21 May 2018: A night for Buehler, but not for the team.

A night for the Buehler, but not for the team.
That young kid took a line drive to the ribs
But was not fazed by what many had seemed
Would be another injury. But dibs
He called on seven innings; just two hits
And one run to his name. However, I
Regret to tell that offense called it quits
With just one run. The bullpen then said bye
To that small lead we had. In inning eight,
The defense was quite weird, and that allowed
A man of their’s to step upon home plate.
Another loss at home dismays the crowd.
I can’t say who will pitch tonight. I hope
It’s not another game that makes me mope.


20 May 2018: Unlikely when we came, but we have swept!

Unlikely when we came, but we have swept
A team quite hot! The best I’ve felt in weeks!
‘Twas different from past games, because adept
Was power in our bats. Three swings hit peaks
Thanks to Grandal, Enrique, Yasiel!
That last home run was crushed; a sight to see.
On throwing side of game, Sir Wood gave hell
To Washington and yes he finally
Achieved a win! Oh how he needed that
Given the lack of luck in every start
Before this one. The Nats’ bats – they went splat!
These comfy wins are healthy for the heart.
A flight across the country back to home
As Buehler tries to burn the Rox like Rome.

19 May 2018 (game 2): A comeback? What is this thing that we’ve done?

A comeback? What is this thing that we’ve done?
It’s been so long since this team’s done that thing
Where in the ninth we trail, but then have won
By perseverance and a few good swings.
The blister struck again, so bullpen had
To record every out. Ultimately,
They rocked the boat though Hudson made me mad
And there was a home run for Max Muncy.
The ninth kicked off with Austin’s hit to right
And then a Forsythe single set the plate
For Kemp to double in and steal the night
Away. Then Kenley saved again! How great!
To sweep would be the dream, and Alex Wood
Will give a go to do it. Would be good!

19 May 2018 (game 1): The rain is gone, and so were bats of Nats!

The rain is gone, and so were bats of Nats
At Stripling’s hand! The damage was quite small,
Limited to just one run. So congrats
To Ross for striking nine out! Muncy’s tall
Home run assisted in the three-run gap
That separated who won and who lost.
‘Twas tough to face a team that hasn’t napped
In terms of being hot. They lacked all frost
Until we rang their doorbell. Kenley came
When game was at the end, and then he saved
The day. But I must mention one Nat’s name:
Why must Howie’s Achilles misbehave?
These nine frames were just part one of the day
Before a second match. It’s two they’ll play!

17 May 2018: At last, the Dodgers really make me smile!

At last, the Dodgers really make me smile!
For they have finally achieved a win
After six horrid games that incurred bile
Inside my soul. I hope this will begin
A run of victory that is unmatched.
And what an epic day for sir JT
By driving in five runs! He’s so detached
From how this team has done. No misery
For Kenta, who was stellar going eight
With not a run allowed. Control was on!
Though series lost, this game will carry weight
Into the next, which is in Washington.
If rain remains away, we’ll get to play
A game or three. For clear skies, I will pray.

16 May 2018: Well, here we go again. Another loss.

Well, here we go again. Another loss
To a team that we really should not fail
Against. Though our bats tried to show who’s boss,
The bullpen had plans different to make stale
An effort to return to winning ways.
That comeback at the hands of Yaz and Max
Was valiant and does deserve much praise
Contrary to the pitchers’ rougher tracks.
However, I still feel quite in the dumps
But hope that this is just a lack of luck.
We should not be enduring all these bumps.
I find my tongue proclaiming that we suck.
But maybe this is where it turns around
And streak can end with Kenta on the mound.

15 May 2018: The disappointment snowballs more each day.

The disappointment snowballs more each day
And I fear that one day, it will be big
Enough to tower skylines like L.A.
With shadows that would spark fear on a brig.
Though I enjoyed the homers that came late
From Yasiel and Cody, I just wish
They could have been hit quicker. Would be great
To help unlucky Alex spear the fish.
I smiled at JT’s return, and Logan
Too! But even they could barely help
This team so cold and well below zero.
We could be bad. I fear of what I yelp.
A victory is needed. Can’t we win
With Buehler on the hill? Sad violin.