23 July 2017: I do not think a win will heal the pain

I do not think a win will heal the pain
Residing in our greatest pitcher’s back.
Though walk offs always bring a lot of gain,
On this occasion, cheering on feels whack.
The offense gave its all, as Cody B
And Austin went yard to provide four runs.
But Kenley blew the save – how unlucky!
Before that, our relievers banged like guns.
A state of melancholy while He’s gone.
For four to six weeks, we will have to cope
And win a lot without His throwing brawn.
Return as soon as possible, we hope!
The men from Minnesota last night flew
From Michigan to here – they’ll face Ryu.

18 July 2017: That’s ten straight, yet again – hard to believe

That’s ten straight, yet again – hard to believe
How good this team has been; no faults are there
To see. There’s nothing Kershaw can’t achieve
As witnessed in his seven frames of flare!
So many chances missed, but in the end
It did not matter. All we needed was
Young Cody’s single which drove in his friend
Chris Taylor in the first to our applause.
The bullpen held the lead and all was well
As Kenley got the save. That’s thirty wins
In our last thirty-four! We’ve given hell
To every team that tries to cut our chins.
Can we continue such a wondrous streak?
It’s up to Kenta to make White Sox weak.

9 July 2017: At last, a game complete from Clayton’s arm!

At last, a game complete from Clayton’s arm!
Though not a shutout, thirteen Royals took
A seat at Kershaw’s mercy – how unfair!
Each whiff he wound deserves a second look.
The king of gingers hit a pair of bombs
That lead the five-run charge to victory.
Included in that jolt is Austin’s alms
He gave to left-center in a hurry.
The All-Star break is here, and we’re the best!
Another sweep is written in the times.
We’re sending six sensations ‘way from West
O’er to Miami, where they all will shine.
Sit back, relax, and let the days soak in,
For there is no game for a while, so grin.

4 July 2017: The smell of snakes surrounds the spikes on cleats #VoteJT

The smell of snakes surrounds the spikes on cleats
As Clayton furthered proof he’s o’er the rest,
Forbidding hits like litter on the streets
And gritting hard to prove that he’s the best.
Our ginger savior had a night as well
On his campaign to get that final vote
To take Miami in the All Stars’ cell,
So to him this sonnet I will devote.
How does a man who hits so well get snubbed
Like diamonds in the market’s dairy sect?
Consistency that no one else has rubbed,
Yet he has not seen a tad of respect.
So while Wood throws tonight (he also should
Be in the game), please vote, for JT’s good!

29 June 2017: The man’s the best, what else is there to say?

The man’s the best, what else is there to say?
It’s just another Kershaw start to us
But to the league it signals no hooray
From batters who can’t seem to find a plus.
No trouble did our offense have last night
As Joc, Chase, Puig all found the outfield seats!
A Dodger record set for monthly home run height
Which caused a lot of H-R’s on the sheets!
The series ends up split, no worse than loss
And Kenley found a chance to get a save.
But we’ve continued to show who is boss
While riding such a swelling tidal wave!
The fathers of the south host the next three,
And Wood will hit the Padres off the tee.

24 June 2017: Oh nine, so fine! We’re rolling like a stone

Oh nine, so fine! We’re rolling like a stone,
But uphill is our climb – no stopping us!
It’s such a treat to lay back in our throne
Without having to witness any fuss!
Six frames did Clayton go – no runs allowed,
Despite the sticky jams he got into.
His confidence made sure there was no cloud
To hover over such a coming through!
A knock from Joc assisted in the quest,
And so did Clayton’s bases loaded walk!
Grandal and Kiké’s singles also blessed
The score, and in the end we upped our stock!
A sweep lurks in the crystal ball today,
McCarthy’s on the hill – do good, I pray.

19 June 2017: “Would you like two more bombs?” asked Bellinger

“Would you like two more bombs?” asked Bellinger.
Replied we did with “yes” and so he swung!
To right field did the shots get delivered,
So other sluggers might as well have hung
The white flag! Though our ace was not himself,
Sir Clayton did enough to hold our lead.
The bullpen back to its consistent help
Created for our closer no such need.
Sir Turner also sparked the skies with grace!
Some ribbies here and there to spice it up
Like peppers; lesser was not Taylor’s place
Whose two-for-five was sweet just like syrup.
So hot we are, so people place your bets
Tonight, since B-Mac looks to beat the Mets!