7 July 2018: Another outing fine for rocking Ross!

Another outing fine for rocking Ross
Whom in six limited the flying team
To just one run and three meek hits. A boss
He was in Disney’s land! The only scream
From Angels’ bats was Trout the Great’s home run.
Well, neither team was loud upon the box
But our crew put up two more than their one
Thanks to Puig’s homer and JT’s orange locks.
Today we’ll see which Dodgers make the squad
To represent among the best of those
That let the pitchers hit. I pray to gods
Of baseball that Kemp gets to start the shows.
But also, we must wrap up freeway stint
With Wood tonight attempting to throw flint.


6 July 2018: All seemed quite well until the final out.

All seemed quite well until the final out
Which never was achieved. A mark of shame
Upon the schedule. Makes me want to shout
In sheer frustration. Divvy up the blame
From Kenley’s block that made him walk Shohei
To Grandal’s throw that soared past second base.
Directly though, ’twas Puig’s bad throwaway
That dropped used back into the second place.
Before this, Kenta killed it under six
And Kemp provided offense. I guess more
Was needed in the end to fight the tricks
Inherent in the sport since days of yore.
Sir Stripling saddles up to crush some wings
Tonight in Anaheim. Let’s pull some strings!

4 July 2018: The seven seas be swept by many swings!

The seven seas be swept by many swings!
Such energy akin to fireworks
That burst throughout the air last night. With wings
Did baseballs fly by Chris & Grandal’s smirks!
Three RBIs from each proved just enough
For Rich to pitch a game I’d call quite nice.
He ran the bases like a cheetah! Rough
Would be an insult to his speedy spice.
Hope I have that his awkward slide will not
Return him to the list of men in pain.
Much closer to division lead we’ve gotten
But today we’ll just relax near reign.
A gallop on the freeways to the place
Where angels get to fly around in space.

3 July 2018: Crank power to the Max and send it far!

Crank power to the Max and send it far
Beyond the demons’ reaches! Muncy shines
So bright that eyes are blinded like a star
Directly in the vision without blinds!
He hit two bombs to raise his total to
A dozen plus an ocho. Can’t believe
This man and also how this team can do
So well today but sometimes make me grieve.
How Kershaw was consistent yet again!
To take it easy on his back it seems
Is an objective of this quest for pain
Removed completely with World Series dreams!
Hope that our fireworks today are loud
With Rich being a silencer so proud!

2 July 2018: My goodness, what a rout that I have seen!

My goodness, what a rout that I have seen!
There was no wrong as everything was right!
Kemp led the bashing of runs seventeen
With five hits to his name; oh what a night
For everyone in lineup. Twenty-one
Hits made it possible to sink the ship
That sailed in from the east. Absurd but fun
Shall be describing phrase. Oh, what a trip.
And though the arms did not need to be sharp,
Sirs Wood and Ferguson still fared quite well.
A win for former; save for latter. Scarp
Has formed upon the Pirates’ beach – such hell!
Their dread may just persist into the night
Since Kershaw’s on the poop deck post of height!

1 July 2018: To drive us in to win, ’tis work of Matt!

To drive us in to win, ’tis work of Matt
Again! An excellent start to July
Provided by four RBIs quite smacked
All over field. For once, I didn’t sigh
Because of pain or fear. Now even though
Sir Ross’ start was relatively rough,
The bats made sure the game would not give woe
And for the Rockies’ pen they made it tough!
One moment from Sir Puig adrenalized
All fans whence he went ’bout one-eighty feet
Upon an infield single. How surprised
The infield was when he could not be beat!
They say dead men do not tell any tales,
But “they” are in L.A.; pain if Wood fails.

30 June 2018: An offense with no powers cannot fight.

An offense with no powers cannot fight
Back when the pitcher isn’t cold.
As Kenta dealt and had a damn good bite
Into the mountains, offense wasn’t gold,
Not even in the slightest ’til the six
When Kiké blasted off to get the first
Of crew’s three hits the whole game. Many kicks
Impacting with the windpipe. ‘Tis the worst
To see your team swing noodles wet and dumb.
Despite a month of fire, not a great
Last note to end on. Better times will come –
That’s what I do believe; no more bad freight!
‘Tis afternoon delight that I desire,
So may Ross rock the Rox and run the dryer!