9 May 2018: A bright spot finally! Though it was odd.

A bright spot finally! Though it was odd
With how we won. Two runs came in upon
A wild pitch for each. To help the squad,
Young Farmer hit a sac fly. Then, it dawned
On Chris that he was hit; that brought it one!
To insure victory, Chase sent in two
Through means of double! Still my stress weighed ton
Until the 1-2-3 that Kenley threw.
Again, Wood was not bad but got no win
To change the zero in parentheses.
And Puig’s return with three hits made me grin!
I wish this team would play more games like these.
A series split, and now onto the Reds
Who visit us. I hope we’ll have clear heads.


28 April 2018 (part 1): A thrashing on the bay occurred in day!

A thrashing on the bay occurred in day!
Excessive one may think of fifteen runs
To Giants’ six, but I must proclaim “nay”.
In fact, I wanted more shots from the guns!
Those twenty hits included doubles three
From Chase and four hits from the popper Joc!
And on the mound was Buehler; he felt free
After a rough first inning. Then he rocked.
But now sore are the ankle and the hip
Of Puig, though X-rays did not show a break.
Just a contusion, there’s no Cuban chip!
Now this was just game one, make no mistake
That later in the night, we played game two
And Alex Wood was charged with saying “shoo!”

25 April 2018: Pathetic was the night. Forgettable.

Pathetic was the night. Forgettable,
This series needs to be put in the past
So Kershaw’s six walks are under table
And offense’s lethargy doesn’t last.
Though bats showed life towards end, ’twas much too late
To open up their hearts unto the score.
Kemp and Grandal hit homers that were great
But still not close enough do the chore.
And even veterans can make mistakes
As Utley did by throwing one away
That ended up to be a stomachache
Since we’d have tied if not for that delay.
The train keeps moving on; this time, up north
To rivals in the bay. Ryu comes forth!

18 April 2018: How clean the city looks once it is swept!

How clean the city looks once it is swept!
Last night, all cylinders were firing strong.
Upon the mound, Maeda’s matches wept
And struck out ten times, filled with somber song.
A first home run for us by Muncy young!
And Corey seems to be back in his place.
He knocked four hits and drove in three of run.
Forget not the two RBIs from Chase!
When Kenta’s start concluded, bullpen shone
Like ponds enclosed in gardens of the light.
So have we fin’lly left the danger zone?
We’ll get a better answer ‘morrow night
When we take on the team that’s from D.C.
And Kershaw faces Scherzer: that’s must-see!

17 April 2018: I recognize the win, but there’s still stress.

I recognize the win, but there’s still stress
That comes from watching Kenley blow another
Save; this month, he’s been a total mess
Without control and speed. I get high blood
Pressure whenever he lets a home run.
But moving on from that, Yasmani rocked
In extra innings, keeping the deed done
With double in the twelfth; the win was locked.
A milestone for Chase the veteran
As he was beaned for the two-hundredth time
In his career! To find a better man
Would be as hard as Ev’rest is to climb.
The goal is sweep, and Kenta has the task
In Petco Park to put them in the cask.

7 April 2018: I have no words. So far, this team has hurt.

I have no words. So far, this team has hurt
My soul in ways I did not know could sting.
It’s hard to blame the pitching when the work
On the offensive side can’t do a thing
With runners in a circumstance to score.
Please learn a lesson from the Cutch, for he
Knows how to work a count and hold the door
So that a long fly ball can score them three.
Oh, Wilmer Font, I know you tried quite hard,
But in the end you slipped. At least ole Chase,
For the first time this season, hit the yard.
There’s nothing more to say about this case.
So shall we try again? Oh, Kershaw, hope
Is here that you can win. Tie them in rope!

31 October 2017 (World Series, Game 6): And now, each team is one win from the gold.

And now, each team is one win from the gold.
We figured out Verlander to prolong
This Series of a lifetime! Now we’ve rolled
Into November for the final song.
The first five frames were frightening. Hill just
Went less than five, but was not terrible.
Chase took a hit by pitch; part of his lust.
That kept alive the chance to save the world!
Chris tied it up with double! Corey sac’d
To take the lead! Then next frame, Joctober
Continued with an oppo bomb so whacked!
Then Kenley pitched 6 outs to say “over.”
Tonight’s the final stand. Le jeu ultime.
May baseball gods bless Yu to lead This Team.