2 September 2017, pt. 2: The day was rough; the night was cold and bleak

The day was rough; the night was cold and bleak.
Yu got roughed up and gave up many runs
While our bats, like wet noodles, seemed so weak
As we put up no fight and just two ones.
Too many batters reached in those first three
Proved to be quite the problem later on.
It has been hard to win without Corey
Whose elbow we hope heals by someday’s dawn.
Just one on base after the fifth, not good
That is. We did not even have a chance
To drive some in. We should check ‘neath the hood
And fix the issues before autumn’s dance!
A series with the Padres can’t be lost,
So I hope Wood can save us from that cost.


31 August 2017: It’s been the roughest week for us this year

It’s been the roughest week for us this year:
With five straight lost, and swept we were by snakes.
The first innings, again, were hard to cheer
Since starters could not give their bats the brakes.
Not helpful that Zona is on a streak
And that our bats decided not to play
Unlike the last two games where they weren’t weak,
But not even a rally yesterday.
Upon their flight back home, there’s not great joy.
But there is hope, for this day will be bliss.
Our ace has healed his back! We’ll see our boy
In blue – tonight’s a game you should not miss,
For Kershaw resurrects! The Padres’ fright
Is obvious – should they still try to fight?

30 August 2017: The rallies late just cannot get it done

The rallies late just cannot get it done
When in the first, we give the snakes a lead
To work with for the rest. But it’s not won
Until the end; we almost did the deed!
But Ryu struggled hard. I feel for him
And Cody too; his return was not great.
It’s not enough to show we use the gym
When it’s too late, As Puig did at the plate
By driving in two runs! He has done well
This series despite the team’s shortcomings.
I hope today we give the D-backs hell
And show that we are the league’s only kings.
Maeda’s on Hawaiian roll – can he
Beat our old friend, the man named Zack Greinke?

29 August 2017: An early blow to Rich did set us back

An early blow to Rich did set us back.
Those five runs haunted since our bats did rake
And made it hard to take lead by attack;
One run away from fixing the mistake.
A somewhat happy birthday to dear Chris
Who hit a festive bomb to left-field stands!
Another shot from Puig means one more kiss
For Turner Ward! Too bad that our demands
Of winning were left quite unsatisfied
Since at the end, we had two men on base.
And with some hits, we might have more than tied,
But groundout was the fate we had to face.
Ryu has not faced snakes in o’er three years.
With pride, we hope he’ll win and bring us cheers!

27 August 2017: The Brewers got the best of us last day

The Brewers got the best of us last day
And in this series; first we’ve lost since June!
It’s hard when Yu’s pitches don’t go his way,
Shortening his return in afternoon.
We did not get a hit ’til Silver Fox
Pinch hit in inning six and singled into
Center field. Two runs we add to box
Were not enough to have a chance to win.
Good news though came today, our ace returns
On Friday when we face San Diego!
Oh Kershaw, though without you no concerns
Have risen, we have missed you – welcome, ho!
Relax we shall. Today there’s not a game.
Rich Hill returns tomorrow – great, his flame!

26 August 2017: A few mistakes with no offense can hurt

A few mistakes with no offense can hurt.
Our arms were good at first, but when Ravin
Came in, the lead went bye; the ball went skrt
Out of the yard, it feels like we gave in.
The Brewers’ starter shut our bats like doors
Succumb to hurricanes – props I must give
To one that stops the best team of the tours,
At home as well! But worry not, we live.
A shining second though from Wild Horse
As he ran into wall to rob a run!
Too bad his bat did not follow that course!
But like I’ve said: not all games can be won.
Back from the list, Yu-san will take his place
Upon the mound! God knows what Brewers face.

25 August 2017: Maeken led our pitchers’ dominance

Maeken led our pitchers’ dominance
Which silenced Brewers’ bats to just one hit,
And that went far but was their only dance
As we put up three runs to drill the bit!
The first came from a bomb by Logie Bear:
His first in a long time! Then in the fifth,
Yaz broke the tie by the hitting the ball where
No fielder was. And then, when in the sixth,
The Wild Horse unleashed his power straight
To center field – an extra run to help
The bullpen feel secure in saving. Great
We are, at ninety-one – no need to whelp!
A man named Chicken Strip makes a spot start
Tonight, and hope I do he does his part.