15 August 2017: Sometimes we wait real late to take the win

Sometimes we wait real late to take the win.
Last night, until the eighth, the game was tied.
Then five runs came! We quickly hit their shin
And said, “This is L.A., you’re on our ride.”
Wood’s only blemish was a leadoff shot
He let. Despite that, seven innings swell!
The bullpen followed; let us hitters hot
Move far ahead by hitting balls like hell!
Barnes broke it wide, then Corey did some more!
We did not need a Kenley to save game,
Since six us, them one, was the final score!
Still, no one’s able to put out our flame.
A happy birthday to our newest friend,
Yu Darvish! Pitch well! Our wishes, we send.

9 August 2017: We’ve tired a team for the eightieth time

We’ve tired a team for the eightieth time,
And from behind we came to pull it off!
The first strike from another Cody dime,
His thirty third – it makes our rivals scoff.
Wood looked alright, but by himself he could
Not win for us; ‘Twas up to Joc and Puig.
The first man dubbed to right to tie it good,
Then Yasiel gave hell and lead was swigged!
Our bullpen (Josh and Jansen) kept at bay
The Diamondbacks’ desires to retrieve
A lead they once possessed, but we said “nay”
And were content with what we did achieve!
It is start two for Yu in his blue gear.
To victory, we hope his arm can steer!

3 August 2017: The skies are blue again – our triumph’s work!

The skies are blue again – our triumph’s work!
It’s been two months since we’ve lost a series.
To the team that beat us thrice, we smirked,
For no club can put L.A.’s team at ease!
Sir Wood hurled six, and though it was not smooth,
His grit cut like a knife into a steak.
With Taylor’s magic bat, our offense soothed
The stress that howled each time we needed break.
Their starter gave us many passes free:
‘Twas seven times he dealt us with four balls.
A little rough debut for Tony C,
So we hope that he’ll bloom when duty calls.
“Konnichiwa!” says Yu to Dodger fans!
His first start is today, so clap your hands.

28 July 2017: They give us all we want, and then some more

They give us all we want, and then some more.
These Dodgers always find a way to win;
Last night we won with two longshots from Corey,
But it did not come easy to grin!
Until the seventh, we were doing fine.
Then Wood had trouble; hated ones scored three.
The next half-frame – that was our time to shine
And put up four! A sight it was to see
Yasiel and Chris contribute to that jolt!
The bullpen afterwards did their job well.
Sir Morrow ‘specially threw lightning bolts
And Kenley saved the game upon his swell!
No stars will shine – today’s game is at one.
Rich Hill will take the mound and have some fun!

21 July 2017: It’s better to forget ’bout last night’s game

It’s better to forget ’bout last night’s game.
A fluke it was, but what a wide result.
Sir Wood, though usually good, left mound in shame
As if the Braves had thrown at him insults.
Their pitcher raked against and did much harm.
And when twelve runs occur, it’s hard to come
Back from that gap. Please don’t sound the alarm,
For this was only due to happen some
Time in the season. Even perfect
Teams endure this kind of pain.
It comes then goes and then becomes a blur
That every fan leaves way deep in their brain.
Rich Hill has been real hot, so maybe he
Can end this two-game skid sans victory!

15 July 2017: Revolving like a cycle, Cody’s wheels

Revolving like a cycle, Cody’s wheels
As he came into third base like a jet
Ski finishing its surf. Oh, all the feels
Are in our memories; we won’t forget!
And then, Sir Wood again did dominate
The Marlins with his arm of wondrous deeds!
Eleven wins, no losses – oh, how great!
And in return, he’ll receive much proceeds.
An inside pitch made Puig mad (rightly so),
But care we shan’t, for eight straight we have won.
When will we lose a game? Hell, I don’t know!
To think ’bout that, I won’t – this team’s too fun!
Today, Hill’s on the hill for ninth straight kill.
The winning chance is high – I think they will.

5 July 2017: Another win for Alex – what a shock!

Another win for Alex – what a shock!
That’s ten wins and a lowered ERA
Responding to the snub that made us balk,
But Wood paid no attention to the nay.
The other starter was not bad at all;
We just needed one run to take the game
Since Wood plus bullpen built a shutout wall
That made the Arizona bats look lame.
Yasmani got that double to advance
Chris T. from first to home real easily.
We hope that Alex Wood gets asked to dance
In All-Star stripes since Kershaw can’t journey.
A sweep of snakes? That sounds so sweet to hear!
Now only if Rich Hill plays on god tier.