1 May 2018: This team is filled with woe. It stings to write.

This team is filled with woe. It stings to write
One loss after another. Something needs
To change inside the clubhouse. Something bright
That sparks this team to do some better deeds.
When Clayton left the game, he had a lead
And it seemed that he might just get a win.
But right away, the bullpen did impede
Upon this wish. A triple did us in
And the bats did just nothing when a man
Was in position to get to home plate.
Resist the urge to scream! I hope they can
Bounce back in any way. Please change your fate!
There’s two more games in Arizona? Damn.
Well, Ryu won’t you give the snakes some jam?


25 April 2018: Pathetic was the night. Forgettable.

Pathetic was the night. Forgettable,
This series needs to be put in the past
So Kershaw’s six walks are under table
And offense’s lethargy doesn’t last.
Though bats showed life towards end, ’twas much too late
To open up their hearts unto the score.
Kemp and Grandal hit homers that were great
But still not close enough do the chore.
And even veterans can make mistakes
As Utley did by throwing one away
That ended up to be a stomachache
Since we’d have tied if not for that delay.
The train keeps moving on; this time, up north
To rivals in the bay. Ryu comes forth!

20 April 2018: A duel was held at the Ravine last night.

A duel was held at the Ravine last night
But sadly, victory was no result
For Clayton, who gave up four but did fight
In seven frames against the catapult
That is Max Scherzer’s arm; what wicked stuff
The man can throw. He silenced us to just
One run while he was throwing us the toughest,
Nasty, dirty, flung with fiery thrust,
Stee-rikes that we have seen so far this year.
Not even Chris’ leadoff triple could
Bring in a run; ’twas hard to shift the gear
When damage had been done beneath the hood.
So let us try again. This time, Ryu
Will take on Stephen Strasburg in game two.

15 April 2018: And once again, we kill a streak of loss!

And once again, we kill a streak of loss!
Took long enough for Kersh to get a win
Under his belt. His slider went across
The plate eleven times to make them spin
Back to their dugout. Oh, our offense? Great!
When run support backs up an ace, ’tis nice.
Chris Taylor now leads team in most home plates
Touched after clearing fence; all but a vice!
A win is cool, but cooler would be two
Occasions in a row where we don’t fall.
And then another shiny double-u!
For Jackie, we partook in playing ball.
Let’s take the 5 y vĂ¡monos al sur!
Ryu vs. San Diego: far from brr!

8 April 2018: After a four-game grounding, we are free!

After a four-game grounding, we are free
From clutches of the loss. Despite the fear
That extra innings might extend the spree
Of sombre. This time, Farmer made it clear
To fans with one-run double that broke tie!
Then to much satisfaction, Kenley saved
The game, although his cutter makes me sigh
For it has not been quick. The speed’s been shaved.
Forget not that ole Clayton did quite well,
But early run support did not exist,
Preventing him from singing in the dell
Of his first win. I pray he is not pissed.
The Monday blues are gone. There is no game!
When Oakland comes to town, Ryu has aim.

3 April 2018: Oh, offense, where’s the place you like to hide?

Oh, offense, where’s the place you like to hide?
When Clayton’s doing well, you choose to shush
As if you feel that there is time to bide.
But there is not! Snap out! Your task: to crush!
I haven’t slept a wink; I need a drink
To counter seeing us get just four hits.
It’s still the start, but currently we stink.
That’s not your job! You need to bring the blitz!
And if there was a particle of hope
Last night, Scott Alexander chopped it up.
Three runs, one out: the furthest thing from dope.
When bullpen faults, it’s hard to interrupt.
A chance to break the streak this afternoon
As Wood will step upon the baseball dune.

29 March 2018: Yes, baseball’s back! But on a sour note.

Yes, baseball’s back! But on a sour note.
For our impotent bats refused to dent
And let our rivals steal the vict’ry boat.
So many left on base, I feel resent!
By Clayton’s standards, his game was sub-par
Although all that he did was let a pop
Fly that somehow went very, very far.
No help for him since Ty Blach pulled the stop.
Just six hits all around, but five were walked
So there should not have been any excuse.
Good news though from the bullpen since they blocked
Nine straight baserunners. Still, it hurts to lose.
Still seeking premiere win, I’m feeling good.
Next up in the rotation: Alex Wood!