14 October 2017 (NLCS, Game 1): Oh Puig is on a tear! He’s got the ropes

Oh Puig is on a tear! He’s got the ropes
In hand and has been hot throughout the rounds!
That wild horse is carrying our hopes
And dreams to places thought as sacred grounds!
Again though, Kershaw was not super sharp;
He had to exit stage just after five.
But fear we don’t, for bullpen soothes like harp
Of Orpheus; they keep the faith alive!
‘Twas controversy when they blocked the plate
And after replay, we were ‘warded run.
But matter it did not! Then Kenley ate
Chicago’s deep dish pizza, saved game one!
This afternoon, ol’ Rich will take the Hill
And try to put more bear meat on the grill!


6 October 2017 (NLDS, Game 1): For Promised Land we want! JT’s up front

For Promised Land we want! JT’s up front
To lead the way as Ginger Moses, ail
The pitching snakes by driving in five runs
Including three that quickly tipped the scales!
Now Kershaw, whom we trust, was good enough
But not the stellar instrument we know,
For he gave up four solo shots. ‘Tis rough
By Clayton’s standards. Thankfully our flow
Of offense went beyond the bearded man.
Yasiel and Corey both batted in two,
And when Puig got on base he just began
To be a kid and to his heart be true!
Tonight the fight continues. Rich Hill rakes
And takes the mound – I pray for no mistakes!

30 September 2017: The most victorious in L.A.’s time!

The most victorious in L.A.’s time!
Additionally, we have clinched home field
Advantage all the way in autumn’s climb.
And at the end, the bracket has been sealed.
Uncanny Kershaw was not near his best,
So bullpen took the ropes for final five
And kept their bats from opening like chest
At Port Royal. Productive outs contrived
By Chris pushed us into the needed lead!
Another shot from Puig that spurred some cheers
Since Dodger fans go everywhere we tread!
A four-out Kenley save then soothed our gears.
The final game of season comes today
And matter it does not, so drink away!

24 September 2017: The ace has dominated yet again

The ace has dominated yet again
With eight frames and just one run ‘gainst his name.
Recording strikeout two hundred – a reign
That no Dodger pitcher has to their fame!
Blue bats were mainly led by Yaz Grandal
And his three RBIs, including one
Dinger that flew so far and very tall!
The game was quick! But we’re still on the run.
To keep on winning is our biggest goal
If we want home’s advantage all the way.
The Cleveland team is creeping on our stroll
Into the fall; now’s not time to decay!
Yu’s final home start is tonight. He’ll deal
To San Diego’s dads and make them squeal.

18 September 2017: Such rarity: a grand slam flew by Kersh!

Such rarity: a grand slam flew by Kersh!
‘Twas the first given up in his career!
Impressive swing by Altherr, though it hurts
To lose the game because of one big smear.
Surprise indeed came over everyone,
Especially the teammates who believed
That Clayton was incapable of stun.
But kudos to the batter who achieved.
Though two home runs kicked off the game for us,
That slam negated all offense we had.
Recently, it’s been giving me a fuss
And overall, this month I ain’t been glad.
I wrote this sonnet late – I know the fate
Of what happens tomorrow. Yu, I rate.

12 September 2017: The darkness fades as Clayton led the charge (w/ bonus haiku)

The darkness fades as Clayton led the charge
Into the light of wished-for victory!
Success in breaking San Francisco’s barge
And snapping our long streak of misery.
To get us in the game, Chase made it splash!
Then Clayton raked a double – how bizarre!
The park could barely hold Puig’s monster smash
That ended up a two-run double. Stars
Were shining, but ’twas scary near the end
For Kenley. Through the struggle, he still saved
The game and satisfaction did descend
Upon our team that’s waited, suffered, craved.
Mechanics have been really rough for Yu,
But I have hope tonight he will come through.

A playoff spot clinched
Received autumn’s guarantee
Division is next

7 September 2017: To which god must we make a sacrifice

To which god must we make a sacrifice
If we would like to win another game?
Not even Kershaw could thaw out the ice!
What must we do to bring back our old flame?
There was one plus: Walker Buehler’s debut!
Two scoreless innings to start his career
Is awesome, and light in a time so mute.
For this reason, last night I shed no tear.
What’s going on? That’s seven straight we’ve lost.
My optimism says that we are just
Getting it out of our system. The frost
Better subside. We must shake off the rust.
Can Darvish drag us out of this darkness?
If so, this proves our team is not a mess.