29 September 2017: Unpleasant times in Denver high, such woe

Unpleasant times in Denver high, such woe.
The Colorado offense bashed us in
And with one more win, Wild Card they’ll go.
But we still need to play the violin
With grace, and Ryu’s help at Coors fell short
Along with other pitchers after him.
Our offense stymied; why could we not thwart
And counter with our sticks? Why must a grim
Mist travel with this team? We still have not
Secured home-field advantage all the way
Since Cleveland is one back. So someone ought
To get real hot and clear away the grey!
Messiah Kershaw’s last start comes tonight;
A tune-up for the bleaker autumn fight.


27 September 2017: I swear to Lord this team is back in swing!

I swear to Lord this team is back in swing!
Though our sweep victim is not a good team,
Seeing the offense shine so much like bling
Puts me back into that two month-old dream.
In the first three, we touched home seven times!
Then after, three shots solo manifested
Thanks to Curtis, Corey, Puig’s long dimes.
No pressure on the bats, how uncontested!
On the mound for seven innings, Rich
Was an unstoppable force – just two hits
And not a run allowed. Then bullpen’s niche
Finished it off and tore the ‘Dres to bits!
One last day off before the final three
In Colorado. Ryu, don’t give spree!

26 September 2017: Three jacks to clinch more games this fall at home!

Three jacks to clinch more games this fall at home!
Those Friars stood no chance when faced with wrath
Of Yas, A-Gon, and Corey. Those balls roamed
Beyond the boundaries with powered path!
Wood wasn’t great, but managed to hold back
And then the bullpen just let one on base
In final three – surprising was their knack
Since recently, they’ve brought shame to my face.
Though not a noise at bat, young Cody’s arm
In center-field was showcased with a throw
That Myers could not beat; by his daft charm,
Assist quite hard and crime to call it slow!
Our last home game of season calls on Rich
To make sure the finale does not glitch.

25 September 2017: A grand amount of victories we have!

A grand amount of victories we have!
One hundred on our belt, but we are not
Stopping right there. Last night, Darvish and staff
Put on a show; the Padres had no shot!
Four RBIs from Logan surely helped
As well as Barnes’ three-run bomb to extend
The lead. Oh how San Diego’s bats whelped
While color splashed our bats like rainbow’s bend!
Real close to clinching home advantage is
This team, just a few more wins gets it done.
The sunset of the season’s gonna kiss
Those beach-scheme seats when all is said and won.
Here’s one last home start penned for Alex Wood
And against San Diego, he’s been good.

24 September 2017: The ace has dominated yet again

The ace has dominated yet again
With eight frames and just one run ‘gainst his name.
Recording strikeout two hundred – a reign
That no Dodger pitcher has to their fame!
Blue bats were mainly led by Yaz Grandal
And his three RBIs, including one
Dinger that flew so far and very tall!
The game was quick! But we’re still on the run.
To keep on winning is our biggest goal
If we want home’s advantage all the way.
The Cleveland team is creeping on our stroll
Into the fall; now’s not time to decay!
Yu’s final home start is tonight. He’ll deal
To San Diego’s dads and make them squeal.

23 September 2017: The day before was better; bats were bare

The day before was better; bats were bare
Last night as we faced MadBum. Almost all
The way were shut down, until Barnes squared
And sent it into stands, over the wall.
That solo shot was not enough to tie,
And Ryu only got out seven guys.
Then later on, McCarthy came to try
And did alright, returning like one wise.
Feelings of discouragement at the end
When Puig decided to steal second base.
Doc was not pleased and made it known. Depend
We can’t on those bad choices in this race.
Our last game ‘gainst the Giants is this afternoon,
And Kershaw’s in to start, oh what a boon!

22 September 2017: The West, at last, is ours! That took too long

The West, at last, is ours! That took too long
To reach the magic number, but now all
Is well though we must keep the winning on
If we are to have home field through the fall.
A record set by Bellinger as he
Has hit the most home runs by an NL
Rookie with number thirty-nine. So free
I feel knowing that I am not in hell.
Rich Hill did excellent; he even raked!
And Tommy celebrated ninety years
Of living strong – a big cake we have baked
In honor of his heart; it brings me tears.
Ryu tonight must show what he can do
To pitch in the postseason – please come through!