16 August 2017: There’s always someone new to save the day!

There’s always someone new to save the day,
And Puig was last night’s hero in the end!
When down by two, we don’t just go away.
We fight like gladiators. Puig’s our friend
And hero! Though Yu’s birthday outing was
Not great, he still went six despite some pain
Inside his back. The bullpen then showed jaws
That let their bats pour on the Sox some rain.
The rally in the ninth: kicked off by Cody’s
Pinch-hit single; Logan brought him in.
Then Austin singled, giving Puig the keys
To walk it off and get another win!
Another day for this great team to rest
Before A-Gon comes back and Hill shows zest.

11 August 2017: Oh Ross, what ruckus must you bring around?

Oh Ross, what ruckus must you bring around?
Content we were before their bats took back
The lead we fought to bring into our ground,
But two home runs allowed creates a crack.
Rich Hill – we see your steel, as tough as nails!
A fastball to the throat did not defeat
Your soul, for you got up with just bruised sails
And did your job before you took a seat!
Productive, Cody was with his three hits,
And Austin hit with clutch, but it was not
Enough since Ross did not possess sharp wits.
Still, in this series, victory is sought.
Ryu takes arms today – last time he pitched
Was stunning to behold…is he bewitched?

6 August 2017: Korean dominance and Dodger dongs

Korean dominance and Dodger dongs
Were all we served while sweeping those in Queens!
Ryu shined bright like glitter, throwing strong
And letting just one hit pass through his means.
The offense rocked right from the very start
Thanks to the bats of Logan and Sir Barnes.
Then later on, t’were dingers from the hearts
Of Turner, then a thunderous alarm
Shot from the strength of Cody! What a swing
The young lad has; we see this every day.
It’s little things we do that let us sing
Like soul train mockingbirds that never stray!
The team is off today before a fight
With snakes so far behind, they’re out of sight.

2 August 2017: In baseball, it is hard to win them all

In baseball, it is hard to win them all.
Reminded we are, every now and then
That sometimes we slip up and take a fall.
There’s no such thing as a perfect bullpen.
A light still shines, as Cody ‘gain went yard!
That’s thirty times that he has said goodbye.
But our bats missed some chances to discard
The deficit. We failed to hit bull’s eye.
The Braves have been kryptonic to our streaks,
As they have found a way to bring us down
And deal three losses to us in four weeks –
The only ones since then to smudge our crown!
So Woodn’t it be nice to win again?
I hope this time that Alex can contain.

1 August 2017: Oh Kenta in your cloak – you owned the Braves!

Oh Kenta in your cloak – you owned the Braves!
A motivated man he was on mound,
As seen in his exquisite seven frames;
Just two hits and one walk – that’s all they found!
Our offense did enough in many ways.
We needed just three runs, and those came from
A Taylor double, Cody’s bomb buffet,
Then Puig’s baserunning adding to the sum!
Unfazed when Ravin gave up that late shot;
We put in new guy Watson, found success!
Then Kenley, just like a Superman plot,
Delivered us from evil; what a bless!
Nine straight, again, so who will go for ten?
Brock Stewart will! Here’s hoping that he can.

24 July 2017: When darkness falls, the light of Cody shines

When darkness falls, the light of Cody shines
Around the diamond, saving with his jack
That soared past center yond enemy lines
To give us needed lead! Now we are back
Into the winning groove! That is three straight.
Paredes, who’d been minor leaguer long,
Received his chance and got the win of late.
Then Kenley came and righted yester’s wrong.
Forgot not when Yaz and Joc hit their shots,
Then Puig took three bags; Chris then drove him in!
And without Clayton, we still ‘nect the dots,
So no big deal! It’s business as it’s been.
Maeda’s marked to make the night real nice.
If he goes six, the bats will dash with spice.

23 July 2017: I do not think a win will heal the pain

I do not think a win will heal the pain
Residing in our greatest pitcher’s back.
Though walk offs always bring a lot of gain,
On this occasion, cheering on feels whack.
The offense gave its all, as Cody B
And Austin went yard to provide four runs.
But Kenley blew the save – how unlucky!
Before that, our relievers banged like guns.
A state of melancholy while He’s gone.
For four to six weeks, we will have to cope
And win a lot without His throwing brawn.
Return as soon as possible, we hope!
The men from Minnesota last night flew
From Michigan to here – they’ll face Ryu.