9 October 2017 (NLDS, Game 3): Break out the brooms! This team is moving on

Break out the brooms! This team is moving on
As Yu outpitched our former friend, now snake.
The only stain for Darvish was a dong
And afterwards, bullpen made no mistake!
Young Cody shone both with the bat and glove
By grounding in a run then sending one
The other way! Then unlike graceful dove,
He fell into the dugout – caught the bun!
Insurance came from Barnes; his laser zoomed
Through Chase’s space! And then in inning nine
When Kenley entered, snakes knew they were doomed!
And “How Sweep It Is!” was the Times’ headline!
So now, we wait to face the Cubs or Nats.
For the meantime, fans keep wearing your hats!


7 October 2017 (NLDS, Game 2): Disturbed the snakes we have! Just need one more

Disturbed the snakes we have! Just need one more
To move onto the next phase of the plan!
Our dreams are close and knocking at the door,
And we have sizzlin’ reptiles on the pan.
Before, we struggled much ‘gainst Robbie Ray.
But now, it seems the nightmares are not haunting;
Shown in four runs that we sprayed
Against him! Now that task seems far from daunting.
Blue arms, for the most part, were prestige!
A mirrored effort from those in the back
Of last night’s lineup: Logan, Austin, Puig
Combined went eight for twelve! They had the knack!
This is a chance to sweep, sauté, and swim
Again in Zona’s pool. Yu, make them grim!

6 October 2017 (NLDS, Game 1): For Promised Land we want! JT’s up front

For Promised Land we want! JT’s up front
To lead the way as Ginger Moses, ail
The pitching snakes by driving in five runs
Including three that quickly tipped the scales!
Now Kershaw, whom we trust, was good enough
But not the stellar instrument we know,
For he gave up four solo shots. ‘Tis rough
By Clayton’s standards. Thankfully our flow
Of offense went beyond the bearded man.
Yasiel and Corey both batted in two,
And when Puig got on base he just began
To be a kid and to his heart be true!
Tonight the fight continues. Rich Hill rakes
And takes the mound – I pray for no mistakes!

6 September 2017: This wretched month continues to destroy

This wretched month continues to destroy
My happiness that earlier I held
When we were cruising on a ride of joy.
But now there is panic that must be quelled.
The snakes have won thirteen games in a row
While we have now lost six straight. Oh, the pain
I feel when our starters give their best throw,
Only for the offense to make it vain.
Though Kenta did alright, the offense stank
Like sewers. Right now, I feel so much shame
For this team; they need to have a slate blank
And dominate like it’s a July game.
With Kershaw on the mound, I feel relief.
But if the bats don’t do their deed, much grief.

5 September 2017: So close we were to snapping out of streak!

So close we were to snapping out of streak!
But in the end, ole Baez blew again.
How many times must we witness this weak
Man go up there and give us all some strain.
But yet again, our bats could not produce
Enough to help out Ryu; he was great
In six fine frames. But what caused us to lose
Was grit held by the snakes – we need that trait.
Ten of our last eleven have been lost,
So back to Earth we finally have been brought.
This demonizing spirit must be tossed
Tonight; that would be the most ideal plot.
Our starters have been fine in this series,
So I trust Kenta will not serve them cheese.

4 September 2017: My heart is stained by this atrocity

My heart is stained by this atrocity
That makes me fear the worst case in the fall.
I pray to see this team become gritty
As soon as possible; else, I will bawl.
Though Rich was nice, the bullpen made me scream
With anger, ‘specially when Pedro crashed.
J.D. hit four home runs off us. Oh, steam
Emerging from my nostrils, ears; I gnashed
Each time the snakes put one upon the board.
And though I give props to their starter’s filth,
This offense recently has left me floored
As they have played like they possess a wilt.
Please turn around this cruel and harmful run.
Oh Ryu, please, before I set to stun.

31 August 2017: It’s been the roughest week for us this year

It’s been the roughest week for us this year:
With five straight lost, and swept we were by snakes.
The first innings, again, were hard to cheer
Since starters could not give their bats the brakes.
Not helpful that Zona is on a streak
And that our bats decided not to play
Unlike the last two games where they weren’t weak,
But not even a rally yesterday.
Upon their flight back home, there’s not great joy.
But there is hope, for this day will be bliss.
Our ace has healed his back! We’ll see our boy
In blue – tonight’s a game you should not miss,
For Kershaw resurrects! The Padres’ fright
Is obvious – should they still try to fight?