
With fans who almost certainly oppose
This gruesome start to season, straight from hell.
And in the next game, Wood will try to win
For the first time this season. Rough, it’s been.

3 May 2018: A somewhat funky game gave us the gold.

A somewhat funky game gave us the gold
In Phoenix as we ended D-backs’ streak
Of winning nine straight series. Pretty cold
We were the first two games, but as the week
Has moved through time, we’ve seen the likes of Wood
Striking out eight o’er five! And coming back
From being down is always fun and good
When wild pitches add runs to your stack.
A welcome back to Yimi – it’s been long,
About two years in fact since he has thrown
A pitch for us. His elbow’s back to strong
And aiding in our quest to take the throne!
¡Vamos a Monterrey con los Padres!
Ah, ¿cuántos partidos? We will play tres!

2 May 2018: At last a win, but why must pain infect?

At last a win, but why must pain infect
So many on our team? Now Ryu’s down
Until after the All-Star break. Quite wrecked
This team has been so far. I want to drown.
Amazingly, the bullpen was on point
And limited the hot snakes to just one.
From Báez down to Kenley, disappointment
Did not manifest. I guess that’s fun!
Our runs both scored by young Verdugo’s feet
And thanks to Cody’s single, Grandal’s fly.
To see the world for what it is: that’s neat,
And so is watching Dodgers win. I cry!
We have a chance to draw the four-game set
If Alex Wood can be the stronger threat.

1 May 2018: This team is filled with woe. It stings to write.

This team is filled with woe. It stings to write
One loss after another. Something needs
To change inside the clubhouse. Something bright
That sparks this team to do some better deeds.
When Clayton left the game, he had a lead
And it seemed that he might just get a win.
But right away, the bullpen did impede
Upon this wish. A triple did us in
And the bats did just nothing when a man
Was in position to get to home plate.
Resist the urge to scream! I hope they can
Bounce back in any way. Please change your fate!
There’s two more games in Arizona? Damn.
Well, Ryu won’t you give the snakes some jam?

30 April 2018: We could not balance out the crappy news.

We could not balance out the crappy news
That Corey would not play another game
For us this year. Instead, we took a bruise
And once again lost to the snakes in shame.
Ross could not keep them down. He gave up four
And so did pen in total – make that eight
To the five that we somehow brought to floor.
Contained, we often were, when at the plate.
One bright side is that Grandal has not lost
His swing at all, for we went three-for-three
And did his best to make up for the cost.
He’s standing firm in struggle; praise to thee!
A brand new month! Let’s see what it can bring.
May Kershaw have the might to do his thing.

15 April 2018: And once again, we kill a streak of loss!

And once again, we kill a streak of loss!
Took long enough for Kersh to get a win
Under his belt. His slider went across
The plate eleven times to make them spin
Back to their dugout. Oh, our offense? Great!
When run support backs up an ace, ’tis nice.
Chris Taylor now leads team in most home plates
Touched after clearing fence; all but a vice!
A win is cool, but cooler would be two
Occasions in a row where we don’t fall.
And then another shiny double-u!
For Jackie, we partook in playing ball.
Let’s take the 5 y vámonos al sur!
Ryu vs. San Diego: far from brr!