[OFF DAY] 22 May 2017: An announcement about the future

The Dodgers had an off day yesterday,
So this will be a sonnet that will comb
About the future of this escapade
That I now write each morning from my home.
I’ll continue to write sweet Dodger rhymes
Each game for the remainder of the year.
But afterwards, a change along with times:
I will begin a blog to reach more ears.
For the entire league, my pen shall write
Of all the cheers and woes from what occurred
In every stadium that played last night;
For them, I’ll give my epic bardic word.
I will not stop the sonnets that are blue,
But MLB: real soon, I’ll write for you.
In other words, next season I will begin to write about other baseball things besides the Dodgers. 162 Blue Sonnets will continue next season, but there will be a new blog in which I will write poems about all things baseball. I say poems because I am considering writing in other types of poetry for this future project (162BS will not divert from its original formula). Again, thank you for following this project; have a great day!

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