18 August 2017: So many doubles hit that I lost count!

So many doubles hit that I lost count!
Our offense never stopped, no brakes to press.
A four-hit game from Taylor, what a mount
To win after a trailing; no more stress.
The runs enough to help Rich get the win
With three earned runs on his part – no big deal!
A-Gon came back real strong; we missed his grin
And saw it more than once when game was sealed!
To push us in the lead, that’s Corey’s feat.
Though bullpen gave up two, insurance saved
And comforted the fears that roam the street
Of feelings negative that we have waived.
The afternoon sees Ryu take control
To win another start – he’s on a roll!

4 August 2017: Yu had me at hello, and how he pitched

Yu had me at hello, and how he pitched
In his debut was marvelous indeed!
O’er seven frames, the Mets were stuck in ditch
As Darvish dished ten K’s and shut their steed!
And in the tops, our offense rocked deGrom!
A leadoff shot from Chris T. was the first,
Then Puig hit his career-high twenty-bomb!
But done we weren’t, for when the city’s worst
Enemy, Chase, went up, he crushed to right!
Appropriate it was for many hugs
To go all around the clubhouse last night!
We beat up each team like a gang of thugs.
The man with landform surname comes today.
Rich Hill, the killer, looks to slay his prey.

3 August 2017: The skies are blue again – our triumph’s work!

The skies are blue again – our triumph’s work!
It’s been two months since we’ve lost a series.
To the team that beat us thrice, we smirked,
For no club can put L.A.’s team at ease!
Sir Wood hurled six, and though it was not smooth,
His grit cut like a knife into a steak.
With Taylor’s magic bat, our offense soothed
The stress that howled each time we needed break.
Their starter gave us many passes free:
‘Twas seven times he dealt us with four balls.
A little rough debut for Tony C,
So we hope that he’ll bloom when duty calls.
“Konnichiwa!” says Yu to Dodger fans!
His first start is today, so clap your hands.

1 August 2017: Oh Kenta in your cloak – you owned the Braves!

Oh Kenta in your cloak – you owned the Braves!
A motivated man he was on mound,
As seen in his exquisite seven frames;
Just two hits and one walk – that’s all they found!
Our offense did enough in many ways.
We needed just three runs, and those came from
A Taylor double, Cody’s bomb buffet,
Then Puig’s baserunning adding to the sum!
Unfazed when Ravin gave up that late shot;
We put in new guy Watson, found success!
Then Kenley, just like a Superman plot,
Delivered us from evil; what a bless!
Nine straight, again, so who will go for ten?
Brock Stewart will! Here’s hoping that he can.

28 July 2017: They give us all we want, and then some more

They give us all we want, and then some more.
These Dodgers always find a way to win;
Last night we won with two longshots from Corey,
But it did not come easy to grin!
Until the seventh, we were doing fine.
Then Wood had trouble; hated ones scored three.
The next half-frame – that was our time to shine
And put up four! A sight it was to see
Yasiel and Chris contribute to that jolt!
The bullpen afterwards did their job well.
Sir Morrow ‘specially threw lightning bolts
And Kenley saved the game upon his swell!
No stars will shine – today’s game is at one.
Rich Hill will take the mound and have some fun!

25 July 2017: Abnormal team they are, with seventy

Abnormal team they are, with seventy
Wins underneath their belt before August!
Assistance given gladly by Chris T:
In his eyes we believe, his bat we trust.
Impressive has his bat been since the break.
He should have been an All-Star, but alas!
The Twins goofed up when attempting to make
A double switch – took WAY too long to pass.
Oh, Kenta was alright at both the plate
And mound! Then Ravin came to pitch three rounds
To get a save that closed the silver gate.
This team is really far beyond the bounds!
Tonight, Brock makes his starting presence known
As we attempt to reinforce our throne.

24 July 2017: When darkness falls, the light of Cody shines

When darkness falls, the light of Cody shines
Around the diamond, saving with his jack
That soared past center yond enemy lines
To give us needed lead! Now we are back
Into the winning groove! That is three straight.
Paredes, who’d been minor leaguer long,
Received his chance and got the win of late.
Then Kenley came and righted yester’s wrong.
Forgot not when Yaz and Joc hit their shots,
Then Puig took three bags; Chris then drove him in!
And without Clayton, we still ‘nect the dots,
So no big deal! It’s business as it’s been.
Maeda’s marked to make the night real nice.
If he goes six, the bats will dash with spice.