25 October 2017 (World Series, Game 2): An epic battle back-and-forth, but sad

An epic battle back-and-forth, but sad
It is that in the end, we did not win.
So many balls sailed far; the bats were rad!
Insanity came at the ninth inning
When Kenley let a shot to tie the game.
Then in the bottom, Cody barely missed
A walk-off shot; the wind is what I blame!
Then Josh Fields sucked and two straight shots were dished.
But next, Puig crushed the candy, brought us close,
Then Kiké brought in Logan: tie revived!
B-Mac then let two score. Hope did not doze
When Charlie made it close! But end arrived.
Exhausted is my state, I need a rest.
Yu’s got game 3; I pray he does his best.


1 October 2017: The marathon has ended with a win

The marathon has ended with a win,
But now October’s sprint awaits our tears
And grins and shouts and every emotion.
One hundred four wins: most in L.A.’s years!
Our bullpen was in charge for this last match;
Subtracting B-Mac’s follies, they did well.
That save by 1-2-3 from Josh has latched
Into my memories; I tag it swell!
So many helpful swings when in the top,
Especially from Seager’s three-for-three
And Joc’s two doubles; vintage was his chop!
Who starts on Friday? That’s no mystery!
It’s Clayton, for who else would start the run?
Oh bless these boys; this trophy must be won.

23 September 2017: The day before was better; bats were bare

The day before was better; bats were bare
Last night as we faced MadBum. Almost all
The way were shut down, until Barnes squared
And sent it into stands, over the wall.
That solo shot was not enough to tie,
And Ryu only got out seven guys.
Then later on, McCarthy came to try
And did alright, returning like one wise.
Feelings of discouragement at the end
When Puig decided to steal second base.
Doc was not pleased and made it known. Depend
We can’t on those bad choices in this race.
Our last game ‘gainst the Giants is this afternoon,
And Kershaw’s in to start, oh what a boon!

20 July 2017: The streak’s finale leaves me bittersweet

The streak’s finale leaves me bittersweet
For it felt like we’d never lose again!
But baseball’s hard; McCarthy was real beat
And struggled like a lobster’s life in Maine.
Atlanta came out early swinging hard
So coming back seemed not so probable.
We had some chances that we did not card,
Deserting problems that were solvable.
Grandal gave hope when smacking one to right
That brought us within three of tying game,
But after that, no runs lit up the night.
We almost got to amplify the flame.
The good named Wood will face his former mates
Today, as we attempt to close the straits.

14 July 2017: The magic from the first half’s still alive!

The magic from the first half’s still alive!
Down to the wire did the team persist
As Puig launched far a ball upon a drive!
It was his second bomb that day he kissed!
Our loss of lead earlier in the game,
Due to B-Mac’s rough day, did not prevent
An ending filled with sadness, doubt, and shame
Where all our hopes for triumph would be spent.
As Dave proclaimed when talking ’bout the win,
“Big players make big plays in big moments.”
That seems to be a theme for this season,
And everything is starting to make sense.
Can we keep up the mojo that we have?
It’s up to Alex Wood – today’s mound nav!

8 July 2017: We walk the walk, but talk about a game!

We walk the walk, but talk about a game!
The end was just the climax of it all.
When we drew four straight walks in the tenth frame,
We could not help but say “Well, that’s baseball!”
Sir Cody’s patience paid off with that walk,
And ‘lest we not forget his tying bomb
That took us off the loser’s chopping block,
Eventually restoring Dodger calm.
A rock from Joc was also hit real far,
Providing for the hottest team in town.
McCarthy came back strong; ’twas not bizarre.
And now we are the best, so please bow down.
There’s one more game before the Stars align.
It’s Kershaw day, and so the sun will shine!

25 June 2017: A perfect ten! Oh what a streak we’re on!

A perfect ten! Oh what a streak we’re on!
Achieved by sweeping team named after peaks.
And crazy was the game; control was gone!
So many wild pitches from the meeks.
It’s just another day for Cody B,
Departing the yard twice – ’twas no big deal.
His domination’s such a thrill to see,
Along with a face that makes ladies squeal.
McCarthy got the yips – we wish him well,
The bullpen did a fine job after him.
And Kenley hit a double – what the hell?!
For Colorado, that must have been grim.
The rivalry connected by the 5
Begins today! Rich Hill vs. Angels – live!