31 October 2017 (World Series, Game 6): And now, each team is one win from the gold.

And now, each team is one win from the gold.
We figured out Verlander to prolong
This Series of a lifetime! Now we’ve rolled
Into November for the final song.
The first five frames were frightening. Hill just
Went less than five, but was not terrible.
Chase took a hit by pitch; part of his lust.
That kept alive the chance to save the world!
Chris tied it up with double! Corey sac’d
To take the lead! Then next frame, Joctober
Continued with an oppo bomb so whacked!
Then Kenley pitched 6 outs to say “over.”
Tonight’s the final stand. Le jeu ultime.
May baseball gods bless Yu to lead This Team.


12 September 2017: The darkness fades as Clayton led the charge (w/ bonus haiku)

The darkness fades as Clayton led the charge
Into the light of wished-for victory!
Success in breaking San Francisco’s barge
And snapping our long streak of misery.
To get us in the game, Chase made it splash!
Then Clayton raked a double – how bizarre!
The park could barely hold Puig’s monster smash
That ended up a two-run double. Stars
Were shining, but ’twas scary near the end
For Kenley. Through the struggle, he still saved
The game and satisfaction did descend
Upon our team that’s waited, suffered, craved.
Mechanics have been really rough for Yu,
But I have hope tonight he will come through.

A playoff spot clinched
Received autumn’s guarantee
Division is next

1 September 2017: Arise, you ace! A wonderful return

Arise, you ace! A wonderful return
Upon the hill – oh Kershaw, you amaze
As San Diego indeed felt the burn
That comes when you deliver them your blaze.
Despite an offense derelict, we still
Were able to get one – thanks Silver Fox
For that base hit to ensure not a nil,
Allowing us a whiskey on the rocks.
The premiere of Verdugo was last night,
And though he did not get his first base hit,
‘Tis tight to see the future in this fight.
The prospects always look good with new mitts.
A doubleheader? For us, that is rare!
Brock has game 1, then Yu, game 2 – how fair!

27 August 2017: The Brewers got the best of us last day

The Brewers got the best of us last day
And in this series; first we’ve lost since June!
It’s hard when Yu’s pitches don’t go his way,
Shortening his return in afternoon.
We did not get a hit ’til Silver Fox
Pinch hit in inning six and singled into
Center field. Two runs we add to box
Were not enough to have a chance to win.
Good news though came today, our ace returns
On Friday when we face San Diego!
Oh Kershaw, though without you no concerns
Have risen, we have missed you – welcome, ho!
Relax we shall. Today there’s not a game.
Rich Hill returns tomorrow – great, his flame!

4 August 2017: Yu had me at hello, and how he pitched

Yu had me at hello, and how he pitched
In his debut was marvelous indeed!
O’er seven frames, the Mets were stuck in ditch
As Darvish dished ten K’s and shut their steed!
And in the tops, our offense rocked deGrom!
A leadoff shot from Chris T. was the first,
Then Puig hit his career-high twenty-bomb!
But done we weren’t, for when the city’s worst
Enemy, Chase, went up, he crushed to right!
Appropriate it was for many hugs
To go all around the clubhouse last night!
We beat up each team like a gang of thugs.
The man with landform surname comes today.
Rich Hill, the killer, looks to slay his prey.

30 July 2017: Where does our comeback magic emanate?

Where does our comeback magic emanate?
For Farmer, in his first swing, won the game
To sweep the hated ones and take eight straight!
So put that stretched-out jersey in a frame!
Both starters, Bum and Ryu, showed up strong,
Then Fields gave up a home run that untied.
But after Chase’s hustle, Puig came ‘long!
The rest you know, but there were other plays
Like Kiké throwing Crawford out at home!
The boys induce a state of Odoacer
That makes every foe fall just like Rome!
The deadline is today, and how I hope
We’ll make a move that moves us up the rope!

26 July 2017: Another comeback! Thanks to Ginger Christ

Another comeback! Thanks to Ginger Christ,
We fought back from five down to nail the sweep!
Some shoddy early defense made hopes iced,
But in the end, we got a game to keep!
Our pitching was alright – the bullpen strong
Like diamonds underneath a gamma ray.
The dongs from Puig and Joc went far and very long,
And Chase was close to one – his hair so gray
But heart still burning! Wolverine’s sac fly
Was very strange, but it still tied the game!
Then JT came to say hello, goodbye!
And that’s five straight that we will gladly claim.
We have a day to rest before we take
On our worst enemies; Wood takes that wake.