27 June 2018: Intensity’s a word that aptly fits!

Intensity’s a word that aptly fits
The contest of last night! Oh, what a mood
Emitted all around! So many hits
From both sides magnified the friendly feud!
Wood, for the most part, threw his stuff quite nice!
All that he needs to do is trust the bi-
Ceps of our men, who hit bombs about thrice!
Late in the game, the nerve turned into sigh
When Kenley saved the day and Cody made
A State Farm claim insuring better chance
Of victory over the Cubs! I stayed
Quite anxious though, but in the end I danced!
An afternoon affair with Clayton as
The keynote speaker. Hope you like his jazz!


26 June 2018: Arms solid ’til the bullpen gave a slam.

Arms solid ’til the bullpen gave a slam
Up to opponent Baez. Quite a shot
That set us back immensely. Offense jammed
As well; not enough might to strike the dot.
Ross was quite nice and left when there was lead,
But that advantage was not safe for long.
A couple Puig mistakes also impeded
On our quest to write a triumph song.
Young Cody had a good night with the stick
But just one Dodger hot was not enough
To battle through the bullets of brick-
Wall lead to try to break through. Task quite tough!
Wood takes the job tonight to tranquilize
These fiery bears that want to snatch the prize.

24 June 2018: A fest of homers held by bluest bats!

A fest of homers held by bluest bats!
Two bombs each from sirs Cody and Kiké
With more from Joc and who could forget Max?
But ultimately, JT saved the day
In extra innings with his shot to left!
Remember when our power at the start
Of season was quite low? That notion’s cleft
As we now lead the league in homers! Heart
Of goodness, though, was not with Rich on hill
Because he struggled and assigned his blame
Upon mechanics. Worry not, for fill
The void did offense do to win the game!
Ten games at home, kicked off with four against
Those Cubs we faced last week. A set intense!

22 June 2018: Great Swing of Cody, and oh gracious Wood!

Great Swing of Cody, and oh gracious Wood,
Thou hast engaged in actions of the kind
That leads to great success! I feel we should
Step off of Cody’s back and let him grind
With more gone-far home runs! Oh, how that shot
Last night endured through air like clouds in May!
Then Alexander threw two and forgot
Those previous bad outings. By the way,
Puig soared one into left to finish off
And pave the way for Kenley to extend
His month of dominance without a cough!
By cutter’s will, the others’ bats will bend.
Surprise! Return the ace unto the mound!
An off of pitchers great this day be found!

7 June 2018: A team on fire’s what we seem to be!

A team on fire’s what we seem to be
With fifteen wins in twenty; that’s the run
I’ve longed to see! The game start quirky
As Dennis couldn’t start; quickly, we spun
It into bullpen’s game. An offense strong
Is needed for endeavors just like this.
Empowered swings delivered brutal song:
A pair of Joc pops and one Cody’s kiss!
Throughout the game, we used nine arms to play.
A record in nine frames according to
The books! Quite interesting to move away
From constant complete games. ‘Tis bullpen’s brew!
Return to home we do as Walker takes
The hill against the equally hot Braves!

6 June 2018: Much pity to Sir Kemp, whose runs did not…

Much pity to Sir Kemp, whose runs did not
Affect the ultimate of this cruel game.
He hit two doubles and a three-run shot,
But pitchers had a plan to bring on shame.
The debut of Sir Ferguson went sour
Quickly, so the bullpen labored long
And let too many walks around the hour.
Far from my heart, I wish this be gone.
Much sweat the offense poured to save the face
Including Cody’s bomb that kept it close!
More chances in the ninth, but time and space
Consumed the prospect. Back to loser’s prose.
Reward for waking up? An early match!
Observe the pancakes in the bullpen’s batch.

27 May 2018: Again, strong was the arm of Buehler young!

Again, strong was the arm of Buehler young!
The Padres just, at all, had not a chance
Across his seven frames. Oh what he’s done
Has been remarkable. He knows the dance!
In the rotation he seems to locked.
How helpful it was for the bats to be
In fullest flow! The Padres’ pen was rocked
By knights such as Sirs Chris, Max, and Cody!
Three series straight we’ve won! ‘Tis sweet to hear
A better narrative of this strange team
That has been up and down to start the year!
Division win now seems less of a dream.
This week kicks off with Brock throwing the rock
Unto the Phillies. Let us take a walk!