24 October 2017 (World Series, Game 1): In His World Series debut, Kershaw choked

In His World Series debut, Kershaw choked
The bats of Houston like a boa’s bind!
As Sandy watched apprentice, joy evoked
Whenever strike three rang throughout the mind!
A speedy game we witnessed! Not a lot
Of offense all around, but on the first
Pitch of the game for Keuchel, Taylor thought
It would be nice to take him deep! That burst
Was mirrored in the sixth when game was tied
And JT knocked in two with one real high!
Then Morrow dealt a 1-2-3 of pride,
And Kenley did his job of saying “Bye!”
Now the first game’s been won, but there are three
More needed. Rich, take hill and bend the knee!


10 August 2017: Around the team, our looks as sharp as spears

Around the team, our looks as sharp as spears
That pierce the air, just like the balls we hit
In every field. Production that brings tears
Of joy to fans keeps lifting the spirit!
Immediately, Kiké gave us lead
By clearing all the bases with a line
Drive double into left! It filled the need
To get out early and make the end fine.
Reptiles tried to rally, and got close
When Morrow let the lead decrease to two.
But we trust Kenley since he always shows
The door to those that try a clever coup!
Back home, they’ve landed to host the Padres,
So Hill will pitch to keep our winning ways!

28 July 2017: They give us all we want, and then some more

They give us all we want, and then some more.
These Dodgers always find a way to win;
Last night we won with two longshots from Corey,
But it did not come easy to grin!
Until the seventh, we were doing fine.
Then Wood had trouble; hated ones scored three.
The next half-frame – that was our time to shine
And put up four! A sight it was to see
Yasiel and Chris contribute to that jolt!
The bullpen afterwards did their job well.
Sir Morrow ‘specially threw lightning bolts
And Kenley saved the game upon his swell!
No stars will shine – today’s game is at one.
Rich Hill will take the mound and have some fun!