17 October 2017 (NLCS, Game 3): The NL pennant is within our reach!

The NL pennant is within our reach!
A dominating Darvish kept the Cubs
From polluting upon our blue-sand beach!
Are we playing a team or group of scrubs?
Andre displayed a vintage performance
By tying up the game with solo shot!
Then later, Taylor did a happy dance
And crushed one far to cut the naughty knot!
Incredible when Yu got walked on four
Straight balls with bases loaded – what a joke!
But our bullpen was excellent! On floor
Has my jaw been this series: pen stays woke!
Does anybody here possess a broom?
If Wood succeeds, the pennant’s in our womb!


30 September 2017: The most victorious in L.A.’s time!

The most victorious in L.A.’s time!
Additionally, we have clinched home field
Advantage all the way in autumn’s climb.
And at the end, the bracket has been sealed.
Uncanny Kershaw was not near his best,
So bullpen took the ropes for final five
And kept their bats from opening like chest
At Port Royal. Productive outs contrived
By Chris pushed us into the needed lead!
Another shot from Puig that spurred some cheers
Since Dodger fans go everywhere we tread!
A four-out Kenley save then soothed our gears.
The final game of season comes today
And matter it does not, so drink away!

18 September 2017: Such rarity: a grand slam flew by Kersh!

Such rarity: a grand slam flew by Kersh!
‘Twas the first given up in his career!
Impressive swing by Altherr, though it hurts
To lose the game because of one big smear.
Surprise indeed came over everyone,
Especially the teammates who believed
That Clayton was incapable of stun.
But kudos to the batter who achieved.
Though two home runs kicked off the game for us,
That slam negated all offense we had.
Recently, it’s been giving me a fuss
And overall, this month I ain’t been glad.
I wrote this sonnet late – I know the fate
Of what happens tomorrow. Yu, I rate.

3 September 2017: The Wood was burned; both bats and pitcher failed

The Wood was burned; both bats and pitcher failed
To bring light in our season’s roughest stretch.
Despite two shots from Chris and Cody, jailed
It seems our winning ways have been. A wretch
Of a team they’ve become in recent days.
But as Doc said, this dip will only shake
And not destroy. ‘Tis really hard to faze
This team; we just need something that will wake
The magic that has taken a siesta
With that comfy lead, though snakes are hot
And trying to disturb our fall fiesta.
Time to boil serpents in the pot!
Redeem yourself, oh Rich! You’re back at home
And shine you shall like stars’ effect on chrome!

29 August 2017: An early blow to Rich did set us back

An early blow to Rich did set us back.
Those five runs haunted since our bats did rake
And made it hard to take lead by attack;
One run away from fixing the mistake.
A somewhat happy birthday to dear Chris
Who hit a festive bomb to left-field stands!
Another shot from Puig means one more kiss
For Turner Ward! Too bad that our demands
Of winning were left quite unsatisfied
Since at the end, we had two men on base.
And with some hits, we might have more than tied,
But groundout was the fate we had to face.
Ryu has not faced snakes in o’er three years.
With pride, we hope he’ll win and bring us cheers!

22 August 2017: The bullpen saves! For that, we give them praise

The bullpen saves! For that, we give them praise
In taking over when Brock could not get
An out during the third. Extinguished blaze
They did, and Kenley closed to save the threat.
Sir Taylor led the bats all night with three
Hits and runs batted in! A milestone
For Adrian: two thousand hits, with glee!
He did that with a double in his zone.
When Yasmani dropped the bat, we just knew
The ball was gone; indeed, the sphere was crushed
Like hopes and dreams that other teams hold to
Before we win and leave them feeling hushed.
The third of four in Pittsburgh is tonight
And with Hill on the mound, I feel alright.

18 August 2017: So many doubles hit that I lost count!

So many doubles hit that I lost count!
Our offense never stopped, no brakes to press.
A four-hit game from Taylor, what a mount
To win after a trailing; no more stress.
The runs enough to help Rich get the win
With three earned runs on his part – no big deal!
A-Gon came back real strong; we missed his grin
And saw it more than once when game was sealed!
To push us in the lead, that’s Corey’s feat.
Though bullpen gave up two, insurance saved
And comforted the fears that roam the street
Of feelings negative that we have waived.
The afternoon sees Ryu take control
To win another start – he’s on a roll!