23 June 2017: That’s eight straight times that fate has gone our way!

That’s eight straight times that fate has gone our way!
A great start to our hosting of the Rocks,
With Wood headlining keeping them at bay;
There was no use for them to clean their socks!
The offense bright again, but just one home
Run this time: that was Puig’s far-flying shot!
A healthy dose of base hits upped the ohm
Count; Cody’s RBIs, I’d not forgot!
The frights we had when Corey’s leg looked hurt
And prayers we sent to banish the severe.
But just a cramp it was – could be much worse!
So it is looking like we’ll have no fear!
Is nine the next streak that we will achieve?
With Kershaw on the mound, I do believe.

16 June 2017: Clutch performance from both bats and Wood!

Clutch performance from both bats and Wood!
The runs less than expected in this park,
But triumph we still did – on top we stood!
And here is how we lift our victor’s mark:
A Joc pop in the second gave us one.
The very next frame, Taylor doubled in
JT. Then in the eighth, our pitcher stunned
By driving in a run – deliver grin!
‘Twas almost shutout for our second ace,
Until he let a homer in the eighth.
When Kenley gave their speedster second base,
He threw nine pitches just to crush their faith!
Today, our Incheon warrior will try
To do his best to halt collective cry.

10 June 2017: The wonders of our shortstop shall be sung!

The wonders of our shortstop shall be sung!
Since for the first time, he has walked it off!
‘Twas almost caught, so for the Reds it stung
And as we won, at them we merely scoffed!
Sir Wood returned and did, for most part, well,
Despite a situation that he got
Into in inning six, which caused a tie of hell
That spiced up an already real hot plot.
The first frame saw much offense; Cody went
O’er fence in right to start the wondrous night.
The end saw Kenley keep the game content
Which led to victory to end the fight!
So sweep is in our grasp, if Ryu can
Pitch deep and keep at bay the Cincy man!

26 May 2017: Defeated are the Cubs at Sir Wood’s sword!

Defeated are the Cubs at Sir Wood’s sword!
Their two hits not enough to clean a speck
As Alex nulled their total of runs scored
In his five innings – not so much a trek.
The veterans A-Gon and Chase displayed
Their still existent power in their bats!
Both sending songs to center with a blade
Of ash that boosted both their batting stats.
Yasmani, recently afire, clutched
The moment, bringing in Sir Corey’s feet
To add a run for insurance and such,
But ‘twas no need, for Cubs were beat.
Tonight, B-Mac, who’s been sweet as of late,
Will also try to close Chicago’s gate.

19 May 2017: The fish are whiny when we dominate

The fish are whiny when we dominate
And Wood did that in over seven frames.
His scoreless streak is over twenty straight
And seems like he can hit each spot he aims.
Sir Taylor shone again with beastly stick,
Three hits in four at-bats as leadoff man.
But Puig was forced to leave with back too sick
Though Eibner solved that problem with a jam.
A strange event, though, after Cody’s nuke,
For the next better was drilled in the ribs.
So throwing behind Stanton – our rebuke
Against the team so childish, wearing bibs.
The series at least tied, so Julio
Will throw game three and we’ll go with the flow.

13 May 2017: The wrath of Wood continued to be felt

The wrath of Wood continued to be felt;
This time, in Colorado’s cooler place.
Ten K’s in six to boot; the strikes were dealt
And barely any Rockies got on base.
As for the Dodger offense: they made use
Of Coorsmen’s inability to swing.
Four runs included Eibner’s first caboose
In blue; one step closer to being king
Of the division. Though the youngest men—
Lads Cody and Corey struggled to hit,
Relief was found and given by bullpen
To force the other team into a quit.
The chance of next day to take over’s here,
But since it’s Coors, there’s always much to fear.

8 May 2017: Another slam! This time from noble Chris

Another slam! This time from noble Chris,
Whose launch from home drove fans into a craze
By capping off a frame where runs count six,
Providing room for Wood to go ablaze
And strike out dozen minus one in five!
The offense kept the train a rollin’ all
The way to territory where we thrive
And get hits fifteen times (twice o’er the wall)!
The rhythms in our swings: they radiate
Of competition and an urge to win
So often that each team respects and hates
Our numbers when we take them for a spin.
Tonight, we’ll put our lad back to the test:
The Bucs vs. Young Urías of the West.