This is 162 Blue Sonnets, the only known blog on the Internet dedicated to providing recaps for (at least) every Dodger game in the form of a sonnet.


As the wonderful William Shakespeare once wrote in the opening line of his 144th sonnet, “Two loves I have of comfort and despair.” In this line, Shakespeare says that one of his loves provides comfort while the other provides despair. Well, at least that’s what he means. This line applies to my life as well, but in a different manner.

When a man loves writing poetry and watching Dodger baseball, those interests are bound to collide eventually. These are the two loves that I refer to. They both have provided me with feelings of comfort and despair. Hence, for the time being, I will share these feelings with you at least 162 days every year. Why?

I like talking about baseball, mostly about the Dodgers. In fact, I talk about it way too much. I deleted my Twitter a few weeks ago because with baseball season coming up, I feared I would be glued to the bluebird instead of focusing on schoolwork. In the 2016 season, I completed my mission of shouting “LOS DOYERS GANAN!” (which is Spanish for “The Dodgers win!”) every time the Dodgers won a regular season or postseason game. But that’s irrelevant. I want to turn all my complex thoughts about Dodger baseball into words, providing both recaps and opinions, but there are already so many people who do that.

I also like writing poetry. Now by all means, I am absolutely nothing close to Shakespeare, but I consider myself a poet of above-average quality. It’s a hobby. I’ve never really thought of writing professionally because there are probably thousands out there that can write better than me without any effort whatsoever. But I can rhyme. I can comprehend meter. I’m familiar with my literary devices. I can evoke imagery, announce alliteration, and all that jazz.

So, here it is. This is 162 Blue Sonnets, the only known blog on the Internet dedicated to providing recaps for (at least) every Dodger game in the form of a sonnet. That’s fourteen lines of iambic pentameter, at least 162 times. And yes, I will be using all three major forms: Italian, Spenserian, and English.

Now, there will be times where I’ll write a sonnet that’s not about a Dodger game. Events like the All-Star break or notable transactions will receive there own sonnets. If, by chance, a game turns into an epic that physically can’t be told in just fourteen lines, that opens up the possibility of a double sonnet.

This is just for fun. This could go amazingly awesome or woefully wrong. Nevertheless, I’m excited to see how this project goes, and I hope that you will enjoy every word I write.

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