21 July 2017: It’s better to forget ’bout last night’s game

It’s better to forget ’bout last night’s game.
A fluke it was, but what a wide result.
Sir Wood, though usually good, left mound in shame
As if the Braves had thrown at him insults.
Their pitcher raked against and did much harm.
And when twelve runs occur, it’s hard to come
Back from that gap. Please don’t sound the alarm,
For this was only due to happen some
Time in the season. Even perfect
Teams endure this kind of pain.
It comes then goes and then becomes a blur
That every fan leaves way deep in their brain.
Rich Hill has been real hot, so maybe he
Can end this two-game skid sans victory!


20 July 2017: The streak’s finale leaves me bittersweet

The streak’s finale leaves me bittersweet
For it felt like we’d never lose again!
But baseball’s hard; McCarthy was real beat
And struggled like a lobster’s life in Maine.
Atlanta came out early swinging hard
So coming back seemed not so probable.
We had some chances that we did not card,
Deserting problems that were solvable.
Grandal gave hope when smacking one to right
That brought us within three of tying game,
But after that, no runs lit up the night.
We almost got to amplify the flame.
The good named Wood will face his former mates
Today, as we attempt to close the straits.

19 July 2017: The showers poured, but our streak’s marching on!

The showers poured, but our streak’s marching on!
A shortened game and rain can’t cool our bats
So hot, the Arctic couldn’t even dawn
Their flames. No kidding, these are just the facts!
Oh Kiké had a night: two bombs to left
That left the Sox without a word to say,
Along with Chris and Corey’s far-gone hefts.
Our offense overall was sweet array.
Forget not Kenta whose five frames were sweet!
That’s all he needs to do to make us smile.
And with that, we achieved another sweep!
Eleven straight – we’re racking up the miles.
Back to their home, the Dodgers come to rule
With B-Mac taking charge to keep us cool!

18 July 2017: That’s ten straight, yet again – hard to believe

That’s ten straight, yet again – hard to believe
How good this team has been; no faults are there
To see. There’s nothing Kershaw can’t achieve
As witnessed in his seven frames of flare!
So many chances missed, but in the end
It did not matter. All we needed was
Young Cody’s single which drove in his friend
Chris Taylor in the first to our applause.
The bullpen held the lead and all was well
As Kenley got the save. That’s thirty wins
In our last thirty-four! We’ve given hell
To every team that tries to cut our chins.
Can we continue such a wondrous streak?
It’s up to Kenta to make White Sox weak.

16 July 2017: Another nine straight wins? Sounds good to me!

Another nine straight wins? Sounds good to me!
I love how this team just forgot to lose.
With hitters like JT that 2-for-3
So often, winning often’s barely news.
Control is back for Rich – it’s frightening
For other teams that have to face his wrath.
He struck out nine in five, just like lightning
Strikes unprotected serpents in the bath.
The end was tense, for Kenley’s count was high
And even with him on, the lead got cut
To one. But in the end, we let out sigh
For just as usual, the door was shut.
A day off in Chicago for the blue,
Then ‘morrow Kershaw takes his turn to brew.

15 July 2017: Revolving like a cycle, Cody’s wheels

Revolving like a cycle, Cody’s wheels
As he came into third base like a jet
Ski finishing its surf. Oh, all the feels
Are in our memories; we won’t forget!
And then, Sir Wood again did dominate
The Marlins with his arm of wondrous deeds!
Eleven wins, no losses – oh, how great!
And in return, he’ll receive much proceeds.
An inside pitch made Puig mad (rightly so),
But care we shan’t, for eight straight we have won.
When will we lose a game? Hell, I don’t know!
To think ’bout that, I won’t – this team’s too fun!
Today, Hill’s on the hill for ninth straight kill.
The winning chance is high – I think they will.

14 July 2017: The magic from the first half’s still alive!

The magic from the first half’s still alive!
Down to the wire did the team persist
As Puig launched far a ball upon a drive!
It was his second bomb that day he kissed!
Our loss of lead earlier in the game,
Due to B-Mac’s rough day, did not prevent
An ending filled with sadness, doubt, and shame
Where all our hopes for triumph would be spent.
As Dave proclaimed when talking ’bout the win,
“Big players make big plays in big moments.”
That seems to be a theme for this season,
And everything is starting to make sense.
Can we keep up the mojo that we have?
It’s up to Alex Wood – today’s mound nav!