14 July 2018: A comeback almost came! But then it went.

A comeback almost came! But then it went.
We tied it up in inning number nine
By sweet Yasmani double! Then the tenth
Came and Kenley could not stop Calhoun’s spine
From sending one away into the stands.
Toles had a chance to be on third to score
But couldn’t read the ball. Mistakes this grand
Can change the game. But it was not a bore;
That is for sure. Though Wood was not elite,
He did his best to keep the game quite close.
Back out of first we are, but would be neat
To get back in the first place set of clothes.
‘Tis Kershaw on the hill beneath the sun
And win the Freeway Series? Task be done!


13 July 2018: Oh, marvelous and stressful spectacle!

Oh, marvelous and stressful spectacle
Between the teams said to be in same land!
Atop we stay but dialectical
I will not get for I must praise how grand
Sir Muncy’s been! He homered first to right
Last night and then when down did save again
By single bringing in two. Quite a fight
The Halos manifested in the end.
But following Ohtani’s double deep
And then a single making corners full,
Max shone again by casting Heaven’s Leap
Through 6-4-3! Another win to cull!
Wood seeks to claim a win tonight at last
And hopes by batters his throws will have passed!

11 July 2018: Again has Kenta made the night real nice!

Again has Kenta made the night real nice!
The nastiest split-finger in the game
Most likely goes to him. He struck out nine
Once more; ’tis helped him gain his earned acclaim.
But arms alone do not win games, and Matt
Was one of those who brought in runs to get
That victory! And also Logan’s bat
Helped out tonight! We also owe some debt
To Padres’ defense, who at times gave gifts
Unto our runners. What an awful pack
Of gloves down south! Seems built up by some thrifts.
And since snakes lost, we’re now a half-game back!
An All-Star starts tonight! His name is Ross
And rhyme with boss again? Nah. He’ll throw sauce!

10 July 2018: Quite silenced by the rookie we have been.

Quite silenced by the rookie we have been
Besides a Muncy dinger. What a shame
It is to be shut down upon the shin
A second time by Lauer. Not much flame
And glamour came from Hill; four runs in one
Frame from the man was all it took
For Padres’ victory. Not very fun
To see another loss into the book.
Although, Rich went the distance! Nice indeed
To see longevity in that old man.
First place evades again. We really need
To step up to the top and help the fan.
With newborn soon in arms, Maeda makes
A start tonight to snap in half the rakes!

9 July 2018: At last, sweet Toles is back! ‘Tis hard to miss

At last, sweet Toles is back! ‘Tis hard to miss
When his impact’s immediately felt
With two hits that made up the sealing kiss
Of victory for Kershaw’s decent melt
Composed of ash and maple from the sticks
In San Diego’s hands. ‘Tis good to see
His slow return to righteous wrath and tricks
Unlike a single pitcher that can flee!
But back to Toles; my goodness, it’s been long
Since he could make us smile with his charm
And spark that makes each player do less wrong.
I hope he stays forever out of farm!
Recovered from his neck pain, Rich I hope
You’ve done just that. More DL? I can’t cope.

8 July 2018: Three runs from Puig can’t stop Ohtani-san.

Three runs from Puig can’t stop Ohtani-san
Whose pinch hit bomb sent us home with a loss
And helpful it was not that Puig is gone
Most likely for a couple weeks. The boss
Has said he’ll get an MRI, so hope
‘Tis nothing more than minor; he’s been hot!
Wood wasn’t excellent, but I can cope.
Though Chargois, in the seventh, just could not
Keep match tied. Have you heard the word about
Machado? To us, could he really come?
I do not know if we need him, but doubt
Not in my mind he’d help. For now, just hum.
Our friends in San Diego host for four
And Kershaw’s starter one; go roast the boar!

7 July 2018: Another outing fine for rocking Ross!

Another outing fine for rocking Ross
Whom in six limited the flying team
To just one run and three meek hits. A boss
He was in Disney’s land! The only scream
From Angels’ bats was Trout the Great’s home run.
Well, neither team was loud upon the box
But our crew put up two more than their one
Thanks to Puig’s homer and JT’s orange locks.
Today we’ll see which Dodgers make the squad
To represent among the best of those
That let the pitchers hit. I pray to gods
Of baseball that Kemp gets to start the shows.
But also, we must wrap up freeway stint
With Wood tonight attempting to throw flint.