18 October 2017 (NLCS, Game 4): The broom will not be used against these bears

The broom will not be used against these bears,
So we won’t make an undefeated run.
But calm remains; my mind contains no scares
That we will win when all is said and done.
A strong wind out to center helped the bats
As three home runs made up Chicago’s count.
We, too, got two from our 2-3 cool cats
In Cody and JT! But this amount
Was not enough to help out Alex Wood
Who was not awful but gave up those three.
So much solace in our pen being good;
No runs allowed: they can’t help but stymie!
Oh, Savior Clayton: break the narrative
And make our World Champs bid declarative!


9 October 2017 (NLDS, Game 3): Break out the brooms! This team is moving on

Break out the brooms! This team is moving on
As Yu outpitched our former friend, now snake.
The only stain for Darvish was a dong
And afterwards, bullpen made no mistake!
Young Cody shone both with the bat and glove
By grounding in a run then sending one
The other way! Then unlike graceful dove,
He fell into the dugout – caught the bun!
Insurance came from Barnes; his laser zoomed
Through Chase’s space! And then in inning nine
When Kenley entered, snakes knew they were doomed!
And “How Sweep It Is!” was the Times’ headline!
So now, we wait to face the Cubs or Nats.
For the meantime, fans keep wearing your hats!

26 September 2017: Three jacks to clinch more games this fall at home!

Three jacks to clinch more games this fall at home!
Those Friars stood no chance when faced with wrath
Of Yas, A-Gon, and Corey. Those balls roamed
Beyond the boundaries with powered path!
Wood wasn’t great, but managed to hold back
And then the bullpen just let one on base
In final three – surprising was their knack
Since recently, they’ve brought shame to my face.
Though not a noise at bat, young Cody’s arm
In center-field was showcased with a throw
That Myers could not beat; by his daft charm,
Assist quite hard and crime to call it slow!
Our last home game of season calls on Rich
To make sure the finale does not glitch.

22 September 2017: The West, at last, is ours! That took too long

The West, at last, is ours! That took too long
To reach the magic number, but now all
Is well though we must keep the winning on
If we are to have home field through the fall.
A record set by Bellinger as he
Has hit the most home runs by an NL
Rookie with number thirty-nine. So free
I feel knowing that I am not in hell.
Rich Hill did excellent; he even raked!
And Tommy celebrated ninety years
Of living strong – a big cake we have baked
In honor of his heart; it brings me tears.
Ryu tonight must show what he can do
To pitch in the postseason – please come through!

21 September 2017: Now I remember how it feels to win!

Now I remember how it feels to win!
Surprising from the pen, but I will take
The opposite of loss! I wear a grin
Originating from a state of shake.
Now Kenta wasn’t sharp, but to my joy
The bullpen’s six were for the most part smooth.
To close it off, a four-out Kenley ploy
To save the game and reaffirm the truth.
The magic number’s one, today we can
Assure the West is ours thanks to Andre
And Cody for their seventh-inning span
Of scoring. To that, I shall sing ‘Hooray!’
On Tommy’s day of birth, the greatest gift
Would be Hill pitching us to clinch so swift!

16 September 2017: Five’s all we need to clinch the NL West!

Five’s all we need to clinch the NL West!
This roll we’re on is much more with my taste
In outcomes. Like the laity, we’re blest
To have the sharpness of Rich Hill – so based.
Just one hit came about his mighty arm
While on the other side, Sir Cody led
The expedition with his swing and charm.
He’s tied the NL rookie record. Said
By Dave, “This team is never dressed in doubt”
For out of darkest hour, we’ve shone bright
And loud just like a dire wolf’s howling shout
As they hunt prey under the starry night.
Another Sunday night start for Ryu;
He’s done exceptional in his past two!

13 September 2017: It seems like San Francisco is the cure

It seems like San Francisco is the cure
To all the woes we’ve had the past few weeks.
A helpful night for Darvish – that’s for sure,
As he threw seven scoreless and five dekes!
But without Cody’s roar, we would not cheer.
Thanks to his splash and triple – three runs in
On his behalf. It really does appear
That something clicked again. It gives me grin
To see us burst from bleakness into smiles.
My worries wait until the quest for rings.
That trek will test with tantalizing trials,
And who knows? Maybe then, we’ll fly with wings.
No game today, for the flight to DC
Is long. I hope that Wood stands like a tree.