1 November 2017 (World Series, Game 7): I know it’s over. Still, I cling to hopes.

I know it’s over. Still, I cling to hopes
That this is all a nightmare in my head.
Look at the poet as he writes and mopes
With dreams of waking up saved in his bed.
An awful start from Yu shrouds me in thorns
Of agony, but that was not sole flaw.
Our bats were more like noodles; grabbed the horns
Is what we failed to do. We gave a gnaw
Against the score, but that was all achieved.
The season’s over. Failure in the end.
For the next four months, I will be bereaved
As not a single sonnet will be penned.
Goodbye, my boys in blue, until next year.
Still in my heart, this team has brought me cheer.


31 October 2017 (World Series, Game 6): And now, each team is one win from the gold.

And now, each team is one win from the gold.
We figured out Verlander to prolong
This Series of a lifetime! Now we’ve rolled
Into November for the final song.
The first five frames were frightening. Hill just
Went less than five, but was not terrible.
Chase took a hit by pitch; part of his lust.
That kept alive the chance to save the world!
Chris tied it up with double! Corey sac’d
To take the lead! Then next frame, Joctober
Continued with an oppo bomb so whacked!
Then Kenley pitched 6 outs to say “over.”
Tonight’s the final stand. Le jeu ultime.
May baseball gods bless Yu to lead This Team.

29 October 2017 (World Series, Game 5): The heartbreak stings. The tears are fresh. I’m numb.

The heartbreak stings. The tears are fresh. I’m numb.
That rollercoaster last night has me drained.
So many times, it seemed that we would come
Back from behind. Now all my hope is stained.
Real comfortable I felt when we were far
Ahead at the beginning. Then, Kersh fell
Apart like a poorly-constructed car.
My heart broke when I saw his face unwell.
Beyond belief is this experience
Of never knowing what will happen next.
My stress is too damn high; I’m on the fence
As all these games have left me so perplexed.
It’s do or die. Tomorrow, back at home
Will Rich command the pace and SAVE US FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

28 October 2017 (World Series, Game 4): You like that?! Because I sure as hell do!

You like that?! Because I sure as hell do!
With almost flawless pitching job from Wood
And bullpen’s mastery, ‘Stros just hit two!
It was late when the offense understood
The time to rally was upon the back
Of Cody, who initiated launch
With double in the seventh; then attack
From Logan tied it up with his true staunch!
The ninth rolled ’round, their closer fell apart
And with two on, Sir Belli struck it well!
Then after a sac fly, Joc smacked a dart
Into the right field stands! It made me yell!
Tonight, the most amazing lefty fights
To bring this team to long-missed soaring heights!

27 October 2017 (World Series, Game 3): An undesired day for Yu and friends

An undesired day for Yu and friends.
Four runs allowed in inning two were hard
To watch as all the man could do through lens
Was see that score go up and leave him scarred.
That incident ill-mannered really taints
A series that’s been good in every way.
Respect for Yu to not retaliate
And hope that Yuli learns from his display.
Maeda saved some pitches from the pen
And has been dominant throughout the month,
But urgency surrounds our blue-clad men
Tonight who seek to show that they’re not junk.
Led by Sir Wood, they’ll be. I hope he brings
Us one game closer to obtaining rings!

25 October 2017 (World Series, Game 2): An epic battle back-and-forth, but sad

An epic battle back-and-forth, but sad
It is that in the end, we did not win.
So many balls sailed far; the bats were rad!
Insanity came at the ninth inning
When Kenley let a shot to tie the game.
Then in the bottom, Cody barely missed
A walk-off shot; the wind is what I blame!
Then Josh Fields sucked and two straight shots were dished.
But next, Puig crushed the candy, brought us close,
Then Kiké brought in Logan: tie revived!
B-Mac then let two score. Hope did not doze
When Charlie made it close! But end arrived.
Exhausted is my state, I need a rest.
Yu’s got game 3; I pray he does his best.

24 October 2017 (World Series, Game 1): In His World Series debut, Kershaw choked

In His World Series debut, Kershaw choked
The bats of Houston like a boa’s bind!
As Sandy watched apprentice, joy evoked
Whenever strike three rang throughout the mind!
A speedy game we witnessed! Not a lot
Of offense all around, but on the first
Pitch of the game for Keuchel, Taylor thought
It would be nice to take him deep! That burst
Was mirrored in the sixth when game was tied
And JT knocked in two with one real high!
Then Morrow dealt a 1-2-3 of pride,
And Kenley did his job of saying “Bye!”
Now the first game’s been won, but there are three
More needed. Rich, take hill and bend the knee!