4 June 2017: This time, the offense could not take it back

This time, the offense could not take it back
Since they were silenced by the Brewers’ arms:
Their starter, who went six, his name is Zach;
The bullpen kept us hitless with their harms.
Sir Kenta was not in a golden groove
Since in the first two frames, he gave up runs
That made it difficult for us to move
Up when were at bat; the team was stunned.
And even though our bullpen tried so hard
(Besides ole Romo), it was just a fail
Since batting counterparts could not go yard,
The efforts turned out to be very stale.
But home awaits for them, as they will fight
With players hailing from D.C. tonight.


3 June 2017: Do not lose hope until the final out!

Do not lose hope until the final out!
There’s nine frames for a reason, proved by Chris
Who, with the grandest slam, turned it around
And transformed our depression into bliss!
A rocky time for Rich—he just threw four
And let as many batters walk to first.
The bullpen also failed to silence score
As often-strong Josh Fields was at his worst.
But once the slam occurred, we turned to him:
The greatest closer in the leagues today.
Sir Kenley got the save since lead was slim
And in the highest place is where we stay!
A sweep is what I smell! But only if
Maeda sticks it out and makes them whiff.

2 June 2017: Young Cody gave his strength at last to lift

Young Cody gave his strength at last to lift
The Boys from losing to a brewing team!
The extras brought by Grandal’s very swift
Fly ball into right field; so bright the gleam!
But Kershaw’s arm was fire as he passed
The two-thousand K mark, as fourteen Brewers
Sat down due to failing Clayton’s class
By not hitting the ball with their wood skewers.
Then when ‘twas time to close Milwaukee’s door,
We called on Kenley for his services.
Six outs he got and we needed no more;
Oh why can’t every game be just like this?
We’re still in first, and Rich will do his best
To keep us there today…another test.

1 June 2017: Frustrating day it was; bad calls and swings

Frustrating day it was; bad calls and swings
From other pitcher’s bat that scored two runs.
McCarthy not his best results in things
So undesirable it makes us done.
Our offense held by Wainwright’s caliver
For first six frames; no soul could touch the plate.
And even when their bullpen took rubber,
We still fell to a never-wanted fate.
The ninth was filled with bloopers from the blue,
Whose calls of balls and strikes produced complaint
From Sirs Gonzalez and Yasmani too,
Which caused their late ejections scarred with taint.
The trip up north to one more Central team
Will start with Clayton’s wrath upon the seams.

31 May 2017: All streaks must end, as time and sport have told

All streaks must end, as time and sport have told.
Not much offense in this match, so it was
A battle between pitchers young and old
Resulted in the winning ways’ sad pause.
Ryu was brilliant: six frames of strength
With only one run earned, and just one walk!
Despite his moving forward with his length,
The bullpen could not keep it tied in lock.
The only run for us—from a sac fly;
Martinez in the zone and hard to hit.
Alas, we’re still in first, but only by
A half game, so we must put on our grit.
McCarthy is the man who’ll close this trip
To St. Louis; our hope is that he’ll zip.

30 May 2017: And just like that, we now control the throne

And just like that, we now control the throne
Of the division, courtesy of six
Straight wins in which we have been in the zone
Thanks to timely, neat offensive tricks!
What started as disaster for defense
Was saved by the arrival of the bats.
At Chase’s lead, we gave the game a sense
Of who would really win: the one whose stats
Have been the more consistent of the two.
The walks we took assisted in our win
Of such an oddly played out rendezvous.
But we will take it any way we can.
There’s two more games to play in Gateway’s land,
And we bring hope that Ryu has command!

29 May 2017: Three rockets shot us to our fifth straight win!

Three rockets shot us to our fifth straight win!
The pilots: Cody, Chase, and Logan’s first
Of this year! Shocked I am about adding
Up all those runs against Leake (not the worst).
Ole Rich was fine in his five silver frames,
With just one run that came from a sac fly.
The bullpen followed with some stunning claims
That banned the birds from scoring one more guy.
Their chance was lost when Cody fielded one
Misplayed by Corey; next up was the throw
That nabbed DeJong from taking home a run!
Their third base coach had brought upon this woe.
A chance to keep this high-momentum streak
Alive rests on if Kenta can bespeak.