9 August 2017: We’ve tired a team for the eightieth time

We’ve tired a team for the eightieth time,
And from behind we came to pull it off!
The first strike from another Cody dime,
His thirty third – it makes our rivals scoff.
Wood looked alright, but by himself he could
Not win for us; ‘Twas up to Joc and Puig.
The first man dubbed to right to tie it good,
Then Yasiel gave hell and lead was swigged!
Our bullpen (Josh and Jansen) kept at bay
The Diamondbacks’ desires to retrieve
A lead they once possessed, but we said “nay”
And were content with what we did achieve!
It is start two for Yu in his blue gear.
To victory, we hope his arm can steer!

8 August 2017: Sometimes the game ain’t meant for us to win

Sometimes the game ain’t meant for us to win.
Despite our many positives last night
And a good start from Kenta, we said fin
Without the lead and failed to solve the plight.
JT went yard two times and Puig leaped high
To rob a dong, but in the end it did
Not matter, for a grand slam stained our try
To make it five straight wins – restart the bid!
The bullpen stunk unusually indeed,
But it’s just one bad game (that’s what I hope).
Today’s a new day to recite the creed
To believe in the Dodger magic’s scope!
An old friend we must face in Mister Zack,
But we’ve got Wood to strike against their pack!

6 August 2017: Korean dominance and Dodger dongs

Korean dominance and Dodger dongs
Were all we served while sweeping those in Queens!
Ryu shined bright like glitter, throwing strong
And letting just one hit pass through his means.
The offense rocked right from the very start
Thanks to the bats of Logan and Sir Barnes.
Then later on, t’were dingers from the hearts
Of Turner, then a thunderous alarm
Shot from the strength of Cody! What a swing
The young lad has; we see this every day.
It’s little things we do that let us sing
Like soul train mockingbirds that never stray!
The team is off today before a fight
With snakes so far behind, they’re out of sight.

5 August 2017: I thought the derby was back in July

I thought the derby was back in July,
But I guess it continued yesterday
In Queens since we hit five into the sky!
Indeed, it seems, the bats came out to play.
Sir Rich got real unlucky in the first
And our offense did not hit ’til the sixth,
Which is when the power began to burst
By adding many dingers to the mix!
The best-played fifty games in history
Of our great franchise – heavens! what a run.
The total of victories: forty three,
And maybe counting? Scenes if we can stun!
Another Sunday night to watch our team.
We’ll see if Ryu repeats what we dream!

4 August 2017: Yu had me at hello, and how he pitched

Yu had me at hello, and how he pitched
In his debut was marvelous indeed!
O’er seven frames, the Mets were stuck in ditch
As Darvish dished ten K’s and shut their steed!
And in the tops, our offense rocked deGrom!
A leadoff shot from Chris T. was the first,
Then Puig hit his career-high twenty-bomb!
But done we weren’t, for when the city’s worst
Enemy, Chase, went up, he crushed to right!
Appropriate it was for many hugs
To go all around the clubhouse last night!
We beat up each team like a gang of thugs.
The man with landform surname comes today.
Rich Hill, the killer, looks to slay his prey.

3 August 2017: The skies are blue again – our triumph’s work!

The skies are blue again – our triumph’s work!
It’s been two months since we’ve lost a series.
To the team that beat us thrice, we smirked,
For no club can put L.A.’s team at ease!
Sir Wood hurled six, and though it was not smooth,
His grit cut like a knife into a steak.
With Taylor’s magic bat, our offense soothed
The stress that howled each time we needed break.
Their starter gave us many passes free:
‘Twas seven times he dealt us with four balls.
A little rough debut for Tony C,
So we hope that he’ll bloom when duty calls.
“Konnichiwa!” says Yu to Dodger fans!
His first start is today, so clap your hands.

2 August 2017: In baseball, it is hard to win them all

In baseball, it is hard to win them all.
Reminded we are, every now and then
That sometimes we slip up and take a fall.
There’s no such thing as a perfect bullpen.
A light still shines, as Cody ‘gain went yard!
That’s thirty times that he has said goodbye.
But our bats missed some chances to discard
The deficit. We failed to hit bull’s eye.
The Braves have been kryptonic to our streaks,
As they have found a way to bring us down
And deal three losses to us in four weeks –
The only ones since then to smudge our crown!
So Woodn’t it be nice to win again?
I hope this time that Alex can contain.