27 May 2017: Another blanking of the bears in blue!

Another blanking of the bears in blue!
The pitching and the offense strong again
Despite not hitting until Kiké’s two-
Bagger in inning four, then was brought in
By Chase the Sage, who knocked in three in all;
His powers have arisen from the dust!
Beside him was Chris Taylor; o’er the wall
Did he send one that made John Lackey cuss!
McCarthy’s six saw barely any hits
And not a single run from Wrigley’s squad!
Then Stripling pitched for three in blue-clad blitz
To get the save, and for that, we applaud.
A sweep on the horizon of L.A.,
And likely since King Clayton throws today!

26 May 2017: Defeated are the Cubs at Sir Wood’s sword!

Defeated are the Cubs at Sir Wood’s sword!
Their two hits not enough to clean a speck
As Alex nulled their total of runs scored
In his five innings – not so much a trek.
The veterans A-Gon and Chase displayed
Their still existent power in their bats!
Both sending songs to center with a blade
Of ash that boosted both their batting stats.
Yasmani, recently afire, clutched
The moment, bringing in Sir Corey’s feet
To add a run for insurance and such,
But ‘twas no need, for Cubs were beat.
Tonight, B-Mac, who’s been sweet as of late,
Will also try to close Chicago’s gate.

25 May 2017: His pitches were not sharp, so Kenta helped offensively

His pitches were not sharp, so Kenta helped
Offensively to put our team ahead!
We started weak, but then made Wacha yelp
As we cruised on to put the Cards to bed.
After Maeda improved over time,
Ryu took over in the long relief
And four scoreless innings thrown on a dime;
The save for us to make win the motif.
Sir Chase of Pasadena hit his first
Fence-clearer of the year: the strength of age!
Sir Taylor and Sir Kiké showed their thirst
To stay as starters for more than one page!
From Wrigley, our next challenger has come.
Sir Wood will do his best to make them glum.

24 May 2017: A struggle filled with walks for Richard Hill

A struggle filled with walks for Richard Hill,
As his command was sadly lost at sea.
So seven Cardinals got on base with chill
And after four, ‘twas time for Rich to flee.
Unfortunate that Leake was hard to tame,
Limiting us to one run across eight
And just four hits in the entire game:
These are the stats we wish we could mutate.
Though Cody knocked his twenty-fifth run in
In twenty-seven games, ‘twas not enough
To back the pen’s work to give chance for win—
Except for Sergio, who had it rough.
Tonight, Maeda looks to replicate
What he did ‘gainst the Pirates: dominate.

23 May 2017: An epic battle that we won at last

An epic battle that we won at last
In thirteen grueling frames of “who’ll strike first?”
And in the end, Sir Logan cleared the past
To double into right; the game dispersed.
King Clayton dominated in his nine,
Though one wild throw destroyed his shutout chance.
Ten strikeouts and three hits; he struck their spine
And put them in a non-offensive trance.
A pitcher’s duel it was, with Grandal’s shot
Being the only other run for us.
Our prayers go out to bobblehead man Joc
Who left after crashing with Puig the Bus.
We’ll face the birds we hate again tonight,
As Hill comes back to wage another fight.

[OFF DAY] 22 May 2017: An announcement about the future

The Dodgers had an off day yesterday,
So this will be a sonnet that will comb
About the future of this escapade
That I now write each morning from my home.
I’ll continue to write sweet Dodger rhymes
Each game for the remainder of the year.
But afterwards, a change along with times:
I will begin a blog to reach more ears.
For the entire league, my pen shall write
Of all the cheers and woes from what occurred
In every stadium that played last night;
For them, I’ll give my epic bardic word.
I will not stop the sonnets that are blue,
But MLB: real soon, I’ll write for you.
In other words, next season I will begin to write about other baseball things besides the Dodgers. 162 Blue Sonnets will continue next season, but there will be a new blog in which I will write poems about all things baseball. I say poems because I am considering writing in other types of poetry for this future project (162BS will not divert from its original formula). Again, thank you for following this project; have a great day!

21 May 2017: The power of the clutch was with A-Gon

The power of the clutch was with A-Gon
As he drove in three others to the plate.
Two of those were Yasmani’s, who showed brawn
By also getting three hits towards the fate.
Brandon, as we wished, was hard to crack;
He smacked, with grace, Miami’s meek esteem.
The first fourteen he faced could not get jack;
It makes me wonder: did the fish daydream?
Eibner keeps impressing—drove in two
In one swing of the bat; though Kenley gave
Up his first dinger of the year, ‘twas “phew!”
Since he induced a double play to grave.
A day of relaxation for the bats
And ‘morrow, under sun, Clayton combats.