4 July 2018: The seven seas be swept by many swings!

The seven seas be swept by many swings!
Such energy akin to fireworks
That burst throughout the air last night. With wings
Did baseballs fly by Chris & Grandal’s smirks!
Three RBIs from each proved just enough
For Rich to pitch a game I’d call quite nice.
He ran the bases like a cheetah! Rough
Would be an insult to his speedy spice.
Hope I have that his awkward slide will not
Return him to the list of men in pain.
Much closer to division lead we’ve gotten
But today we’ll just relax near reign.
A gallop on the freeways to the place
Where angels get to fly around in space.


25 June 2018: In all submission and humility!

In all submission and humility
Did Kenta put the Cubs in! Over seven
Frames were they kept scoreless! Far from spree
Was either team, but in the, ’twas heaven
Given to the crew in blue. Give thanks
To Kiké’s early shot, and then to Chris,
Whose late home run insured the future ranks
And let us send Chicago one cold kiss.
Some chances to extend the lead were squashed
By defense strong from Cubs. Hey, check the board,
For we’re now in a playoff spot! How washed
That stretch of stink is now! Keep that ignored.
Tonight a start for Ross, who wasn’t great
Last time. But now, he’s got a cleaner slate.

1 June 2018: Ah, Coors, what wild games that you produce!

Ah, Coors, what wild games that you produce!
As they say, “Up in Denver, no lead’s safe
From wrath of altitude.” The bats get loose
And many times did each team’s offense strafe.
Sir Taylor drove in four; three came home from
A bomb in inning six that sent ahead
This team! And banish four hits with the drum
Is what Puig did! It also must be said
That Santana’s debut was rough on mound
But not when at the plate! He drove in two
In his first at-bat! I just love the sound
Of coming back. It feels good to be blue!
Good luck to Walker; I pray discontent
Does not exist at his first Coors event.

27 May 2018: Again, strong was the arm of Buehler young!

Again, strong was the arm of Buehler young!
The Padres just, at all, had not a chance
Across his seven frames. Oh what he’s done
Has been remarkable. He knows the dance!
In the rotation he seems to locked.
How helpful it was for the bats to be
In fullest flow! The Padres’ pen was rocked
By knights such as Sirs Chris, Max, and Cody!
Three series straight we’ve won! ‘Tis sweet to hear
A better narrative of this strange team
That has been up and down to start the year!
Division win now seems less of a dream.
This week kicks off with Brock throwing the rock
Unto the Phillies. Let us take a walk!

22 May 2018: By powers of Sirs Chris and Yasiel…

By powers of Sirs Chris and Yasiel,
We overcame what I expected would
Be just another loss. Instead, how well
The ending was! Each win we get is good
Enough for me, no matter what it takes.
It helps when savior Chris and Cuban Crush
Decide, as back-to-back, to wield the rakes.
Sometimes this offense gives me such a rush!
We’re now the closest that we’ve been to first
Since just one month ago. The hope still shines
Like pixels in the black of heaven’s thirst.
The pattern’s pointing towards much better signs!
To win the series, Kenta takes his place
And aims to bend the rules of time and space.

9 May 2018: A bright spot finally! Though it was odd.

A bright spot finally! Though it was odd
With how we won. Two runs came in upon
A wild pitch for each. To help the squad,
Young Farmer hit a sac fly. Then, it dawned
On Chris that he was hit; that brought it one!
To insure victory, Chase sent in two
Through means of double! Still my stress weighed ton
Until the 1-2-3 that Kenley threw.
Again, Wood was not bad but got no win
To change the zero in parentheses.
And Puig’s return with three hits made me grin!
I wish this team would play more games like these.
A series split, and now onto the Reds
Who visit us. I hope we’ll have clear heads.

5 May 2018: The cycle of the bullpen: what a thrill.

The cycle of the bullpen: what a thrill.
One day, they finish off a hitless game
And then the next, they go against the will
Of victory. No reason for acclaim
Last night; not even Kenta could control.
The bats brought in ten hits, and runs were four.
Two 3-for-4 nights from Matt and Chris, stolen
By Josh Fields’ performance: dull and poor.
But not alone is he, since Hudson’s woes
Continued to increase his ERA.
Despite this game, I feel that Mexico’s
Been kind to us. But there’s still one to play.
It will be Ross who’ll get to toss the seams
And hopefully we’ll win, like in my dreams.