21 September 2017: Now I remember how it feels to win!

Now I remember how it feels to win!
Surprising from the pen, but I will take
The opposite of loss! I wear a grin
Originating from a state of shake.
Now Kenta wasn’t sharp, but to my joy
The bullpen’s six were for the most part smooth.
To close it off, a four-out Kenley ploy
To save the game and reaffirm the truth.
The magic number’s one, today we can
Assure the West is ours thanks to Andre
And Cody for their seventh-inning span
Of scoring. To that, I shall sing ‘Hooray!’
On Tommy’s day of birth, the greatest gift
Would be Hill pitching us to clinch so swift!


20 September 2017: An all-around bullpen catastrophe

An all-around bullpen catastrophe
Has unleashed yet again, delaying clinch
Of NL West; more delay to our glee.
Each game’s annoying like a little pinch.
The combined efforts of Ross and Luis
Kept champagne in the bottles. Such disgrace
Since our offense brought all they could to cease
This anxious aura. Shoot me into space
Since we have lost this series to the worst
Team in the league, besides San Francisco.
If we get swept, ’tis time to call the hearse
Since my impatience deals a fatal blow.
Please block the brooms – oh pitchers, do your best
As Kenta leads your charge the cross the quest!

19 September 2017: So hideous has Pedro been these days

So hideous has Pedro been these days,
And giving up four runs in two outs does
Not help the counterargument of “phase”
As it instead surrounds him with bad buzz.
Clearly, two runs were not to enough to beat,
So bats could have done better in that spot.
Though Darvish did okay and threw real neat,
It’s no excuse for offense not to plot!
A bases-clearing double from Hoskins
Was Pedro’s bane, just like so many hits
Against him, robbing us of many wins.
I hope he does not throw in ‘tober’s blitz.
Again, I know how tomorrow will end.
But pretend I have hope since Wood we send.

18 September 2017: Such rarity: a grand slam flew by Kersh!

Such rarity: a grand slam flew by Kersh!
‘Twas the first given up in his career!
Impressive swing by Altherr, though it hurts
To lose the game because of one big smear.
Surprise indeed came over everyone,
Especially the teammates who believed
That Clayton was incapable of stun.
But kudos to the batter who achieved.
Though two home runs kicked off the game for us,
That slam negated all offense we had.
Recently, it’s been giving me a fuss
And overall, this month I ain’t been glad.
I wrote this sonnet late – I know the fate
Of what happens tomorrow. Yu, I rate.

17 September 2017: Unfortunately, we did not use brooms

Unfortunately, we did not use brooms
To say goodbye to nation’s capital.
The bullpen’s fallout has emitted fumes
That beckon me to cover up in wool.
At Stripling’s fault, Zimmerman knocked it out
And tamed our rediscovered wild ways.
Ryu was not bad, but could not get out
Of the fourth inning – just one of those days.
Our only offense came from Logan’s hit
That brought in Puig. The bullpen worries me,
For this team we must face again with grit
Or else, no rings for us; that won’t bring glee.
To Philadelphia, the team will go
And starting off with Kershaw can’t be woe.

16 September 2017: Five’s all we need to clinch the NL West!

Five’s all we need to clinch the NL West!
This roll we’re on is much more with my taste
In outcomes. Like the laity, we’re blest
To have the sharpness of Rich Hill – so based.
Just one hit came about his mighty arm
While on the other side, Sir Cody led
The expedition with his swing and charm.
He’s tied the NL rookie record. Said
By Dave, “This team is never dressed in doubt”
For out of darkest hour, we’ve shone bright
And loud just like a dire wolf’s howling shout
As they hunt prey under the starry night.
Another Sunday night start for Ryu;
He’s done exceptional in his past two!

15 September 2017: The slide has only given energy

The slide has only given energy
As we go up and own with every part
By shutting down the team in ‘ole DC
And getting this series off to good start.
The Wood was not good, for he was so great
And only let four runners get on base.
Oh Puig, JT, and Seager held their weight
To give the lead a large amount of space.
Though Baez threw one scoreless, I still fear
Since he walked two, and that will not go well
In playoffs where no lead is safe and dear.
And when he’s slow, at him I seek to yell.
Four straight is possible, if Rich decides
To give the Nationals his highest tides.