4 August 2017: Yu had me at hello, and how he pitched

Yu had me at hello, and how he pitched
In his debut was marvelous indeed!
O’er seven frames, the Mets were stuck in ditch
As Darvish dished ten K’s and shut their steed!
And in the tops, our offense rocked deGrom!
A leadoff shot from Chris T. was the first,
Then Puig hit his career-high twenty-bomb!
But done we weren’t, for when the city’s worst
Enemy, Chase, went up, he crushed to right!
Appropriate it was for many hugs
To go all around the clubhouse last night!
We beat up each team like a gang of thugs.
The man with landform surname comes today.
Rich Hill, the killer, looks to slay his prey.

30 July 2017: Where does our comeback magic emanate?

Where does our comeback magic emanate?
For Farmer, in his first swing, won the game
To sweep the hated ones and take eight straight!
So put that stretched-out jersey in a frame!
Both starters, Bum and Ryu, showed up strong,
Then Fields gave up a home run that untied.
But after Chase’s hustle, Puig came ‘long!
The rest you know, but there were other plays
Like Kiké throwing Crawford out at home!
The boys induce a state of Odoacer
That makes every foe fall just like Rome!
The deadline is today, and how I hope
We’ll make a move that moves us up the rope!

26 July 2017: Another comeback! Thanks to Ginger Christ

Another comeback! Thanks to Ginger Christ,
We fought back from five down to nail the sweep!
Some shoddy early defense made hopes iced,
But in the end, we got a game to keep!
Our pitching was alright – the bullpen strong
Like diamonds underneath a gamma ray.
The dongs from Puig and Joc went far and very long,
And Chase was close to one – his hair so gray
But heart still burning! Wolverine’s sac fly
Was very strange, but it still tied the game!
Then JT came to say hello, goodbye!
And that’s five straight that we will gladly claim.
We have a day to rest before we take
On our worst enemies; Wood takes that wake.

22 July 2017: The lights return to shine upon our team

The lights return to shine upon our team
Like solar-powered warriors of steel!
A Hill plus homers combo is the dream
That warms my longing heart and makes me feel
So happy that Chris Taylor gave his all
By driving in three runs to lead the way!
Then Chase and Corey hit, real hard, the ball
And drilled them to the fans for their display.
How sweet it is for Rich to be himself;
He’s undefeated in this seventh month!
Those rougher times – he’s put them on the self,
With focus on the future, what’s in front? (I hope it’s a World Series)
Good luck Atlanta, today you will face
The greatest pitcher. Clayton, throw your grace.

7 July 2017: Two hot teams met, but we burned more last night

Two hot teams met, but we burned more last night.
Success at home continued – oh Ravine!
With Kenta’s start and bullpen’s quiet might,
We maintained the results of our machine!
A milestone for Chase: his thousandth run
Brought in, though no emotion from his face!
A solo shot from Puig is always fun!
L-F’s and Corey’s singles gave more space.
This team is so much fun – I cannot state
That fact enough! Each Dodger game feels safe
When every single player’s feeling great
And not a single team can bring a strafe!
McCarthy’s back today! He’ll face the heat
From L.A.’s famous summer meet-and-greet.

29 June 2017: The man’s the best, what else is there to say?

The man’s the best, what else is there to say?
It’s just another Kershaw start to us
But to the league it signals no hooray
From batters who can’t seem to find a plus.
No trouble did our offense have last night
As Joc, Chase, Puig all found the outfield seats!
A Dodger record set for monthly home run height
Which caused a lot of H-R’s on the sheets!
The series ends up split, no worse than loss
And Kenley found a chance to get a save.
But we’ve continued to show who is boss
While riding such a swelling tidal wave!
The fathers of the south host the next three,
And Wood will hit the Padres off the tee.

30 May 2017: And just like that, we now control the throne

And just like that, we now control the throne
Of the division, courtesy of six
Straight wins in which we have been in the zone
Thanks to timely, neat offensive tricks!
What started as disaster for defense
Was saved by the arrival of the bats.
At Chase’s lead, we gave the game a sense
Of who would really win: the one whose stats
Have been the more consistent of the two.
The walks we took assisted in our win
Of such an oddly played out rendezvous.
But we will take it any way we can.
There’s two more games to play in Gateway’s land,
And we bring hope that Ryu has command!