19 June 2017: “Would you like two more bombs?” asked Bellinger

“Would you like two more bombs?” asked Bellinger.
Replied we did with “yes” and so he swung!
To right field did the shots get delivered,
So other sluggers might as well have hung
The white flag! Though our ace was not himself,
Sir Clayton did enough to hold our lead.
The bullpen back to its consistent help
Created for our closer no such need.
Sir Turner also sparked the skies with grace!
Some ribbies here and there to spice it up
Like peppers; lesser was not Taylor’s place
Whose two-for-five was sweet just like syrup.
So hot we are, so people place your bets
Tonight, since B-Mac looks to beat the Mets!

16 June 2017: Clutch performance from both bats and Wood!

Clutch performance from both bats and Wood!
The runs less than expected in this park,
But triumph we still did – on top we stood!
And here is how we lift our victor’s mark:
A Joc pop in the second gave us one.
The very next frame, Taylor doubled in
JT. Then in the eighth, our pitcher stunned
By driving in a run – deliver grin!
‘Twas almost shutout for our second ace,
Until he let a homer in the eighth.
When Kenley gave their speedster second base,
He threw nine pitches just to crush their faith!
Today, our Incheon warrior will try
To do his best to halt collective cry.

5 June 2017: A dormant offense does not win a game

A dormant offense does not win a game;
It must be up and at ‘em from the start!
This game proved that we can’t just light the flame
Right as it’s ‘bout to end – the plan’s not smart!
Though Ryu went distance throwing seven
Innings, the offense could not equate
The Nats’ four runs; our Boys just could not leaven
The game’s tone, although the gap’s not great.
The pluses did exist in Taylor’s clutch
Two-bagger that changed our score from a zero.
In the ninth, young Cody did as much
But backwards K on Yaz prevented hero.
A fearless ace named Scherzer’s on the other side
Tonight, so B-Mac, with his wisdom, must provide!

3 June 2017: Do not lose hope until the final out!

Do not lose hope until the final out!
There’s nine frames for a reason, proved by Chris
Who, with the grandest slam, turned it around
And transformed our depression into bliss!
A rocky time for Rich—he just threw four
And let as many batters walk to first.
The bullpen also failed to silence score
As often-strong Josh Fields was at his worst.
But once the slam occurred, we turned to him:
The greatest closer in the leagues today.
Sir Kenley got the save since lead was slim
And in the highest place is where we stay!
A sweep is what I smell! But only if
Maeda sticks it out and makes them whiff.

27 May 2017: Another blanking of the bears in blue!

Another blanking of the bears in blue!
The pitching and the offense strong again
Despite not hitting until Kiké’s two-
Bagger in inning four, then was brought in
By Chase the Sage, who knocked in three in all;
His powers have arisen from the dust!
Beside him was Chris Taylor; o’er the wall
Did he send one that made John Lackey cuss!
McCarthy’s six saw barely any hits
And not a single run from Wrigley’s squad!
Then Stripling pitched for three in blue-clad blitz
To get the save, and for that, we applaud.
A sweep on the horizon of L.A.,
And likely since King Clayton throws today!

25 May 2017: His pitches were not sharp, so Kenta helped offensively

His pitches were not sharp, so Kenta helped
Offensively to put our team ahead!
We started weak, but then made Wacha yelp
As we cruised on to put the Cards to bed.
After Maeda improved over time,
Ryu took over in the long relief
And four scoreless innings thrown on a dime;
The save for us to make win the motif.
Sir Chase of Pasadena hit his first
Fence-clearer of the year: the strength of age!
Sir Taylor and Sir Kiké showed their thirst
To stay as starters for more than one page!
From Wrigley, our next challenger has come.
Sir Wood will do his best to make them glum.

19 May 2017: The fish are whiny when we dominate

The fish are whiny when we dominate
And Wood did that in over seven frames.
His scoreless streak is over twenty straight
And seems like he can hit each spot he aims.
Sir Taylor shone again with beastly stick,
Three hits in four at-bats as leadoff man.
But Puig was forced to leave with back too sick
Though Eibner solved that problem with a jam.
A strange event, though, after Cody’s nuke,
For the next better was drilled in the ribs.
So throwing behind Stanton – our rebuke
Against the team so childish, wearing bibs.
The series at least tied, so Julio
Will throw game three and we’ll go with the flow.