18 April 2018: How clean the city looks once it is swept!

How clean the city looks once it is swept!
Last night, all cylinders were firing strong.
Upon the mound, Maeda’s matches wept
And struck out ten times, filled with somber song.
A first home run for us by Muncy young!
And Corey seems to be back in his place.
He knocked four hits and drove in three of run.
Forget not the two RBIs from Chase!
When Kenta’s start concluded, bullpen shone
Like ponds enclosed in gardens of the light.
So have we fin’lly left the danger zone?
We’ll get a better answer ‘morrow night
When we take on the team that’s from D.C.
And Kershaw faces Scherzer: that’s must-see!


17 April 2018: I recognize the win, but there’s still stress.

I recognize the win, but there’s still stress
That comes from watching Kenley blow another
Save; this month, he’s been a total mess
Without control and speed. I get high blood
Pressure whenever he lets a home run.
But moving on from that, Yasmani rocked
In extra innings, keeping the deed done
With double in the twelfth; the win was locked.
A milestone for Chase the veteran
As he was beaned for the two-hundredth time
In his career! To find a better man
Would be as hard as Ev’rest is to climb.
The goal is sweep, and Kenta has the task
In Petco Park to put them in the cask.

16 April 2018: I live for these encounters by the beach!

I live for these encounters by the beach!
Around the horn, the boys were on their game.
How Ryu’s six innings brought such a screech
To San Diego’s swings! And then in frames
Of top, the sound of maple makes me swoon.
Two former Padres named Kemp and Grandal
Both took a pitch to dinner by the moon.
Such surge of runs helped arms to ease the haul.
Assisting victory was poor defense
From Padres in the form of errors three.
It helps when enemy cannot make sense
Of their surroundings. How it pleases me!
How’s three straight sounding? Hopefully, Sir Wood
Can bounce back from a bad last start (he should).

15 April 2018: And once again, we kill a streak of loss!

And once again, we kill a streak of loss!
Took long enough for Kersh to get a win
Under his belt. His slider went across
The plate eleven times to make them spin
Back to their dugout. Oh, our offense? Great!
When run support backs up an ace, ’tis nice.
Chris Taylor now leads team in most home plates
Touched after clearing fence; all but a vice!
A win is cool, but cooler would be two
Occasions in a row where we don’t fall.
And then another shiny double-u!
For Jackie, we partook in playing ball.
Let’s take the 5 y vĂ¡monos al sur!
Ryu vs. San Diego: far from brr!

14 April 2018: The palm trees whither as we have not won.

The palm trees whither as we have not won
A game against these snakes for quite a while.
I usually think before I speak in tongues
Of disappointment. So, without a smile,
Words float sadly crying out in pain
As if it’s Logan’s shoulder flaring up.
Ole Rich had trouble being D-backs’ bane
As they got seven off of tearing up
The field and bleachers. Stress invades my veins
Watching this team, regardless of their form.
This stretch of stink creates in me more strains
As I pray that this won’t become the norm.
Today, we are all number forty-two.
Our ace will represent the best of blues.

13 April 2018: Defeating us: the D-backs’ specialty.

Defeating us: the D-backs’ specialty.
That’s ten straight wins for them against our boys.
This streak will have to end eventually
And so must these hard times; where are the joys?
Maeda wasn’t sharp; his earned runs, two,
But totaled five in less than three; quite rough
As well for the later relievers who
Gave up three runs, making a comeback tough.
The offense did their best and fought right back,
So close to tying up. Despite the means,
The end was not achieved with this attack.
I still feel proud behind the blue eyes’ scenes.
The suns will rise again upon the Hill,
Who’s got the call today; the chance to kill.

11 April 2018: Well that was dreadful. All that I can speak…

Well that was dreadful. All that I can speak
Are words of disappointment in the arms
Of Alex Wood and Wilmer Font. So weak
Were each of their performances. No charms
Of grace – those two alone let thirteen score;
A detriment to our bats’ quest, since they
Did pretty well, with six runs at the door.
Grandal and Kemp both had a smashing day
As each produced three hits to hold the line.
Despite this might, the goal was hard to reach.
I hope the blame is taken without whine,
But who am I to be a coach to preach?
Another day to chill and contemplate
On this rough start. Just brush off all the weight.