A sombre ode to Corey Seager.

My heart erupted once I heard the news
That Corey’s elbow gave and needed help.
It put me in a state of deadly blues
As all that I could do was cry and yelp.
Though I knew there was pain inside your arm
For a long time, I did not really know
To what extent you wished to rid the harm,
But now the time has come to fix your throw.
Your hitting shall be missed for many months,
And how that smile’s absence will be felt!
I fear that we won’t score as many runs
But we must persevere with this hand dealt.
One of the majors’ best will take a rest
This season; may his surgery be blessed.


28 April 2018 (part 2): I feel I must find peace from somewhere else.

I feel I must find peace from somewhere else
Besides this team, for they are quite a chore
To follow with my heart. They just ring bells
Of horror right after a cozy score.
Wood’s muddy month continued, though it seemed
For the first four innings he had the key.
But then he gave up four; my hopes undreamed
And crushed once Hudson pitched with misery.
The only true runs came from Corey’s smack
Just right before the water. Way too small
A lead for bats to not keep up attack.
These kinds of moments make this damn team fall.
Oh Kenta, make this matinee a cheer
For if you don’t, into the sky my fear.

22 April 2018: The shades of past, at last, are coming back!

The shades of past, at last, are coming back!
Once down by three, a rally said “no more!”
To possibility of adding plaque
Onto the teeth of loss. They looked at score
In inning six and chose to tie it up
With doubles from Chris, Yaz, and Cody B!
A Seager sac fly next frame filled the cup
Of triumph! Picked up Wood’s start easily!
Forget not Barnes whose speed allowed that run.
And Kenley got the save, though stress was there.
No matter! It appears the gloom is done
As all the nose inhales is fresher air!
No days off for young Buehler; his first start
Up in the bigs, much pumping in his heart!

18 April 2018: How clean the city looks once it is swept!

How clean the city looks once it is swept!
Last night, all cylinders were firing strong.
Upon the mound, Maeda’s matches wept
And struck out ten times, filled with somber song.
A first home run for us by Muncy young!
And Corey seems to be back in his place.
He knocked four hits and drove in three of run.
Forget not the two RBIs from Chase!
When Kenta’s start concluded, bullpen shone
Like ponds enclosed in gardens of the light.
So have we fin’lly left the danger zone?
We’ll get a better answer ‘morrow night
When we take on the team that’s from D.C.
And Kershaw faces Scherzer: that’s must-see!

10 April 2018: Remember homers? They’ve been small for long…

Remember homers? They’ve been small for long,
But now they’re back! They kicked off last night’s game
With Christ and Corey back-to-back on dongs.
And a friend who’s returned to Dodger fame.
That’s right – Sir Kemp went yard as we all cheered
Nostalgically! But not much score was needed
As Ryu and his curveball were feared
By Oakland’s boat, and soon they were defeated.
After six frames, bullpen gates went wide
And though some hits were done, the shutout saved
By Tony, Ross, and Kenley! Like a dried
Up bay, over Athletics’ hopes we paved!
We just don’t know why we feel what we feel,
But we know that up next Sir Wood will deal!

1 April 2018: It seems like Newton’s third law’s run its course!

It seems like Newton’s third law’s run its course!
They bounced the shutouts off and gave them taste
Of how it felt to face relentless force.
The credits must be dealt; the causes traced.
A man who knows the way to break from jams?
That’s Rich alright! His six frames very strong.
On offense, who unlocked the scoring dams?
Of course it’s Puig – so crafty all along!
Some boys, at last, achieved hit number one
Including Seager…and a Bellibomb!
In the last three frames, the bullpen gave up none!
Ensuring series tied, and back to calm.
We’re on the road to Phoenix. Whose debut?
The best Korean friend: Hyun-jin Ryu!

31 October 2017 (World Series, Game 6): And now, each team is one win from the gold.

And now, each team is one win from the gold.
We figured out Verlander to prolong
This Series of a lifetime! Now we’ve rolled
Into November for the final song.
The first five frames were frightening. Hill just
Went less than five, but was not terrible.
Chase took a hit by pitch; part of his lust.
That kept alive the chance to save the world!
Chris tied it up with double! Corey sac’d
To take the lead! Then next frame, Joctober
Continued with an oppo bomb so whacked!
Then Kenley pitched 6 outs to say “over.”
Tonight’s the final stand. Le jeu ultime.
May baseball gods bless Yu to lead This Team.