18 August 2017: So many doubles hit that I lost count!

So many doubles hit that I lost count!
Our offense never stopped, no brakes to press.
A four-hit game from Taylor, what a mount
To win after a trailing; no more stress.
The runs enough to help Rich get the win
With three earned runs on his part – no big deal!
A-Gon came back real strong; we missed his grin
And saw it more than once when game was sealed!
To push us in the lead, that’s Corey’s feat.
Though bullpen gave up two, insurance saved
And comforted the fears that roam the street
Of feelings negative that we have waived.
The afternoon sees Ryu take control
To win another start – he’s on a roll!

15 August 2017: Sometimes we wait real late to take the win

Sometimes we wait real late to take the win.
Last night, until the eighth, the game was tied.
Then five runs came! We quickly hit their shin
And said, “This is L.A., you’re on our ride.”
Wood’s only blemish was a leadoff shot
He let. Despite that, seven innings swell!
The bullpen followed; let us hitters hot
Move far ahead by hitting balls like hell!
Barnes broke it wide, then Corey did some more!
We did not need a Kenley to save game,
Since six us, them one, was the final score!
Still, no one’s able to put out our flame.
A happy birthday to our newest friend,
Yu Darvish! Pitch well! Our wishes, we send.

12 August 2017: “I get knocked down, but I get up again”

“I get knocked down, but I get up again”
Are words a group from Leeds sung famously.
Last night, the Dodgers refused to be slain
And we excelled by the grace of Corey!
When down by three with bases filled, to right
He swung and made a chance for Puig
To charge the plate and bring light to our night!
Such strong-fixed victor’s ways have no fatigue.
Though Ryu did not dominate so much,
The bullpen begged the question, “Where’s your bats?”
A winning season clinched with magic touch,
Historically ’twas done – God bless blue hats.
To take the series, Kenta must be strong
And try to stay in blaze of sun for long.

29 July 2017: I shudder not when watching pitchers duel

I shudder not when watching pitchers duel,
For I know ours will prevail in the end!
That did occur when Hill faced Blach. Who ruled?
Rake-Man, of course! One run – ’twas all he spent
While we scored two thanks to our young bright star.
Oh Cody, bless your RBI base hits,
For this whole season, they have helped us far
And let us escape sticky sitch tar pits!
A double play then K induced by Kenley
Saved the game from going anywhere.
That’s seven in a row – we’re in the zen,
So meditate upon this team’s bright flare.
Tonight, we face a man who hates our eyes.
And we will send out Ryu – can he rise?

28 July 2017: They give us all we want, and then some more

They give us all we want, and then some more.
These Dodgers always find a way to win;
Last night we won with two longshots from Corey,
But it did not come easy to grin!
Until the seventh, we were doing fine.
Then Wood had trouble; hated ones scored three.
The next half-frame – that was our time to shine
And put up four! A sight it was to see
Yasiel and Chris contribute to that jolt!
The bullpen afterwards did their job well.
Sir Morrow ‘specially threw lightning bolts
And Kenley saved the game upon his swell!
No stars will shine – today’s game is at one.
Rich Hill will take the mound and have some fun!

22 July 2017: The lights return to shine upon our team

The lights return to shine upon our team
Like solar-powered warriors of steel!
A Hill plus homers combo is the dream
That warms my longing heart and makes me feel
So happy that Chris Taylor gave his all
By driving in three runs to lead the way!
Then Chase and Corey hit, real hard, the ball
And drilled them to the fans for their display.
How sweet it is for Rich to be himself;
He’s undefeated in this seventh month!
Those rougher times – he’s put them on the self,
With focus on the future, what’s in front? (I hope it’s a World Series)
Good luck Atlanta, today you will face
The greatest pitcher. Clayton, throw your grace.

19 July 2017: The showers poured, but our streak’s marching on!

The showers poured, but our streak’s marching on!
A shortened game and rain can’t cool our bats
So hot, the Arctic couldn’t even dawn
Their flames. No kidding, these are just the facts!
Oh Kiké had a night: two bombs to left
That left the Sox without a word to say,
Along with Chris and Corey’s far-gone hefts.
Our offense overall was sweet array.
Forget not Kenta whose five frames were sweet!
That’s all he needs to do to make us smile.
And with that, we achieved another sweep!
Eleven straight – we’re racking up the miles.
Back to their home, the Dodgers come to rule
With B-Mac taking charge to keep us cool!