27 June 2017: Our thanks to Kenta’s swell return to form!

Our thanks to Kenta’s swell return to form!
Those seven scoreless innings did the trick
In shocking angels like a thunderstorm,
Reminding who is head of Cali’s clique.
The only numbers put upon the board
Came in the six’s bottom, courtesy
Of Cody’s scoring single, then we scored
Some more when Joc went yard! A cup of tea
The rest of the game was. Let’s not forget
A play that Kiké made while fielding short:
He dived, then from his knees, threw out the threat!
Delivered was the ball when in his court.
To Anaheim we go at Ryu’s reign;
I feel a victory upon the plane.

25 June 2017: A perfect ten! Oh what a streak we’re on!

A perfect ten! Oh what a streak we’re on!
Achieved by sweeping team named after peaks.
And crazy was the game; control was gone!
So many wild pitches from the meeks.
It’s just another day for Cody B,
Departing the yard twice – ’twas no big deal.
His domination’s such a thrill to see,
Along with a face that makes ladies squeal.
McCarthy got the yips – we wish him well,
The bullpen did a fine job after him.
And Kenley hit a double – what the hell?!
For Colorado, that must have been grim.
The rivalry connected by the 5
Begins today! Rich Hill vs. Angels – live!

23 June 2017: That’s eight straight times that fate has gone our way!

That’s eight straight times that fate has gone our way!
A great start to our hosting of the Rocks,
With Wood headlining keeping them at bay;
There was no use for them to clean their socks!
The offense bright again, but just one home
Run this time: that was Puig’s far-flying shot!
A healthy dose of base hits upped the ohm
Count; Cody’s RBIs, I’d not forgot!
The frights we had when Corey’s leg looked hurt
And prayers we sent to banish the severe.
But just a cramp it was – could be much worse!
So it is looking like we’ll have no fear!
Is nine the next streak that we will achieve?
With Kershaw on the mound, I do believe.

20 June 2017: A triple-dinger day for someone else

A triple-dinger day for someone else
Besides the Belly! (he still got one though)
Young Corey keeps on rolling, handing L’s
To other teams with sweet offensive flow!
This fire let McCarthy just relax
And throw six innings that lacked any runs.
The sons were bright tonight, and their attacks
Will be recalled and remembered by tons!
A plea to thee, regarding game of stars:
Sweet Seager still does not hold starter’s spot!
And Cody does not have a place with tsars,
So vote, you fools – much sadness if you not.
And pray tonight for sanity in Hill’s
Performance, hoping we prolong the kill.

19 June 2017: “Would you like two more bombs?” asked Bellinger

“Would you like two more bombs?” asked Bellinger.
Replied we did with “yes” and so he swung!
To right field did the shots get delivered,
So other sluggers might as well have hung
The white flag! Though our ace was not himself,
Sir Clayton did enough to hold our lead.
The bullpen back to its consistent help
Created for our closer no such need.
Sir Turner also sparked the skies with grace!
Some ribbies here and there to spice it up
Like peppers; lesser was not Taylor’s place
Whose two-for-five was sweet just like syrup.
So hot we are, so people place your bets
Tonight, since B-Mac looks to beat the Mets!

17 June 2017: A rout supported by the park so small!

A rout supported by the park so small!
The dingers flew from many bats for us,
Sirs Cody, Puig, and Joc produced them all!
And not a sign of power-stopping rust!
Though Ryu struggled here and there, he ‘scaped
From jams with dash of luck and fighter’s will!
The Reds unveiled Pete’s statue, but we draped
That introduction with our thirst for thrill!
So many times, the Reds had chance to score,
But one-for-seventeen they were those times.
The bullpen helped to make their offense poor
By letting just three touch; silenced the chimes.
A chance to sweep is on the radar screen,
If Kenta can deliver the routine.

13 June 2017: In slugger Cody we have placed our trust!

In slugger Cody we have placed our trust!
Delivered us his power once again
By breaking tie in eighth with such a bust,
Then chugging up another like a train!
A below-average start by Kershaw’s rules
Was still enough to help us take the win!
The bullpen, minus Hatcher who just drools,
Was able to, when game was close, stay in!
And though two birds occurred by Puig’s strong hands,
We now have tied the Denvermen up top.
So we will keep on cheering from the stands
And hope to show that we’re cream of the crop.
Two pitchers strong will take the hills today,
McCarthy versus Kluber: what a play!