22 June 2018: Great Swing of Cody, and oh gracious Wood!

Great Swing of Cody, and oh gracious Wood,
Thou hast engaged in actions of the kind
That leads to great success! I feel we should
Step off of Cody’s back and let him grind
With more gone-far home runs! Oh, how that shot
Last night endured through air like clouds in May!
Then Alexander threw two and forgot
Those previous bad outings. By the way,
Puig soared one into left to finish off
And pave the way for Kenley to extend
His month of dominance without a cough!
By cutter’s will, the others’ bats will bend.
Surprise! Return the ace unto the mound!
An off of pitchers great this day be found!


20 June 2018: Ross not of my concern, but bats were cracked.

Ross not of my concern, but bats were cracked
In half by Lester. Hits were hard to find
Under Chicago’s sky. To use word “smacked”
For Stripling’s effort would be out of mind.
An average outing thwarted by the need
And failure to supply runs for the board.
Cubs’ defense kept them comfy in the lead
Which didn’t help in sharpening our sword.
I see no reason why this sport is cruel
Consistently and frustrates like a thorn
That can’t be taken out without a tool.
To love this sport, you have to check your scorn.
Relax in the Big Apple for a day
And face the Mets tomorrow; Queens should pray.

19 June 2018 (game 2): Too many left on base makes one not win.

Too many left on base makes one not win
Even when Rich Hill pitches at his best
And gives six scoreless innings. What a sin
To waste a start and bullpen super blessed.
Expected not was Goeddel giving up
That run since he’s been quite reliable.
No arm is perfect. Like a living cup
Of wine that has been spilled on the table,
Some moments lacked of luck. This just seemed like
A game of dullness without edge to bite.
Almora wanted badly to send strike
And did so. Overall, a quite close fight.
Before the trip to New York, one more match
At Wrigley. Ross will try to serve the batch.

19 June 2018 (game 1): Maeda’s rough return saved at the end!

Maeda’s rough return saved at the end
By bullpen and a comeback in the ninth!
Some shady calls behind home plate shan’t send
Us home without a win. For by the might
Of Kyle Farmer’s double, we prevailed
Over a strike zone holier than thou!
Forget not how Joc suddenly impaled
The score immediately. Take a bow
You bats unbanal! Kenley, how your month
Has gone so swimmingly. I am quite proud
Of how this crew has moved against a front
So cold and made noise in the West quite loud.
Another game this day is to be played
And Rich returns to try make bears dismayed.

17 June 2018: Take heed, oh Ferguson, for though not great…

Take heed, oh Ferguson, for though not great
You were, improvements will come over time.
That five-game streak has ended, so we’ll wait
Another day until we take a climb
To six and then beyond! ‘Tis hard for arms
Replacing beaten aces to consume
The pressure of expecting countless charms
To crush it on the mound. So far from bloom
Are many of these younglings. God forbid
Another man fall into comatose.
Shut down we were last sun, but expected
Are losses in a season. Just a dose
Of how the sport turns out! Into the wind
We fly towards Wrigley. Kenta – get the win!

16 June 2018: To Madison’s disgrace, how Kiké rocked!

To Madison’s disgrace, how Kiké rocked
Him once again! That power’s on repeat.
Almost each time they face, the ball is shocked
When it ends up in stands shot like a skeet.
Sir Kemp also delivered with a smack
To left that made Commander Dave emit
A smile on the air. How Matt’s attacked
In each at bat like fighting in the pit!
An outing good from Wood was needed bad
And he achieved that goal! The pen and bats
Took care of all the other deeds that had
To be in order to win in combat!
Smell sweep on the horizon, up to Ferg
To give his all and take over the burgh.

15 June 2018: Ross tosses like a warrior again!

Ross tosses like a warrior again!
Consistency has been his attribute
With many K’s and little walks, no pain
Exists whenever he’s the one to boot.
Not that much offense was required for
The victory. Attacks from bats of Matt
And Kiké, plus a run off an error
That brought in Yaz after Puig’s double spat
Upon the field like seagulls on the sand!
Last night, the bullpen seemed on top of all.
That April shot of Kenley has been banned
As he’s been saving games as if a wall!
Our first look at the maddest bum this year
And Alex Wood will try to bring some fear.